Yellow Aura: What Is It & What’s Its Meaning

After getting your latest aura reading during your spiritual awakening journey, you probably landed on this page, curious to learn more about the Yellow aura’s meaning. Let me tell you, it isn’t only the color yellow and you don’t have to eat yellow foods. So, let’s get started and dive into what this yellow energy is and how it fits into your life.

What is the yellow aura? The yellow aura is about confidence, creativity, manifesting, and being comfortable in your skin. This aura color is also connected to the third chakra, the solar plexus chakra.

Due to the attention-grabbing color this aura brings, people tend to notice when someone who has these aura colors walks into the room. People often gravitate to the yellow aura because of the confidence and comfort in any environment.

However, the color yellow doesn’t only have one shade. This color has a variety of shades, including:

  • Bright yellow aura
  • Light yellow aura
  • Pale yellow aura
  • Yellow-orange aura
  • Yellow-green aura

What Are The Yellow Aura Personality Traits?

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to spot a light bulb being turned on in a dark room?

This is the same thing that goes for yellow auras. These bright individuals light up the room and are easy to notice at first glance but are very difficult to read.

It almost looks as if they have a shield of light protecting them from the influences of others around them. This makes it extremely difficult to figure them out.

Yellow auras are often very warming, positive, and have a beautiful nature about them. Over time people will notice that their energy begins to shift when they are around a yellow aura for some time, whether it is positive or negative energy.

Often, we have found that people who display the yellow aura are great with friends and being alone. There is an advantage to everything, and yellows are good at showing this by being assured of who they are. This personal power level ties yellows to the solar plexus chakra.

What Does A Yellow (Golden) Aura Mean?

We already know that are a few different shades of yellow auras, but where does the golden shade fit in? This gold aura color usually represents spiritual enlightenment and leadership for the individual who gets this color. They love to inspire, teach, and motivate the people in their lives.

Unlike a light yellow aura, people with this golden yellow aura exude strength, wisdom, and control that draws people to them. These qualities give this aura color a strong sense when mentoring the people around them.

Bright Yellow Aura Meaning

What is the meaning behind the bright yellow aura meaning? People with aura color are often indications of happiness and confidence. In most cases, yellow auras are a strong, confident color with a strong sense of joy.

What Do The Colors Mean In An Aura Photo?

Red Aura

Red auras are most likely an individual that is energic and fiery—often associated with the root chakra making them more stable and unblocked.

People that have this aura often are quick to take thoughts and implement them into actions.

Orange Aura

Orange auras often have more creative and sexual energy. Individuals with this aura are often correlated with the sacral chakra.

People of this color tend to learn more lessons from experience.

Yellow Aura

Yellow auras are more commonly associated with being sunny or charismatic, using this magnetic personality trait to attract various people.

Yellow energy is associated with being part of the solar plexus chakra dealing mainly with identity and confidence.

Green Aura

Green auras are one of the few colors associated with the heart chakra. People with this aura are more compassionate and do things that come directly from the heart.

However, due to being more compassionate, people with this aura often fall easily to people’s influence or environment.

Blue Aura

Blue auras are associated with the throat chakra and have more of a powerful mind.

So, what is the throat chakra? This chakra is primarily responsible for self-expression, healing, and speaking your truth.

Even though people with color are more in the clouds, they often operate more in the mental realms, needing to be grounded.

Purple Aura

Purple auras are people that have strong intuition and are sensitive with great mental depth.

Purple can be correlated with the third eye chakra, dealing with intuitive and psychic abilities.

My Final Thoughts

I hope you will continue learning and growing into a better version of yourself every day.

Remember to love yourself and others around you.

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