Things To Be Thankful For: The Obvious & The Unexpected

Things to be grateful for

What Should I Be Grateful For Today?

We’re all fortunate; that’s something we can all agree on. We take our health, jobs, and spiritual growth for granted.

Even if you don’t recognize the things to be grateful for, you should be thankful for what you have now.

Friends and Family

practice gratitude in your own life, same things with others

Friends and family are the people you can rely on, even when things get tough. They’re the ones who will be there for you when you need them, whether that’s listening to your woes, having a deep conversation, or cheering you on as a teammate.

They’re also the ones who lift you when times are tough—they’ll give a shoulder rub or put food in your belly when there’s nothing left in their stomachs.

And don’t forget: They’re probably healthier than most of us!


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Health is a blessing and a privilege in our well-being. It’s also a responsibility that can take for granted. Be thankful for our health because it allows us to do everything we love—including travel, write, cook and eat good food—and stay active in our community. We can’t survive without good health.


consider romantic feelings in gratitude list

Express thankfulness for the moment you spend with your loved ones.

Spending time on your work is a blessing, enabling you to provide for the people you care about. Acquire the habit of being grateful for your time rather than constantly complaining about not having enough of it.

A Roof Over Your Head

Thankful for a roof over your head. It keeps you dry and warm, protects you from the elements, and can help you feel safe.

You might think it’s obvious that having a roof over your head is important—but sometimes we forget how much it means to live life having somewhere safe to sleep at night or hang out during bad weather.

A roof also gives us something else: privacy! When we wake up every morning and see sunlight streaming through our windows (or even just open curtains), there’s no need for concern about being seen by others—no one will know what kind of day we had yesterday unless they come inside anyway!


A job you enjoy is a job you’ll be happy to get up.

If you have a job that doesn’t interest you, it’s time to find something else.

A good way to find this out is by asking yourself: “Would I like my work?” If not, look elsewhere.

Transportation Options

Without a car, you can’t go to the supermarket.

If you don’t have a car, your only options are to take public transportation or walk.

In some areas of the country, no cars are available for rent because they’re too expensive or difficult to come by (or both).

So what should you do? Well, if money is tight and public transportation isn’t an option for you—and let’s be real: It probably isn’t—then get yourself behind the wheel and make sure your vehicle works properly!

It means checking tires regularly; having the oil changed periodically; making sure everything else in there is working properly as well; and making sure it has enough gas in it so that when someone tries to steal your car from its spot outside of their house/apartment building at night time (which happens often), they’ll end up getting stuck somewhere far away from where they were trying to go instead.*

Money In The Bank

Money helps you achieve your goals—a vital tool, yet not the most significant thing. If you have enough capital, maybe some things will be easier to do or accomplish—and if they’re not currently on your plan, they should be soon.

Money’s purposes and limits aren’t evil (like everything else). How we spend our riches and whether our priorities correspond with our ideals matter.

Food On The Table

practice gratitude for life's challenges in family member

You don’t have to be hungry. You can feed everyone.

Food energizes and helps us feel happy. Families and friends can enjoy the food we buy or prepare at home. We can also purchase fresh vegetables from farmers who care about their land and families health.

Most individuals don’t recognize how blessed they are because they don’t realize how many options are there.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are grown locally by organic farmers who compost instead of using pesticides; hormone-free organic meat; gluten-free pasta made from wheat flour ground at home by millers who care about everyone having access.

A Social System That Works For You

You’re in a position to influence your own lives.

You have choices and opportunities, many of which don’t come from the world around you.

You can make a difference by knowing where you stand, what privileges and advantages are available for you, how those privileges and benefits might impact others around you, and how those others feel about their own lives (or lack thereof).


You will be thankful for school, learning, or the possibility of education. Not everyone has education access or quality.

Education opens up opportunities. If you don’t have a degree in science or mathematics, your job options are limited compared to those who do.

It helps improve our lives in many ways (see above). For example:

It can make us more confident because we know what we’re doing; it gives us confidence when speaking publicly about ourselves or our work; it teaches us how things work so we don’t have questions anymore; etc…

It can make you happier, enhance your positive emotions increase your self-esteem.

Final Thought

Thank the people you spend time with.

No matter what you have or require. The point is to look at each item on your list and see if there are any reasons you should be thankful for it. Positive psychology studies gratitude extensively.

If not, then maybe it’s time to change something!

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