Universal Truths: What Are They & Several That We All Share

Life Truths universally true

Are you trying to figure out what life is all about? Are you looking for a little happiness? Are you having trouble figuring out how to make the most of your situation?

Life’s universal truths apply to every human being, no matter where they live or their situation.

They all have a definition of your own life and the lives of those around you.

life truths

What Is A Universal Truth?

Truth is considered universal if it is logically valid in and beyond all times and places. Hence a universal truth is considered logically to transcend the state of the physical universe, whose order is derived from such facts.

It is an intrinsic part of our collective human soul.

Examples Of Universal Truth

Happiness Is An Option

At some point, unhappy people dislike the phrase “happiness is a choice.Happiness is a choice, which implies that most people choose to be unhappy—making the person unable to choose happiness.

And why would anyone deliberately choose to be sad?

This is because it is easier to choose to be unhappy, to wallow in negative ideas, to focus your mind on negative, awful things, and to continue feeding the beast rather than working to replace those negative things with positive things.

However, mental illness and trauma are not the same things. When a person’s brain isn’t working properly, they cannot choose happiness.

That is not their fault and does not apply in this case. The problems they are experiencing force them to make that decision.

However, once you’ve mastered these skills, you’ll be in a better position to grab happiness when it comes your way.

Social Media Is A Lie

Don’t base opinions of yourself or your life on what you learned or see online. The ugly truth is people frequently use filters, photo editing, or deceptive practices to appear to be someone they are not and no one knows.

For example, to appear wealthy, a person may take a selfie with a fancy car owned by someone else. They could also rent or buy designer clothes for the afternoon, photograph them, and return them.

One influencer is being caught on camera taking selfies in her “new kitchen,” which was a mock-up of an interior design showroom!

Social media is a sham. Don’t judge yourself or your life based on what you see there.

Gratitude Counteracts Pessimism

Gratitude is an extremely effective tool for increasing optimism, peace of mind, and personal happiness. Many people say this, but few explain how it works.

It is a matter of retraining your mind to stop looking for bad and negative things. And focus on your growth and happiness.

You will probably go through a lot of pain, failure, and things that don’t work out in life. Everybody does. That is typical. However, you can lessen your pain by being grateful that you are still alive and have the opportunity to try again.

The benefit of grateful people is happiness. Everything you want to achieve begins with a grateful heart.

Because you know there is always something else, gratitude can completely alleviate the sting of these losses.

Being Kind Is Seldom A Bad Thing

Kindness is extremely powerful. It is not only powerful to those around you, but it can also help to silence anger, turmoil, and sadness.

Unfortunately, many mistakenly believe that kindness is only about the person receiving it. It isn’t. It’s also about not allowing negative thoughts and feelings to interfere with your happiness and well-being.

Kindness does not require you always to be a doormat. Opportunists will undoubtedly test your limits and attempt to exploit you. They are not all bad people. People who are struggling may not recognize when they are going too far. Boundaries are essential.

Everyone Will Not Always Like You

Everyone will not always like you, so stop trying to please everyone. It is not required. Far too many people hide their oddities or interests to be accepted.

The truth is that people aren’t accepted for who they are but for what they show the world. So why spend time with people who want you to do what they say?

There Is Constant Change

Life’s only true constant is that everything changes. People, situations, and circumstances all change.

So, by learning to roll with the punches and embrace change when it comes, you can add a lot of peace and happiness to your life. Because, sooner or later, it will be time.

The Past Is Over, And The Future Is Uncertain

How much time do you spend wishing for the past or fantasizing about the future? Both are a waste of precious time. You only have the present.

A freak accident could occur, and your life could change instantly. You could have an invisible medical problem that you are unaware of until it takes your life right now.

Use your present wisely.

Knowledge Is Power

Knowledge is power,” as the adage goes, is a powerful universal truth. The more you know, the better your decisions will be—the more informed your choices, the better the results.

First Impressions Are Important

Based on your first impression, people form an initial opinion of you. People aware of this bias will usually try not to let it affect how they treat that person. Others, however, are less enthusiastic.

First impressions are important and can stick with you for a long time. Take some time to consider the first impression you’re making.

You don’t want to make a bad first impression in job interviews or when trying to date.

Connecting And Connections Are Important

Much of the world revolves around who you know rather than what you know. The truth is that people prefer what they know to what they don’t know.

The unknown is a wild card that could harm them later on.

Don’t overlook the importance of basic socialization and friendship. Assume you have difficulty being social. In that case, the idea of numerous books, websites, and YouTube channels is dedicated to social skill development.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of things that change out in the world and a lot of things that stay true. Use these universal truths to help you get ahead and accomplish your goals.

Rember to love yourself and others around you.

Get out there and start practicing.

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