Beginner’s Guide To Activating & Using Crystals

How to activate crystals

Crystals are an important instrument in spirituality, energy work, and access to higher knowledge.

Find out how to pick crystals and activate them if you’re just starting out on your adventure with healing stones or want additional information below.

How To Choose Your Crystals?

How To Choose Your Crystals

Crystals have several uses. Some use crystals for decoration, while others for their healing properties.

Rose quartz makes a stunning household accent and promotes love. Crystals can be worn as necklaces or other jewelry, and with hues ranging from green to black to pink, you can match your mood and clothing. Others are relaxing to carry, while others are best held while meditating or deep breathing.

The bigger the crystal, the more energy it generates and emits. Crystal clusters and geodes emit more intense energies, whereas smaller raw crystals and tumbled stones emit a gentler energy field.

Clear Quartz

If you’re a newbie, this neutral energy conductor is ideal. While you meditate, it can give your specific intention an extra boost of vigor and power.

Black Tourmaline

This protective stone is said to help deflect bad energy from entering your environment or influencing your energy. The four corners of a room are ideal locations for this crystal, but you can put it just about anywhere you want.


When it comes to relieving stress, amethyst is an excellent choice. You can place it in your room to achieve that “chill” vibe.


Citrine is a great stone for pleasure and gladness. Reach for citrine when you’re feeling sad as a reminder to connect with your inner happiness.


Wearing these stones as a necklace can boost the energy of your throat chakra, making it easier for you to express your thoughts and feelings. They may help in creative endeavors, and they’re also thought to help you start conversations with confidence.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz, dubbed the “love stone,” is said to help open the heart to all kinds of romance. You can place this over your heart to let the love energy work or place it in your bedroom to keep the romance alive.


Moonstone encourages us to connect with our most authentic selves and feelings. It helps open the heart and sacral chakras to new possibilities and chances.

Pink Opal

Do you get easily agitated? Pink opal can help! It has characteristics that can help alleviate stress and anger. You’re just a few steps away from tranquility.


The stone carnelian is an excellent stone to use for both creativity and fertility. It is important to express your objective with the carnelian crystal when you activate it if you’re using it for anything other than fertility.

How Do You Start Crystals?

How Do You Start Crystals

One of the many benefits of activating crystals is that they help heal, balance the chakras, and remove negative energy from a room.

The process of activating a crystal is a simple one. Although there are various methods to achieve this, we’ll go through some of the more common ones here so you can get started.

Activating Crystals With Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a well-known method for calming the mind and refreshing your home or office atmosphere. Activate your crystals while doing aromatherapy is a great option.

Sage Smudge Sticks

There have been several types of sages throughout the long history of spirituality. Ancient Romans and Native Americans employed sage bundles for their medicinal and spiritual benefits.

The crystals’ energy can be recharged using certain sages to increase vibrations.

Light some sage and let it burn until it begins to smoke. To activate your crystals, you can either waft the smoke around them for a few minutes or wave the crystals through the smoke.


Incense has been used in Asia since 3300 BC for various religious and ceremonial purposes. Incense is increasingly used these days for its dual effects on relaxation and creativity.

Like sage, you can use incense to activate your crystals. To get the most out of the smoke, just let your crystals sit in it for 5-10 minutes.

Palo Santo Wood

Palo Santo means “Holy Wood” in South America. This wood removes unwanted energy, repels insects, clears the air, and reduces stress.

Burn the wood’s tip briefly to charge, cleanse, and activate your crystals. Allow the smoke to do its job after blowing the flame out.

Activating Crystals With Nature

Natural crystals and minerals comprise a significant portion of the planet’s surface. Some crystals are best activated if they closely interact with natural elements.

Sun Bathing

Your crystals will benefit greatly from exposure to the sun’s rays! Take a few hours to charge your crystals in the sun. It’s much better if the crystals are set on a natural surface.

It’s important to remember that certain crystals are more sensitive to light than others. Make sure your crystal can withstand direct sunlight.

Full Moon

There are several legends and fables about the full moon dating back to ancient times.
The moon can be used to cleanse and activate crystals simultaneously. This is one of the most common and effective methods available today.

Clear skies are ideal for leaving your crystals overnight. During a full moon, your crystals will be bathed in bright, white light, and the energy of the moon and universe will give your stones a powerful, long-lasting charge.

Running Water

When it comes to reviving one’s spirit, nothing beats a refreshing shower or bath; this goes the same with your crystals. Submerge your crystals for at least a minute to activate them.

Natural streams and rivers are ideal for this activating method. Activating your crystals with salt water is a suitable alternative to running freshwater.

Some crystals should not be submerged. You should always check to see if your crystal is water-resistant or not.

Activating Crystals With Other Crystals

Activating Crystals With Crystals

Crystals can also be activated by using other crystals at the same time. The main difference is that you’ll need geodes, clusters, or a crystal grid.

Crystal Clusters And Geodes

Crystals clusters, like a cluster of amethyst, can be used to recharge your other crystals.

For best results, you can place your crystals in the center, on top, or near your cluster. If you have a few crystals, leave them overnight to activate fully.

Remember to cleanse your crystal cluster or geode before beginning the charging process. You can cleanse your crystal with natrually accuring salt water or by mixing table salt with tap water.

Crystal Grids

A crystal grid is a holy geometric design for powerful gemstones. Make a geometric form out of your crystals by surrounding them with other stones that are energetically stronger.

You can make these grids with any geometric shape and on any surface; just follow your instincts!

Quartz Crystals

Quartz crystals are the most powerful minerals worldwide because of their reputation as natural energy amplifiers.

Let the quartz do the job for you, whether it’s a cluster of quartz, quartz point, or any other sort of quartz.

Activating Crystals With Meditation And Intention

Your mind has a tremendous power, so don’t undervalue it! Charge the crystal with your body’s pure energy by taking deep breaths and sending out good thoughts. Concentration and precision are all you need!

Hold The Crystal In Your Hand

Your dominant hand can be used to charge the crystal with pure energy emanating from your higher chakras before you begin your meditation. Proceed to meditate and envision the crystal being activated.

Aside from holding it in your hand, you can also place it on your third eye.

If you want to charge your crystal this way, 10-15 minutes of meditation should do the trick.

Activating Crystals With Sound

Activating Crystals With Sound

Some antique instruments or vocal sounds are used in sound therapy and the sound healing process, which are considered holy rituals. You may clear energy blocks, replenish yourself, and infuse harmony by listening to certain sound vibrations. The same can be said of crystals. The only thing you’ll need is a few tools.

Singing Bowls

The intense acoustic vibrations of singing bowls can work with the energy patterns of any crystal. Make sure your singing bowl is near your crystals. After that, gently hit your singing bowl for around ten minutes to activate it. The divine sound waves cleanse crystals and activate your stone’s inherent characteristics. Crystal or brass singing bowls are great tools for tuning, to start a cleanse and purify the crystal.

“Om” Chants

A powerful rendition of spirituality is the Om sound. Because of its importance, it is often employed during meditation and yoga activities.

It is often utilized as a continuous sound to depict the universe and the essence of our everyday existence. Om may be used with meditation or a singing bowl to charge crystals uniquely and powerfully!

Final Thoughts

Using crystals to relax the mind, body, and spirit is quite a common practice. Crystals emit natural vibrations into the world, which is why they are so beneficial.

Crystals can only be restored to their natural state by cleansing and charging them often. This kind of care can help you rediscover your purpose in life.

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