The 369 Manifestation Method: Why You Should Be Manifesting 17 Times Per Day

The 369 Manifestation Method

People use the 369 manifestation technique to manifest their way to more money, better relationships, and even pregnancy on TikTok.

According to Inbaal Honigman, a psychic who has been utilizing this approach for more than 20 years, the concept of manifesting, or the premise that if we believe and embody the emotion of having something our desire, we may attract it into our life. Dig in deeper to know more about it.

What Is The 369 Manifestation Method?

What Is The 369 Manifestation Method

The procedure itself cannot be more easier. We will write out the thing or feeling we desire in our life three times in the morning, six times in the afternoon, and nine times at night (for example, “I am successful,” or “I have a loving relationship”). It’s that simple! It is a kind of spiritual enlightenment that focuses on what we desire in life by using numbers.

But what is the secret to making our goals a reality? Repetition, repetition, and more repetition. Honigman advises continuing to use the 369 manifestation approach every day. She advises patience if nothing seems to happen after a week, month, or longer.

And, even if we don’t feel like we’re making any progress, take the time to consider any small steps we’ve made in the right direction. For example, if we want to manifest a love interest, we may believe that going on several “meh” dates is a sign of failure—when it is not.

Perhaps after starting the 369 manifestation process, we began putting ourselves out more. We’ve transformed our whole perspective by opening ourselves up to love and learning more about ourselves and what we want (or don’t) in a partner with just one tiny step.

After all, even the worst date generates much more self-growth than just staying home. We can achieve our desired outcome with positive energy and a positive mindset. If ever some of you are wondering why it is 3,6,9, is it because they are divine numbers.

How To Do The 369 Method

How To Do The 369 Method

#1 Decide Your Manifestation

First and foremost, we should get our diary and pen. These will be required for the following 33 days. I’d recommend writing this rather than typing it on a laptop or phone since there is tremendous power in putting pen to paper.

We’ll start the procedure by imagining a single manifestation that lasts 17 seconds (usually around two sentences long). But why 17 seconds? That seems like a number I made up out of thin air, doesn’t it?

Abraham Hicks‘ readings repeatedly demonstrate the power of holding an affirmation for this amount of time, with the brain requiring 17 seconds to develop the energy of the idea we concentrate on. For example, if we focus on the thought of love for 17 seconds, our brain begins to generate more and more of that energy, connecting us with what we are claiming.

What may our manifestation be? This is entirely dependent on what we want to bring into our life. This practice has assisted individuals in welcoming money, love, housing moves, and new employment—the universe does not restrict anything we want to manifest as long as it is safe for you, others, and the world.

#2 Journal 3 Times In The Morning

Journal 3 Times In The Morning

We should take out our diary first thing in the morning. Write down the 17-second-long manifestation that we created above three times. When manifesting anything, the key to success is concentrating on the sensation, the energy of what we want to attract, and how it will feel when (not if) it enters our life.

Imagine the sense of money coming into our lives and how we will feel seeing it patiently sitting in our savings account while our pen begins to write your dream into paper. Consider the love we will feel when our soulmate arrives, and we know in our hearts that they were meant for us.

Let go of our wants and trust that the universe will take care of the rest. Begin our day without holding on to our manifestation. We now know that if we hold on too tightly, our manifestation will not occur since the universe detects lack and desperation.

#3 Journal 6 Times At Midday

The next stage is to pull out our journal again, possibly during our lunch break, and write the same manifestation as previously six times. Repeat the previous steps, immersing ourselves in the energy of how it would feel and seeing ourselves with our desire. We should speak in the present tense and know that our manifestation is ours; it just hasn’t arrived yet.

#4 Write Your Desire 9 Times Before Bed

Finally, before going to bed, we should pull out our diary and write our high-vibe manifestation from above nine times, using the same strategy we did during the day. The first three scripts were to communicate the purpose to the universe, the next six to amplify it, and the last nine to solidify it.

Why The 369 Method Works

Why The 369 Method Works

The big goal here, like with other manifestation methods that require us to write down the same desire or affirmation over and over again, is to help us concentrate on that one item we wish to attract. It also compels us to imagine how we will achieve our objective, enabling us to pay attention to chances to do so as they arise.

When we have a good attitude, it is simpler to envision and experience what it feels like to obtain what we want. That is the essence of the 369 manifestation method. The approach is similar to the strategy of positive affirmations, which is a well-liked technique sometimes used in cognitive behavior therapy.

We can manifest anything we want, like more flow of money into our bank account or even good mental health; everything is possible. We are free to do whatever we want, and we shouldn’t be affected by the audience insights.

Final Thoughts

It simply takes a few minutes three times a day to incorporate the 369 Manifestation Method into our daily life. As we continue to write our affirmation every day, we will retrain our subconscious mind, develop positive momentum, and match our vibration with our goal. This will assist us in bringing our manifestation into our life.

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