How To Use Selenite To Cleanse Your Energy

Selenite crystal stone has long been fundamental to crystal lovers and alternative healers collections alike. It is a great ally in the transformation of stagnant and negative energy. If you have a feeling of weight in your present life or an undesired denseness, Selenite may be right for you.

What Is Selenite?

Selenite is a transparent form of Gypsum that acts as an energy healing tool. It is made up of the mineral calcium sulfate, formed from crystallization. Selenite is commonly sold as granular, tabular, and prismatic shard masses. What makes it so unique is that it is a “pure white light” caught in a tangible, physical form.

The purifying qualities of selenite crystals are well recognized. The stone is often used to cleanse and charge other crystals.

Other uses include relaxing the mind, providing balance to crystal arrangements (such as grids, altars, and installations), removing energy blockages, and balancing the energy of a household.

Selenite Crystal Meaning

Upon its discovery in 1747, the selenite stone was named after the moon by J.G. Wallerius. “Selene” was the name of the Greek moon goddess. It seemed right to name this lovely pale blue crystal after her.

While the term “selenite” originates in Greek mythology, it also has significant spiritual implications. It invokes the divine feminine energy and the inner rejuvenation connected with this ancient figure.

What Is Selenite Used For?


Many spiritual healers would advise you to meditate while holding a selenite crystal. This enables a deliberate and focused practice that guarantees you are hyper-receptive to the positive effect of its high vibration.

While meditation is a mind-clearing activity, it is also an active investment in the regeneration of your energy field. Creating a crystal ritual for yourself is the most effective way to use the Selenite crystal properties.

Wearing selenite crystal jewelry is also really useful, but it is not always an appropriate alternative for meditating with it or putting it over your chakras.

Selenite, being a natural energy equalizer, may also be used to cleanse your other crystals.

Benefits Of Selenite

Promotes Better Sleep

If you suffer from insomnia or nightmaresSelenite is the ideal stone to help you overcome them. Selenite promotes a calmer and clearer mind, allowing for greater sleep quality and increasing the frequency of pleasant dreams.

Therefore, it would be best to use only a little piece of Selenite to help you sleep since larger stones generate too much energy, which might interrupt your sleep and trigger vivid dreams.

Selenites Have Powerful Healing Properties

Selenite is a very powerful stone that promotes physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. If you’re feeling out of balance or ill, try meditating for a few minutes with a little selenite in your hands.

Selenite may help you feel better by relieving tension and anxiety and eliminating negative energy. If you use it on a daily basis, it will eventually provide you with a feeling of balance in your life.

Selenite crystal healing properties are well suited to remove undesirable energy and replace it with light and positive energy, whether you are cleansing your personal energy field, environment, or crystals.

This stone may also send light from higher realms into your body. As a result, whether your physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual body is in pain, it is ideal for healing.

Selenite Is A Good Source Of Negative Ions


Negative ions are electrically charged molecules that float in the atmosphere and positively impact our mental and emotional health. Other sources of negative ions include UV sun rays, electrical discharges in the air caused by lightning strikes or thunderclaps, and water collisions like waterfalls, waves and the ocean. Selenite crystal is also a source of negative ions since the crystal may produce them in your surroundings.

Where Do You Put Selenite?

A selenite crystal may be found in a number of places around your house. We suggest putting your selenite stone on your desk or in the space where you work since it is related to the higher chakras and, by association, mental clarity and emotional lightness.

Placing a selenite pyramid on your desk can sweep away negative energies that occur when you are frustrated, tired, or bored in your professional or academic life.

You might also store your Selenite in your bedroom. Raw Selenite may be kept on your dressing table, beneath your bed, or on your windowsill to provide mild to relaxing effects throughout the night.

You will begin to feel more in control of your mental state after establishing a deep and restorative rest pattern. Mental fatigue will rapidly fade away.

How To Clean And Cleanse Selenite


There are several methods for cleaning and recharging your selenite stone. The most common method is to use a smudge stick and encircle the Selenite in its smoke. You can use the balancing sounds of a singing bowl or a bell.

These sacred instruments of noise emit frequencies that can successfully recharge any crystal. The light of the sun, the full moon, or a bowl of dry salt will also do an excellent job of cleaning your crystals.

Selenite And The Chakras

The chakras are energy centers in the human body that are supposed to correspond to psycho-emotional functions. Some believe that crystals may influence these energy centers and remove blockages.

Selenite’s are linked with the crown chakra, which is associated with:

  • higher consciousness
  • manifestation
  • creative energy

Selenite may help develop ties with the spirit world and what someone refers to as the angelic realm. They promote placement at the third eye, crown chakra, and soul star chakra, which is thought to be an outside-the-body chakra.

What Are The Other Forms Of Selenite?

Desert Rose is a peachy brown crystal that is similar to Selenite. “Rose of the Desert” Selenite is a one-of-a-kind natural crystal formation generated by the interaction of water, wind, and sand.

It is associated with the energies of clarity, prosperity, and cleansing. Desert Rose cleanses the mind of old thought processes, allowing your intuition to guide you.

Selenite’s mother rock is Gypsum. It is often clear/see-through and may be found as a component of Selenite or as a stand-alone piece.

As well as the well-known white Selenite, it can come in other colors like Salmon or Orange Selenite. It still has the same healing powers as white Selenite but promotes a creative and productive environment.

Selenite Wands

Selenite wands are precisely what they sound like: a selenite stick or “wand.” It’s often satin spar, which, as previously said, is a kind of Gypsum comparable to Selenite.

There are selenite wands in the form of sticks or blades, as well as wands polished into shapes.

Moving stagnant energy, clearing the aura, clearing out bad energy, and connecting with higher levels of awareness are all possible uses for a selenite wand.

Are Selenite Crystals Worth Anything?

Selenite crystals are widespread, but a high-quality stone is difficult to find. The price of a selenite crystal will vary greatly depending on its size and form.

A little selenite wand is estimated to cost $5, while a big bowl costs $42. While this pricing is not written in stone, you should be wary of offers that are too good to be true, as well as unreasonably expensive varieties.

Is Selenite Harmful To Humans?

Before getting into this topic, you need to recognize the difference between sodium selenite, which is classified as a dangerous material, and the Selenite you buy as a crystal to use for protection, healing, and other purposes.

Because it is of the gypsum kind, it is neither toxic nor poisonous. As a result, if you plan to purchase a piece of Selenite, you should not be concerned about its toxicity.

The Gypsum from which Selenite is made is composed of calcium sulfate dihydrate, a very harmless and helpful material.

Gypsum is found in plaster, chalk, fertilizer, drywall, and tofu, and its calcium level rises considerably during baking, mead making, and beer brewing.

As a result, you may purchase Selenite with certainty, and you will get the tremendous advantages of this stone if you use it regularly. Selenite is one of the safest gems to use and is also frequently accessible.

Other Names For Selenite

  • Gypsum
  • Satin Spar
  • Divine Light
  • Liquid Light

Final Thoughts

Selenite is the crystal world’s moon guardian. While the strong gemstone is not always at the forefront of our meditations, rituals, and practices, it does give protection, harmony, and healing.

Use the healing crystal to raise and sustain the good energy in your environment. While this selenite stone may seem ordinary, its ability to bring light and positive energy into your life is everything.

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