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My Own Terms brings together professionals and enthusiasts from all corners of the internet to learn, grow, and connect on a variety of different topics. They share their feedback and wisdom to bring you the philosophies, systems, and fundamental behaviors for living life on your own terms.

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My Own Terms is a success-driven environment where everyday people find the keys to unlock their inner greatness.

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Meet Joshua T Osborne: The Author & Founder

Joshua T. Osborne is an American entrepreneur, business coach, and motivational speaker. He owns several multi-million-dollar businesses, and has coached thousands of successful students to create their own six and seven-figure income streams.

However, Josh wasn’t born into success. He grew up in extreme poverty living the first 9 years of his life in a trailer park. A troubled adolescence and multiple run-ins with the law resulted in a prison sentence.

But Josh is the very definition of resilience. Upon his release, Josh began the process of turning his life around. He started a moving company from scratch, and grew it to the largest in Colorado.

He built a 7-figure roofing company from scratch. And, taking what he learned in the process of growing these businesses and attracting customers, Josh founded Mr. & Mrs. Leads, a digital marketing agency helping hundreds of businesses (small local players and large national companies) grow their customers and increase profits.

Mr. & Mrs. Leads brings in well over $200,000 in monthly revenue. But Josh didn’t stop there.

After perfecting his processes, Josh began teaching others how to build their own agencies helping local business owners.

This was the birth of Josh’s first coaching program, BAM University. BAM University has served over 3,000 students since its inception in 2018, and has created hundreds of 6- and 7-figure entrepreneurs who have escaped their old, mundane lives and begun living on their own terms.

Now, Josh and his team are creating new offerings through My Own Terms in order to help more and more people live life on their own terms, regardless of their personal circumstances.

Joshua has been recognized by Forbes, The Huffington Post, Fox Business, Entrepreneur, and Inc. for his entrepreneurial abilities and successes.

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