Enneagram Type 1

Enneagram Type 1: The Idealist

An Idealist is very aware of what is right and wrong. They try their best to be fair and want to spread equality for all.

Enneagram ones tend to focus on a specific mission or goal, and they feel it is their life’s purpose to follow it. Their behavior is very judicial, logical, and ethical.

What Are Enneagram 1 Personality Traits?

Basic Fear

An enneagram 1 has a basic fear of being wrong, especially in situations they perceive as being unfair or disadvantaged.

In a sense, type ones are perfectionists. They have high standards for themselves because they feel that they must meet the expectations that they have for everyone else. They want to walk the walk and talk the talk.

For example, an enneagram 1 is very critical of people that they feel have bad intentions. Therefore, a 1 will do everything they can to have the best intentions.

Basic Desire

An enneagram 1 has a basic desire to be fair and just. Healthy ones will advocate for the rights of others to have equality.

Ones will use their goal/mission/work as a way of taking back control when faced with negativity. This can become problematic for unhealthy type ones since they can become overly invested in their work.

To Summarize:

  • Champions of justice and equality.
  • Will stand by a cause they believe in.
  • Try their best to make fair decisions.
  • Desire love and acceptance.
  • Look for new knowledge.

What Are The Strengths Of An Enneagram 1?

When placed in a setting of various backgrounds- whether it be a diversity of beliefs or upbringings, a personality types’ weaknesses and strengths will be intensified.

An Enneagram 1 Personality Type Shows The Following Strengths:

  • Sticking up for others.
  • Self controlled and detail oriented.
  • Tend to have idealistic about the world.
  • Very aware of person values.
  • They’re a good person who is happy to care for others.

Enneagram 1 Weaknesses

An Enneagram 1 Personality Type Shows The Following Weaknesses:

  • They’re perfectionists- overly critical of themselves and others.
  • Tend to struggle with facing unpleasant realities.
  • An unhealthy one can become obsessive and develop blind spots.
  • May be perceived as self righteous.

Growth Opportunities For An Enneagram 1

An Enneagram 1 Personality Type Shows The Following Weaknesses:

  • They’re perfectionists- overly critical of themselves and others.
  • Tend to struggle with facing unpleasant realities.
  • An unhealthy one can become obsessive and develop blind spots.
  • May be perceived as self righteous.

Work Life With An Enneagram 1

When Communicating With An Enneagram 1:

  • They want to be taken seriously.
  • Understand that they mean well with their intentions, they’re trying to do what is right.

Enneagram 1 In Meetings:

  • They appreciate punctuality, so be on time.
  • Be straight to the point when discussing the purpose of the meeting.

Emailing An Enneagram 1:

  • Keep emails to a minimum.
  • Only use it to discuss specific projects or concerns.

Sharing Feedback With An Enneagram 1:

  • An enneagram 1 can be highly critical of themselves. Be sensitive when giving feedback.
  • Offer specific ways that they can improve if necessary.

Conflict Resolution With An Enneagram 1:

  • Own up to your own mistakes and express your feelings.
  • Give them space to reflect if needed.

What Motivates An Enneagram 1

Each Enneagram will have different motivators, since they are all driven by different value systems. Enneagram 1 personality is driven by justice and equality.

Here Are Some Examples:

  • Advocating for social justice.
  • Volunteer work/helping those in need.
  • Problem solving.
  • Personal growth and self discovery.

What Are The Stressors For An Enneagram 1?

Every Enneagram responds to stress differently and will have different triggers.

An Enneagram 1 will be stressed by:
  • Being viewed as inflexible.
  • Receiving criticism from those closest to them.
  • Feeling like they lack control in making a difference.
  • Being reminded of negativity and corruption in the world.

Enneagram 1 In The Workplace

A healthy enneagram type 1 that has a firm hold on reality will thrive in an environment that allows them to create order.

Energizers For An Enneagram 1 In The Workplace:
  • Being asked for their opinion on something.
  • Having a boss that values being honest and has integrity.
  • Peers that value and listen to their advice.
  • Having hard working direct reports.
Things That Drain An Enneagram 1 In The Workplace:
  • Being surrounded by negativity and anger.
  • Having their ideas ignored by their superiors.
  • Peers who think they’re critical and controlling.
  • Having direct reports that do not follow instruction.

The enneagram 1 is their own biggest inner critic. They have very high expectations for themselves and their coworkers. They’ll expect those around them to support their cause and work just as hard as them.

As long as an Idealist is allowed to follow their moral passions and feel respected, they will thrive in their workplace.

Jobs That Best Suit An Enneagram 1

  • Judge
  • Lawyer
  • Doctor
  • Politician
  • Guidance Counselor
  • Journalist
  • Social Worker

Enneagram 1 In A Relationship (Professional)

An enneagram 1 personality can be very outgoing in the workplace, especially if they’re passionate about their missions.

Ones can create a strong sense of unity- so they are especially good at bringing their peers together and getting them excited about a common goal.

An enneagram type 1 can clash with other type ones in the work place. If they’re not both pushing for the same cause, they can quickly develop conflicts.

An Enneagram 1 Will Work Best With People Who:
  • Value their dedication and desire to make a difference.
  • Will work along side them and put in the same amount of effort.
  • Are dedicated to the mission.
An Enneagram 1 Might Clash With Coworkers When They:
  • Are harsh when giving feedback about mistakes or things done wrong.
  • Overlook suggestions or ideas of their coworkers.
  • Put too much pressure on their coworkers to live up to their standards.

Enneagram 1 In A Relationship (Romantic)

An enneagram 1 can be an honest and dedicated partner in romantic relationships. As long as the other person in the relationship has an open-minded personality, they should pair well with an enneagram 1.

If an enneagram one pursues other type ones, they’ll find that they won’t get along if they don’t have the same views.

In A Romantic Relationship, An Enneagram 1 Brings These Strengths To The Table:
  • Honesty and openness.
  • They always try to do what is right for their significant other.
  • Seek out personal growth.
In A Romantic Relationship, An Enneagram 1 May Have Difficulty:
  • Correcting and changing their initial expectations of their partner.
  • Seeing past their partner’s mistakes.
  • Accepting their partner’s imperfections.

Who Are Some Famous Enneagram Type 1's ?

Julie Anderson
Michelle Obama
Mahatma Ghandi
Steve Jobs


An enneagram type 1 is an Idealist, meaning they have high expectations for themself and others to do what is morally right. Like a two wing, they want to help others, but it’s in a way that usually aligns with their greater purpose.

Ones have a basic fear of making the wrong choice and try their hardest to avoid mistakes. An enneagram type 1 should work towards becoming more self accepting. They should understand that nobody, not even themselves, can always meet their high standards.

Enneagram type ones tend to develop anger if they begin to lose control or are questioned. It is important to them that those around them respect their mission. If you’re working along side an enneagram one type personality, make sure you listen to their ideas.

Enneagram one has a strong sense of right and wrong. Above all other enneagram types, they are most motivated by doing the right thing. They want to make the world a place that conforms to their idealistic views.

In the workplace, a one personality will be most happy in an environment that encourages them to follow their passions. As long as this enneagram is healthy they will thrive, however, unhealthy one personality types can become obsessive and over involved.

A one personality can do a great job motivating their peers in the work place as long as those around them put in an effort. If ones feel like they’re losing control and their direct reports are not motivated they will be unhappy.

As far as their love life goes, a one personality can be a very open and caring partner. The only issue is, they struggle to overlook their loved ones imperfections and struggle to hide their anger when mistakes are made.

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