Purple Aura: What It Is & What It Means

At one point or another, we have all wondered what the spiritual community believes and how we as beings have an aura. So, what is an aura?

It is believed that an aura is an energy field that we have that emits a certain color, surrounding us as humans. Often, we can acquire an aura reading from someone known as an Aura Reader and then be assigned a color based on our personality traits.

We will dive into the purple aura and what it means for the people who have this certain energy field around them.

What Is The Purple Aura?

Purple auras are believed to be either psychic or incredibly intuitive. These powerful visionaries are mostly drawn to creative and impactful careers, desiring a profound change around them.

The deep understanding of people around them and their emotional integrity greatly influence them.

What Is The Purple Aura Meaning?

You probably landed on this page because you are curious about the meaning of the purple aura color is.

To get more in-depth with this, we will have to go over the differences in the shades of the color you got.

When it comes to looking at the colors, there is the meaning behind the different shades that each color presents. The purple aura is usually broken into three different shades, including a dark purple, a light purple, or a violet aura.

What Are The Different Types Of Purple Auras?

Dark Purple

Dark purple is one of those colors that could be associated with negative energy. There are beliefs from some that this hue often means someone is struggling with or must overcome an obstacle in their life.

Sometimes, spiritual energy may conjure this color when a person is fearful about something in their past or the future. The nice thing about this color is that you can do things to overcome this color and move forward and bring balance to the purple energy around you.

Meditation can become a great thing that helps you bring more balance to your life and overcome the struggles you worry about, whether from your past or the future.

Light Purple

This shade carries a completely different aura reading than dark purple does.

This shade is geared more toward people with an active imagination and rich inner life, and some would often classify as a dreamer.

Being a light purple radiates positive energy over the individual who has it as someone connected deeply to a higher plane of existence. These daydreamers often come off to others as a little immature but overall come off as happier.

Violet Aura

The violet aura is a little different than the other two. It comes off more as the more true purple and is highly associated with the crown chakra.

People with this aura shade are often thought to be spiritual leaders and artists and sometimes possess psychic abilities.

Individuals who happen to manifest this shade have spent years on their chosen path, got in touch with their inner self, and endured self-sacrifice.

What Do Aura Colors Mean?

Every aura is connected to something different that happens in our lives. It has been believed that the color of the auras illustrates different things emotionally, physically, and even spiritually.

Like all things, these colors happen to change over time as well. As we evolve as individuals, so do the colors we associate with these varying aspects.

The final thing to consider about the color of the aura and its meaning is that not having a specific color is not a bad thing.

What Does Purple Energy mean?

What does the color purple mean in energy? Purple auras are thought to have a deeper connection with the mystical ways, possibly indicating that the person lucky enough to have these colors has some psychic abilities.

While they are often considered more connected to the spiritual realms, they are also thought to show great leadership potential.

What Aura Is The Rarest?

When it comes to an understanding the different auras, we must first know the difference between the aura colors. So, how many different aura colors are there?

The seven different colors include:

  • Red Aura
  • Orange Aura
  • Yellow Auras
  • Green Aura
  • Blue Auras
  • Purple Aura
  • White Aura

The rarest aura color one can get going to is the white aura. Getting a white aura indicates that you are a person that has a high level of purity, integrity, and spirituality.

This aura color is most commonly associated with the crown chakra. This chakra is most commonly known as the universal center for knowledge and spiritualism.

What Is The Crown Chakra?

We have mentioned that the purple aura meaning has a connection to the crown chakra, but what is this chakra exactly?

Unlike the sacral chakra, the crown chakra is considered the energy center for both knowledge and spiritualism.

This chakra is thought to influence both the brain and our nervous system while also displaying emotions associated with understanding and enlightenment.

What Does It Mean If My Friends See Me As Purple?

Friends play a huge part in most of our lives, so what do purple auras mean to our friends?

To be honest, it just depends. The color of the aura you get is often associated with your personality, and the purple aura meaning goes along with it.

Depending on what your friend’s reading says, purple auras could be seen as both a blessing and a curse.

Often, purple auras can be drawn to others and want to help them when they need someone to be there. Other times they could be prone to isolate themselves, which is okay.

My Final Thoughts

Overall, purple auras can be both leaders and dreamers while maintaining a balance with emotional integrity. These attributes make them happier overall with friends who get a different color, such as the indigo aura, pink aura, and even the magenta aura. So if you happen to be a purple aura yourself, embrace it.

I hope you will continue learning and growing into a better version of yourself every day.

Remember to love yourself and others around you.

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