Soul Retrieval: Your Soul Is Lost, Now Let’s Get It Back

If you believe that every living thing has a soul, you might think of the concept of a soul becoming lost. It doesn’t have to be the whole soul; there can be lost soul fragments that leave a person feeling incomplete. This can happen due to many things, like abusive relationships or physical illness. There is a practice called ‘soul retrieval’ than aims to bring back the soul fragment we have lost.

Here we will be going over if you have a lost soul and how you can get it back.

What Are The Signs Of A Lost Soul?

1. Depression

Depression, both clinical and self-diagnosed, are a variety of feelings like:

  1. Lose of purpose
  2. No direction in life
  3. Worthlessness

Depression can be a telltale sign of having lost soul parts.

Even though depression is big, almost any mental illness can count as your soul is lost.

2. Adjustment Difficulty

Since soul loss often happens with emotional trauma, it can show as difficulty adjusting to an environment or situation. Adjustment difficulty can also be seen through dissociating. This can make it hard to be present in your physical body.

3. Coping Mechanisms

Sometimes to cope with negativity in our lives, we turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms to fill in the void of soul loss.

4. Disconnect

We can have lost pieces of our soul because something in our life did not align with our soul, like a traumatic event, physical pain, insufficient workspace, or even neglecting our inner child for too long. These can cause a soul and spirit to fracture and lose their way.

5. Negative Energy And Thoughts

Outside of depression and dissociation, there are other ways the lost parts can manifest in the affected person. Anxiety, insomnia, and fatigue are to name a few.

We have a spiritual essence within us, and when we have soul loss, it’s like a spiritual illness for our spiritual being

How To Start Your Soul Retrieval Journey

Now that you have seen if you need soul retrieval, you probably have some questions.

  • How do you retrieve a soul?
  • Can you retrieve your soul?

It is highly recommended you try this healing process with someone who is a healer or a shaman to help guide you and protect you as you take this spiritual journey.

There are ways to start soul retrieval without a healer to begin with.

1. Mindfulness and Meditation

Soul loss can feel out of touch with yourself and your world. Working on yourself and finding your passions again is a great place to start.

A great way is to get to know your soul and listen to it as you meditate. Do things you like and enjoy and try new things you want to try. Use mindfulness to be present and enjoy the emotions you get from doing things you want.

Let the essence of who you are move through your joy.

2. Find Your Spirit World Guide

There is a non-ordinary reality outside of our physical one. If you believe in soul retrieval, you understand there are spirit worlds out there that anyone can tap into. In these worlds, some guides can help us as we try to move forward and grow in our lives.

They can come in many different forms, such as ancestors, angels, deities, and others.

It can be a single guide, or you can have many that help you with different things. It is part of taking back your power and finding a guide to help your soul retrieval.

3. Self Hypnosis

This is a big one to take and can help with meditation and finding a guide. If you are unsure how to do self-hypnosis or enter a hypnotic state, you can always look it up! There are great audio and video guides everywhere on the internet to help.

At first, it will feel strange and different. Maybe you will feel uncomfortable or distant in your own body. Just keep practicing, and it will become easier each time.

Breathe deeply and let your imagination move so that you begin to enjoy the healing you are trying to achieve.

Soon, you will have practiced enough to reach mental clarity faster and harder than before each time you self hypnotize.

My Final Thoughts

Losing your soul can be devastating and affect all aspects of your life.

These are ways to bring your soul back and live a happier, more complete life.

I hope you will continue learning and growing into a better version of yourself every day.

Remember to love yourself and others around you.

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