Crystals For Love: What Are They & What Are The Best Ones?

Rose Quartz Is the Real Love Stone, Not the Diamond HowStuffWorks

Crystals are a girl’s wing woman if diamonds are her closest friend. Adding crystals that attract love is worth considering, whether you’re a single woman seeking a romance or you’re coupled and trying to keep things hot — and it never hurts to have some extra luck in your bag, on your wrist, or in the corner of your bedroom.

Because, although there is no such thing as magic or love potions, there is energy – and energy can be quite powerful. Because crystals produce natural energy, using a crystal to attract love and passion might benefit you.

What Crystal Is A Symbol Of Love?

What Crystal Is A Symbol Of Love

Consider this stone the “all-purpose” or “beginner’s love.” Rose quartz, the most popular and mainstream of the quartz family, carries the feminine energy of compassion and peace. It has been used to find love since 600 B.C. and is also known as the Heart Stone. If you’re looking for unconditional love in several areas of your life, this is the stone for you. It has loving and gentle energy.

When worn near the heart, such as on a necklace, it awakens the heart chakra and encourages self-love, which radiates and attracts outward love. It’s an excellent stone for starting relationships and navigating the complicated feelings of many sorts of love. Perhaps you need to love yourself more, or maybe you want to mend your familial love with a broken family member. Maybe you are looking for your soulmate.

Whatever type of love you want, this is an excellent stone to have in your home or as jewelry. Leaving an unhealthy relationship will cleanse the negative energy and feelings and replace them with love, acceptance, and healing. You may put a piece of Rose Quartz anywhere you want to invite love into your life. To find the right person for you, use a Rose Quartz wand to focus your energy and aspirations.

Place a Rose Quartz beneath your pillow at night to keep you feeling youthful, joyful, and hopeful and to bring you great romantic dreams. Use your Rose Quartz to perform a love ritual. Use a heart-shaped one to boost its energy.

You may also use a Rose Quartz egg to enhance your conception and strengthen your love. Wear Rose Quartz jewelry daily to increase your love for yourself and others and attract romantic possibilities.

Rose quartz may be used in love spells to attract partners or for heart healing. It has a very soothing energy that will make it easier to cope with tough emotions. It is also recommended to wear a Rose quartz necklace when you’re working or even when you’re just at home so it can purify negative energies and improve communication among those around you.

The Best Crystals And Stones To Combine With Rose Quartz

The Best Crystals And Stones To Combine With Rose Quartz to Help With Love

To stabilize a shaky relationship, combine Rose Quartz with other love gems such as Chrysocolla. It may be used with Chrysoprase to help you overcome insecurity and envy. Combine Rose Quartz with Azurite and Peridot to be open to new experiences.

When you combine Rose Quartz with Citrine and Imperial Topaz, you will become more outgoing and extroverted. The combination of Watermelon Tourmaline and Rose Quartz can also assist you in overcoming your broken heart.

Kunzite complements Rose Quartz because it draws affection while also helping in emotional healing. Lepidolite is a great stone for soothing your body, mind, and soul. It’s also extremely beneficial while looking for love since it calms your nerves and alleviates your anxieties. The more focused and comfortable you are, the freer you are to be your best self.

Loving yourself is the best technique for attracting love in your life. Tiger’s Eye and Rose Quartz are an excellent combination, particularly for individuals who are not in a committed relationship but want to be. It assists you in deciding what you need and how you intend to obtain it. It also cures difficulties that impair your self-esteem.

What Are The Other Crystals For Love?

What Are The Other Crystals For Love

Pink Topaz

If you’re looking to boost the ante and become serious about your love life, it may be time to invest in pink topaz. Topaz is the gold standard of manifestation stones and is considered a “luxurious stone.” It conveys a level of elegance and luxury – like the characteristics you’re looking for in your next date or a new relationship. Crystal experts believe it also has lunar ties, with its color and strength waxing and waning in line with the lunar cycle.

Each color of topaz, like various moon cycles, may inspire particular energy and purpose. Pink topaz may help you discover the real deal, and it is more effective in finding true love that will not be fleeting or fade with the changing seasons. It’s your “big girl stone.” It’s the one you invest time into when you’re ready to get serious and quit attracting all those negative folks.

Green Aventurine

Green aventurine is the stone to seek if you want to change your luck and your sheets, if you know what I mean. It gets its name from the Italian word “a Ventura,” which means “by chance.” While pink is often associated with love, green is a more realistic representation of the heart chakra. This stone, also known as a “success” and “wealth” stone, uses its energy to help you achieve success in all aspects of your life.

Red Jasper

If dating has made you feel as boring as an old sponge, Red Jasper may be the crystal for you. This stone elevates your desire vibrations to a level that will be considerably higher when you go out looking for a relationship. Red Jasper may reignite your charm and loins, improving your natural glow and attracting possible lovers.


Amethyst crystals come in magnificent, calming colors of purple, making them a strong stone for developing self-worth. They say that Amethyst is an excellent stone to have on hand anytime your confidence is challenged. Amethyst may provide peace and healing with more than a pinch of spiritual force.

It’s an incredible stone to turn to if you’re amidst a recent breakup. The golden rule: You can’t expect anybody else to love you if you don’t love yourself. Amethyst can help you access inner peace and self-love, even if it is hidden behind insecurities.


The stone of nobility is ideal for individuals desiring a decadent romance. Rubies are supposed to give individuals who wear them a feeling of authority and confidence, which may explain why the Queen of England has worn them on several occasions. Unlike rose quartz or green aventurine, this stone stimulates the root chakra, the first chakra situated at the base of the spine.

It stimulates sensual pleasures by activating the root chakra, generating heightened desire and sexual energy. Let’s say that wearing rubies makes you feel your best, and the sexual energy and confidence you radiate are noticed. This is the ideal stone for attracting a passionate and heavy one-night encounter that blossoms into a long-term relationship (it’s also regarded as a wedding stone in certain cultures).

Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline, an aphrodisiac stone that attracts love and abundance, gives us all the consolation we need when it comes to issues of the heart. This stone is here to provide us with a safe space to share in the good fortune of love. It promotes the heart chakra to open and old scars to heal. It is a stone of great compassion that soothes all shades of sorrow.


Rhodochrosite, which comes in pink and white colors, is another wonderful heart stone that will take you directly to love. Rhodochrosite is filled with vibrations, with each pleasant hum reverberating through each layer. It’s a gem that reminds you to undertake the effort of peeling back your layers and sorting through the emotions and concerns that may be preventing you from receiving the love you deserve.

Rhodochrosite provides all you need for an awe-inspiring release, keeping the heart clean and open without losing sight of the significance of putting your needs first. Rhodochrosite is recommended for individuals who are only starting in their journey in energy healing, as this also helps unblock and balance the heart chakra.



Rhodonite, a pink stone, is a popular choice among lovers. This stone shimmers with forgiveness for people who believe their lives need a jolt of romantic love right now. It’s tempting to put on rose-colored glasses while dealing with new love, but this stone serves as a reminder that love isn’t always all sunshine and rainbows. We may embrace forgiveness and move ahead when we have the courage and self-confidence to understand this truth and use our inner strength rather than being locked in cycles that do not benefit us.

Final Thoughts

Self-love is one of the most crucial and sometimes most difficult stages on our path to wholeness. When we trust in our magic and are bold enough to put our needs first, we are better positioned to attract abundance, success, and healthy relationships.

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