Black Aura: What Is It & What It Means

Every living thing in the world has an electromagnetic field around it. This field acts and reacts to others around them. These fields can be seen as auras.

Auras are how these fields can be seen and translated to us.

Because auras are based on the energy surrounding your physical body, your mood and personal experiences you face in life can make an aura color change over time.

You can have two people of the same age and live in the same area, and each can have drastically different auras.

What Does A Black Aura Mean?

Black auras are not the same dark or murky aura colors. There are dark energies, but there are a few misconceptions that everyone has a black aura. Low energy vibrations can cause your natural aura to be murky or dingy.

Certain energies can come at us and sap our emotions, which some people feel is what a black aura is about, which happens to be not true. You can see aura colors get very dark when something bad happens in themselves and life.

Sometimes it’s huge lifestyle changes or just a bad overall vibe that can darken anyone’s aura color.

Darkness in auras is not the same as a black aura.

A black aura is more of a void than anything. A lack of something, like their soul is just no longer there. It can also look and feel like darkness around a person, or even an entity, trying to gain entry where it can.

Personality And A Black Aura

Auras are always changing, just like our feelings and our lives. Just because you had a dark aura once does not mean you are suddenly a horrible person or doomed.

Just like how you can change your thoughts, you can also change your aura. The black aura does not work the same as the personality traits of other colors.

Sometimes mental instability or a personality disorder can cause a black aura to appear in a reading.

What Can Help To Get My Colors Back?

There are ways to help you pull away from the darker auras and get your high energy back.

Chakra colors And Your Aura

There are seven chakras, and each has a color associated with them. A black aura is the only color not associated with a chakra.

Chakras can also be blocked, giving you low energy and generally feeling low.

Look at the chakra you feel is blocked, and try having that color around you to help with the energy coming back to you.

Some examples can be:

  • the root chakra and the color red. Red is great to help you when you want energy and need extra grounding.
  • The crown chakra and the color purple. Purple is a great color to encourage independence and wisdom. It is always a great color for an accent wall for almost any room.
  • The heart chakra and the color green. Green is wonderful if you want to be more social, have better relationships, and are ready to start any healing. Green is a great color for accessories and clothing.

Another great tip is to add the color you are looking for in your foods.

Eat less processed, artificial coloring in foods and look for ways to add bright vegetables and fruits into your diet.

And the less processed food will also help you feel better in your own skin. It’s getting two things done for the price of one!

My Final Thoughts

The psychic nature of aura colors is not an exact science and can leave much up to interpterion. It’s okay not to understand some colors’ meanings. Look for a trusted healer or aura worker to view your aura.

It’s okay to have different colors and want help with making lifestyle changes.

Remember to love yourself and others around you.

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