9 Intentions To Set For Living A Genuine Life

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Believe those good things happen when you are authentic; being honest means making mistakes, learning from them, and moving forward. Each of us possesses skills that we can use to make the world a better place.

How Do I Write My Intentions?

1. Embrace authenticity.

Embrace the most authentic life.

Be yourself. Don’t be afraid to be who you are, whether that means being honest about your emotions and thoughts or expressing yourself physically when necessary (such as in art).

Be vulnerable with others. If someone asks, say so. If someone compliments you on something new that’s become part of your look or personality lately, don’t hesitate to say “thank you!” They’ll love hearing from you because it validates their words.

Be authentic with yourself—that means being true to who YOU are and respecting other people’s boundaries by respecting theirs, too (e.g., making sure not everyone around me knows what color my eyes are).

2. Choose happiness.

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You can choose to be happy. It’s not an accident, a mistake, or something that happens to you. Just stay focused and work hard; happiness is yours.

There are so many things we can do every day to improve our lives: stick with the same intention eat better food; drink more water; exercise regularly; sleep well at night; stop smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol (or both); spend time with family & friends—the list goes on and on!

You might think these are small steps toward making yourself happier, but they will profoundly affect your mental health over time.

3. Compassionate.

Compassion means sharing another’s sentiments. It’s a way of being, not just behaving; it’s an active choice and can be fostered wherever. Can cultivate passion by practicing mindfulness with yourself and others.

Mindfulness implies noting the enduring change in yourself or others, such as hunger feelings, without judging how much weight to lose (or eating too much). This knowledge leads to increased compassion because we can completely feel whatever emerges without thinking of ourselves based on “good” and “bad” behavior.

4. Give with an open heart.

How do you give with an open heart?

Give without expecting anything in return. It is the best way to give because it allows your generosity to be unrestrained. Any expectation will affect what you receive back from the other person—and that’s not how we want our relationships with others to be!

Give because you want to—not just because someone else needs or deserves something from us (that would be self-serving). When we connect with our purpose in life through serving others, then we become happier and more fulfilled ourselves!

Give because you can affordably now instead of later when everything costs more money than ever due to inflationary pressures (or lack thereof). And if nothing else works out so well as giving away some time in your daily life from work/schoolwork/etc., then maybe try this one out instead: “If only I could spend every waking moment doing exactly what makes me happy!”

5. Forgive others. Forgive yourself.

Forgiveness is a choice. You can forgive others forever or hold on to anger, resentment, and pain. It’s up to you!

Forgiveness is letting our guard down past hurts so we can move forward in life without holding back. When we forgive ourselves for making mistakes (or even just minor mistakes), it frees us up from regretting what happened in the past because it means that we’ve let go of those feelings as well as all the negative thoughts about ourselves that stemmed from those experiences.

Forgiveness allows you to accept your mistakes, learn from them, and invite peace of mind, rather than beating yourself up over something stupid like forgetting someone’s birthday or spilling coffee at work.

6. Trust your intuition.

If you feel it, it is right. No matter what others say, if it seems right, do it. And if something feels wrong or bad? It’s still not necessarily true for you; trust yourself and do what makes sense for YOU!

7. Prioritize self-care and love yourself unconditionally.

Prioritize self-care and unconditional self-love. If not, you can’t treat others equally. You’ll be frustrated by what you could have done better.

Without self-care, your emotions will run wild whenever someone hurts your feelings or doesn’t do what they’re supposed to, leading to stress about minor things like forgetting a friend’s date.

You also need unconditional love for yourself; otherwise, we’d resent people who strive but fail; instead of supporting them when needed (reducing stress), we’d feel bitter.

8. Disconnect from the noise and stay connected to the present.

Stay present.

Don’t let your day’s noise distract you, or you’ll miss the present. Social media need it. Don’t use your phone as an hourglass—it’ll fill up faster than any other area of your life.

Instead, keep a list of things that make you smile (or laugh) every day:

  • Sayings from friends or family members make sense now that they’re gone.
  • Quotes from books or movies.
  • Beautiful landscapes or photos were taken by someone close enough for us all to benefit from seeing them often.

When you look at these things, what makes your heart sing also makes other people happy.

9. Eliminate negative self-talk, and fill your life with gratitude, positivity, and light.

Negative self-talk is a habit that can replace with positive affirmations.

Can replace this habit of negative self-talk with positive affirmations, statements you repeat to yourself and believe in your heart. They will help you feel better about yourself and make it easier to live a simple life!

The following examples are very easy: Frame your intention in a present tense and positive tone.

  • I love myself
  • I am good at what I do

Create a life of intention, gratitude, and authenticity.

What Is A Good Intention?

My list of intentions

A positive and purposeful phrase that guides you throughout the day is “intention.” Having a clear daily goal boosts the effectiveness of daily intentions. These are good examples of purposes if your goal is to practice self-kindness, stop taking things personally, or act in a way that benefits the planet.

Daily intentions, however, are distinct from goals in that they center on the present moment. As a result, setting goals tends to remove us from the present moment. In contrast, intentions are more concerned with how you feel and approach things than with completing tasks.

With that said, setting goals and making plans can help you achieve them. Your daily intentions can serve as stepping stones to achieving your dream because they bring clarity, direction, and vision to your purposes for the day. Goals aren’t all that important; how you approach them matters.

How Do You Start Setting Intentions?

intention setting

Step 1

Prioritize. A strategy might be vast or tiny, but it must be clear and realistic to make progress even if you don’t attain it.

Too many variables are involved in “I want to lose weight” (e.g., how much? Can I lose weight quickly?)

“I want my body fat percentage under 20%” is more definite and attainable because even if it’s 25%, there’s an opportunity for progress.

Step 2

Second, identify your goal. Goal? Want something? Be specific, but avoid overwhelming detail.

“I want my life back” is a clear, concise, and attainable aim.

Step 3

Setting intentions is a simple process. First, you have to write down your purpose. Then, visualize what it would look like if you achieved it—this can be as simple as imagining yourself winning a medal at the Olympic Games or becoming famous for solving world hunger. Set daily goals and milestones to help you achieve your vision (for example: going on two dates with different people). Finally, enjoy your successes.

You can do this

You can do this. You can start with small steps, and even if they don’t seem like much of a change from where you are now, they will add up to something big.

Let’s get going!

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