Toxic Positivity: What It Is & Why It’s Actually Harmful

toxic positivity

What Is Toxic Positivity? Toxic positivity is the view that one must always look on the bright side of life, no matter how bad things get. It’s a “positive vibes only” lifestyle. While it’s true that there are advantages to maintaining an optimistic outlook and practicing a positive mindset, poisonous positivity avoids dealing with negative […]

9 Examples Of Intrinsic Motivation & How To Use It To Your Advantage

promote intrinsic motivation

Have you ever wondered how to inspire your staff without monetary incentives? Perhaps what you need is a little bit of innate drive. A more constructive alternative to performance incentives is encouraging your team through natural movement and positive feedback. What Are Intrinsic And Extrinsic Motivations? Intrinsic motivation is doing what you desire. In other […]

Keep Your Goals To Yourself: Sharing Decreases Your Chance Of Success

personal development

Is It Better To Keep Your Goals To Yourself? Some studies say yes, but others say you should probably keep it a secret. People think having a shared goal will help and push you forward. Here is some very useful advice to better keep your goals to yourself: Fantasy has risks  Another study found that […]

3 Tips For Balancing Multiple Goals At Once

manage multiple goals

We must keep two fundamental realities in mind as we consider how to optimize our progress to achieve multiple goals. First, there is a limited supply of everything. Everything from time and patience to willpower and concentration to physical and financial resources is at our disposal. Life’s resources can shift from one season to the […]

Which Should Be Most Important To You: Time Vs Money

time spent for investment banking

What Is The Relationship Between Time And Money? What is the time and money concept mean? Both time and money are crucial in the modern world, and we can’t imagine living without either. It is possible to alter the social landscape significantly by using money in terms of influence, favor, standing, etc. On the other hand, […]

Survivorship Bias: Don’t Get Tricked By Believing A Few Success Stories

researchers eliminate survivorship bias

What Is Survivorship Bias? Mutual fund performance shows survivorship bias. Everyday life is full of examples of survivorship bias when we give more weight to stories about people or approaches that ended positively. The media and the internet allow the good news to spread quickly and to a wide audience. There will always be someone […]

Should You Take On The Easiest Or Difficult Task First?

easiest or difficult task first

It’s satisfying to complete tasks, especially when you’re busy. Starting the day by responding to emails or mailing bills can boost your confidence. According to a new study, doing easy tasks first may hurt productivity. In the near run, the person may feel satisfied and less nervous, says Northwestern University’s Maryam Kouchaki. Avoiding hard jobs […]

How To Celebrate Small Victories To Smash Your Goals

at the present moment celebrate the small victories

All the small wins are important in a lot of ways. It might not seem like much to feel good about doing something small like eating one more plate of broccoli, but it can lead to bigger things in the future. Here are some ways to celebrate minor triumphs, no matter where you are. 1. […]

13 Mantras For Success & Big Time Results

Professional life with the successful people

Mantras are words or phrases that one repeats to oneself to boost one’s confidence and willpower. They can serve as a motivating tool when tough times get rough or as a great reminder of why you’re doing and what you’re doing in the first place. You can make them about whatever you like, but most […]

5 Steps To Stop Being A Stagnant Person


People hardly rank stagnation as a desirable quality. A stagnant economy is something that everybody despises. Musty water in a stagnant pond gives out a foul odor that can make everyone sick. Stagnation is like an unwelcome pit stain when the hot, stagnant air of a train station hits you. Nevertheless, whether you like to […]