Feeling Expressive? Blue Auras Could Be An Indicator That Something Else May Be Going On In Your Body.

Blue Aura Meaning

Auras, the energy fields surrounding all living beings, are invisible but powerful forces influencing us all in various ways. Each aura consists of unique combinations of colors with their own meaning – you can learn what color is primarily dominated by getting an aura portrait, reading up on yourself or taking an aura personality test quiz.

We will explore different shades of blue auras, their significance in love and other areas, and their effects in life and other spheres of activity. What the different hues mean. Blue generally represents communication and expression – you might recognize three main varieties within your aura:

Spiritual author Shannon Kaiser points out that turquoise symbolizes self-assurance and being at ease within yourself; these people usually work in positions like public speaking, singing and teaching where service to others are paramount.

Kaiser suggests that rich and vibrant hues like cobalt blue, royal or royal blue represent communication, self expression, intuition and clarity. According to Karishma HIRA, a spiritual YouTuber, true blue auras indicate someone highly intuitive and spiritual who connects deeply to unknown forces within life as they draw out creativity, imagination, wisdom and intuition to express themselves creatively and intuitively.

Kaiser and Hira both believe that people with light or sky-blue auras tend to be very creative individuals, often creative leaders using their voice and talents for good causes. Karishma also says they possess a natural ability to connect with people. Her strength lies in their speech: powerfully conveying messages with words. Their intuition guides their words while their hearts come out free. “These individuals exude peace and positivity.”

Kaiser believes blue and throat chakra connections exist between each individual who exhibit this color aura and those with an aura similar hue.

Each color corresponds with one chakra in our bodies; blue represents the throat chakra which controls communication and expression.

Blue in your aura should be bright and clear – an indicator that the throat chakra is flowing freely and balanced. If the blue appears slightly muted or neon hued, this may indicate difficulty expressing yourself fully or clearly enough for others to understand you. Kaiser suggests saying to amp up blue energy: My voice, my vehicle creates harmony and peace within myself and others alike.

If your throat chakra appears to be experiencing difficulty, energy healing techniques like Reiki may prove invaluable. Hira says “Blue auras are associated with throat chakras so practicing Reiki helps an individual increase communication and self-expression using voice.”

Blue has long been associated with serenity and balance; Kaiser suggests that after practicing Reiki you might experience more blue in your surroundings.

Are There Challenges Associated With Having A Blue Aura?

Blue auras can be filled with creative, intuitive energy. But they may also present unique challenges. Hira notes that although blue auras tend to share masculine energies such as being outwardly expressive or aggressively assertive. For harmony to exist between masculine and feminine energy sources, balance must be found by connecting to feminine sources while learning surrender and flowing with life’s currents.

Communication issues or being anxious or dogmatic may lead to blocked energy fields resulting in dulled, blackened auras and harsh blue ones, according to Kaiser. As such, finding ways to express one’s emotions through artistic or other outlets will help unblock this energy field and restore balance to it.

What have been their experiences of love and relationships?

Kaiser emphasizes the person’s tendency towards purity, expression and communication as they characterize this aura color. You should expect them to be honest and forthcoming when choosing partners; their tendencies in those categories indicate this potential partner is likely present as they embrace these ideals themselves.

According to Hira, they’re also loyal and trustworthy – someone with a blue aura is reliable and will remain by your side throughout life’s ups and downs […] Additionally, these creative individuals can help plan fun dates or craft special personalized presents for loved ones.

Blue energy is soothing and steady; those possessing it have a grounded presence that many find attractive in partners. Hira emphasizes their ability to communicate in healthy ways despite disagreements; in turn they maintain self-control while treating you with respect and maintaining self-restraint themselves.

What Are Their Professional and Career Goals?

People with blue auras tend to look for opportunities in the professional world to express their ideas and truths freely and creatively, according to Hira. Hira suggests they prefer careers which enable creativity and imagination such as singing, speaking or teaching which also attract certain shades of blue auras.

Kaiser stresses the value of these individuals when meeting deadlines and getting work completed on schedule, noting their dedication and loyalty toward their career and team work ethic. Furthermore, Kaiser adds, these individuals make great team players.

As is evident by their aura color, blue-hued people thrive when given an honest and open platform to express themselves honestly and openly in the workplace.

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How to Deal With Someone with a Blue Aura.

You might find yourself asking how you should interact with a person exhibiting blue aura characteristics, Kaiser states they tend to be in touch with their inner voice and self; these individuals “value honesty, self expression, good speech skills and communication abilities”.

Staying calm and communicating effectively are integral parts of engaging effectively with those displaying blue auroras, who tend to have deep emotions, are highly sensitive, and possess profound thought processes.

Keep in mind that auras are ever changing; one day your aura might look blue while purple will emerge the following. If blue remains a consistent hue within your energy field, this could signal increased empowerment to speak up and live your truth.

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