What Color Is My Aura, And What Does It Mean?

Every living thing in the world has an electromagnetic field around it. This field acts and reacts to others around them. These fields can be seen as auras. Auras are how these fields are seen and translated to us. So the big question is, what color is my aura?

Because auras are based on the energy surrounding your physical body, your mood and personal experiences you face in life can make an aura color change over time. You can have two people of the same age and live in the same area, and each can have drastically different auras.

How Can I Tell What My Aura Color Is?

How can I tell what my aura is?

As of right now, there are only a few ways to get a good aura reading. Special cameras with different lenses can help see the colors; sometimes, people can read energy and see the aura themselves.

What Are The Different Aura Colors?

It is perfectly fine to have one color for aura readings.

As you can see from that list, there are a few close ones when it comes to aura colors. It’s okay to get several colors in a reading close to one or the other.

There are seven different aura colors that anyone can get.

Red Aura:

The red aura color reflects you are energetic, strong-willed, and well-grounded.

You are not afraid to enjoy the world around you and what it offers. You are very in-tune with your body, making you good at sports. You can be known as fiery and passionate. Your personality makes you a natural leader and super competitive.

If your red is murky or very dark, you might be holding on to trauma, anger, or frustration.

The red aura is also linked to the root chakra.

Orange Aura:

The orange aura means you are thoughtful, considerate, and adventurous.

You love to try new things, especially if you find them exciting. You are seen as vibrant and optimistic. You enjoy taking care of your body and enjoy working it as well. You are sometimes called an adrenaline junkie or a risk-taker. Your personality makes it easy for you to make friends.

However, because you constantly want new and exciting things, you are more likely to have unhealthy addictions and/or have a hard time with committed relationships.

The orange aura is linked to the sacral chakra.

Yellow Aura:

The yellow aura has the energy of creativity, friendliness, and relaxation.

Yellow is the color of personal power. You pull people in with your easy-going and inspiring personality. You find it easy to think outside of the box with your creativity.

If the yellow is dark or very dense, it can mean you are very self-critical or overconfident; either can cause perfectionism and do things to feed your ego.

The yellow aura is also linked to the solar chakra.

Green Aura:

Your green aura personality reflects you are social, nurturing, and a great communicator.

Green is the color of healing, and a very strong green aura color could mean you are a natural-born healer. You have a draw towards nature and the energies of life.

Sometimes, people are drawn to you because they need to be helped or healed. Due to your helping nature, you can sometimes feel like a victim when you spend time helping others and not receiving the same energy back.

If the green is dark or murky, you have too much jealousy or even envy in your life.

The green aura is linked to the heart chakra.

Blue Aura:

The blue aura means you are very intuitive, a freethinker, and very spiritual. Honesty is very important to you and a deal-breaker if not used by friends or family. You can sense when someone is being dishonest.

You find that it is easy for you to express yourself and that you can find fulfillment in your life easy as well.

If the blue is very dark, it can mean that you have a lot of distrust, either in you or in someone close to you.

The blue aura is also linked to the throat chakra.

Indigo Aura:

The indigo aura color means you are gentle, curious, and have a great spiritual connectionYou feel as though you are a little psychic and have a knack for things like astral traveling, communication with spirit guides, and even aura readings.

You feel like you are in tune with others and can sense energy better than most. You identify as an empath, and most people would agree.

If it is a darker or murky color, closer to navy or peacock, you feel a lot of uncertainty and self-doubt.

The indigo aura is linked to the third eye chakra.

Purple/Violet Aura:

The purple or violet aura means you are independent, intelligent, and wise. You have a keen mind, and you know to think critically and leave emotions out of it.

You feel an inner drive to do something important with your life. It is easy for you to see the bigger picture without slowing down due to too many details.

If the color is very dark, it can mean that you have obstacles that you need to work on overcoming.

The purple/violet aura is also linked to the crown chakra.

Aura colors and Chakras

Just what is Chakra?

Just what is Chakra?

Chakras are the points of energy on your body that connect you to your spiritual self and can help define your personality traits.

There are seven chakras in all, with each connected to color.

My Final Thoughts

It is important to find a balance in everything in your life. Whether it is your physical body or the energy, you feel around you. It’s good to ask questions like what color my aura is and how I can use this information to improve my life.

I hope you will continue learning and growing into a better version of yourself every day.

Remember to love yourself and others around you.

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