Everything You Need To Know About Moldavite Before Jumping In

Moldavite Crystal

Moldavite is regarded for its spiritual and metaphysical properties. Moldavite has a strong vibration as the Gemstone of Connectedness, a combination of terrestrial and otherworldly forces that may be felt quickly and powerfully in those who connect with its potency.

What Is Moldavite?

Moldavite is a part of the Tektite group. These are spontaneous crystal formed by extraterrestrial impacts.

The term tektite was derived from the Greek word tektos, which means “molten.” Tektites are vitreous combinations of silicate minerals, alumina and iron oxide, and other noble metals with an indeterminate crystalline form.

Most Moldavite is found in layers dating to the Miocene time period of Earth when the biggest craters were formed.

Much of it is submerged under the Earth’s surface and found only in a few places, such as the aftermath of rock formations. Extraction from the Earth requires meticulous and exhaustive procedures.

The Moldavite crystal was also nicknamed “The Stone Of Transformation” as it’s an amazing transformation crystal.

Opaque Moldavite is an evergreen color compared to some other Tektites that are pitch black or brown. It is the only specific variety that can be carved and formed into a jewel.

Moldavite crystals can be expensive due to these factors.

What Element Is Moldavite Associated With?

What Element Is Moldavite Associated With

Many believe it came to Earth to help the world overcome its present metaphysical state and ascend to a higher realm. It is used in rituals for the healing of the Earth Chakra. It is also a wonderful stone for amplifying the vibrations of other crystals.

Physical Properties Of Moldavite

Moldavite crystals are wrinkled or folded and come in various colors of green.

It has a silica-rich glass chemical composition and is clear or translucent, with a Mohs hardness of 5 to 5.5. It has the chemical formula SiO2(+Al2O3).

Metaphysical Properties Of Moldavite

Moldavite’s metaphysical properties are strong, and not everyone finds these stones pleasant to use. Moldavite can cause a burning sensation in the hand that spreads throughout the body due to its properties. This extreme reaction is so widespread that it has earned the nickname “The Moldavite Flush.”

When you look into a clear piece of Moldavite, particularly during a meditation session, you will find it easier to correlate with your higher self and the higher powers of the world.

It is highly valued by healers who deal with deep-seated emotions, removing undesirable baggage from the etheric body and auric field.

It increases our self-awareness and helps us identify those thoughts, feelings, and emotions that may be holding us back, allowing us to move ahead and see the various possibilities in our futures.

The Healing Powers Of MoldaviteEmotional Healing Powers

Moldavite may help us recover emotionally if we remember that it is associated with the Heart Chakra and the Third Eye. Moldavite may help you in opening your heart to love, particularly if your heart and emotions have shut down as a result of emotional trauma or unexpected shock.

It is a strong crystal with far-reaching properties that produce results quickly. As a result, you must ready yourself before using it in energy healing to avoid being overwhelmed. When dealing with the power of Moldavite, combining it with Black Obsidian or Smoky Quartz is one technique to ensure that you remain in the present moment.

It is also a good stone to use if your emotions have been entangled with the sentiments of others to the point that you are confused about which feelings are yours. For this reason, Moldavite benefits empaths, counselors, and those who feel isolated from the world.

Physical Healing Powers

Moldavite may help in the treatment of practically any physical disease due to its capacity to uncover the underlying root causes of physical ailments. It is supposed to boost fertility and rejuvenate tissues and cells, reducing aging.

It is said to have brain balancing qualities, enabling the right and left hemispheres to work in harmony, especially in persons who are obviously dominant on one side or the other.

Moldavite, Money, And Wealth

Moldavite is a well-known talisman that brings good fortune and protection to those who like wearing Moldavite stone or Moldavite amulets.

It will also give travel safety, particularly if you are constantly on the road or in the air to attend meetings, conferences, and other commercially related activities.

Its powers will help soothe your anxieties and help you in resolving your financial issues.

It will full you with the energy of expansion, development, and new beginnings. Moldavite will also provide you with vitality and an abundance of energy.

Moldavite For Love And Relationships

Moldavite works with the Heart Chakra, located in the center of your breastbone. This beautiful stone will keep your Heart Chakra balanced, allowing you to provide love and happiness to the individuals that matter most in your life.

It will ensure that you feel well in your heart and mind so that you may continue to be a ray of sunshine for everyone. Many factors in your life might throw your heart Chakra out of balance. If you have Moldavite around, it can help rapidly restore the balance.

It will help in the removal of any obstacles in your way, allowing you to have a better awareness of your own needs and desires. When you know what you want and need, you won’t spend time on people or activities that will not lead you to your goals.

How Can You Tell If Moldavite Is Real?

How Can You Tell If Moldavite Is Real

As Moldavite becomes increasingly limited and costly, counterfeiters become more skilled at selling you their fakes. Moldavite with a natural-looking surface is significantly more difficult to identify.

The identification of fake Moldavite is easy. Moldavites contain “wires” of lechatelierite, a high-temperature form of SiO2, in addition to its flow texture and abundant bubbles. Because of its lower RI, lechatelierite is pretty visible under a small magnification device, like a loupe.

Some counterfeiters are even now manufacturing molds from real Moldavite, duplicating the color and texture nearly to perfection. The best way to know if it’s fake is to observe the green stones. If it’s flawless and has a low price, it is most likely a fake.

If the Moldavite you’re looking at is a bright, vibrant green color, it’s most likely to be fake made by melting green glass bottles. Also, since most genuine Moldavite is sold by the gram, the bigger the Moldavite, the higher the price.

If the vendor says that the stone was mined anywhere other than the Moldau River valley in the Czech Republic, it is certainly fake. If the Moldavite seems very moist or glossy, like melted natural glass, it is most likely to be fake.

Some sellers indicate upfront that their Moldavite is lab-produced, created, or synthetic, but the truth is it’s just green glass that has been molded to look like Moldavite. No matter how long fake Moldavite jewelry has been around, knowing how to detect a fake Moldavite is crucial if you want the real thing.

Why Is Moldavite Rare?

Why Is Moldavite Rare

Moldavite is tough to find. The gemstones are located a few meters under the Earth’s crust. As a result, eager mining groups may spend thousands of dollars excavating into the crust just to come up empty-handed.

Part of the issue is that the meteor that produced Moldavite was scattered over the surface for several miles. It largely crashed in Germany, but fragments were scattered as far as Austria and the Czech Republic. While this gives miners more places, identifying the exact spot to begin mining is challenging.

Scientists and researchers have tried to help. They can calculate the meteor’s path and the likely places where debris is impacted. They will still have a hard time declaring with certainty that a location will contain Moldavite under the surface.

The attractive green stone is pricey because it is incredibly difficult and expensive to get. However, if you can’t seem to find the green crystals, there are a lot of other alternatives. Rose quartz, for example, which you can also use for self-healing.

How Much Is Moldavite Worth?

How Is Moldavite Worth

Its prices may vary from $100 to $1,000 per carat. Moldavite is often available in sizes ranging from one to five carats.

The price is dependent on the size and grade of the stone. Moldavite is available in many colors, including green, brown, and black.

Final Thoughts

Moldavite is a crystal with a variety of applications. This is a stone that seems ready and able to deal with whatever problem or point of improvement you throw at it. The stone’s energies are very effective in rapidly breaking something down and getting to the root of its problem.

This might be a difficult tactic to implement at first, so be prepared for a dramatic result. However, rest assured that the outcome is well worth the initial shock. This is a stone that will help you on many levels.

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