Reprogram Your Mind: Understanding Yourself & How To Retool It

How to reprogram your subconscious mind


Self-awareness means understanding our feelings, emotions, pressures, limiting beliefs, and personality. These important understandings impact our choices, relationships, and judgments.

There’s no better time than now to improve our inner health.

Is It Possible To Reprogram The Mind?

Is It Possible To Reprogram The Mind

The conscious mind is responsible for only 3% of our daily routine, worries, thoughts, and rituals. This means that the subconscious mind plays a huge part in our daily lives.

Changing starts in the subconscious mind. Reprogramming the mind requires a deep understanding of the subconscious mind.

By age 31, our subconscious mind controls 95% of our lives, beliefs, thoughts, ideas, and doubts.

Subconscious reprogramming can require time, hard work, and deliberate effort.

Our subconscious minds were programmed while we were still children by someone else, either by our parents or teachers.

The best time to start reprogramming is now.

Science shows that behaviors can be rewired by establishing new neural pathways in the brain and weakening existing ones. We can rewire our brains and modify our subconscious programming with persistence and repetition.

How Do We Reprogram The Mind?

How Do We Reprogram The Mind

The brain supports and controls our life, while our subconscious mind’s homeostatic impulse governs body temperature, heartbeat, and breathing.

As the brain regulates our physical self, it also regulates our mental self. The mind continually filters and brings us information and stimuli that confirms our initial ideas (known as confirmation bias) and repeats thoughts and impulses from the past.

Here is a step-by-step guide to help us with our subconscious programming journey.

Environmental Influences

Ever wonder how our surroundings can affect the subconscious mind?

Our subconscious mind continuously absorbs information, draws inferences, and forms beliefs. Imagine absorbing negativity and turmoil from our everyday surroundings.

The first step is to limit our exposure to negativity.

Avoid toxic people and the news unless necessary. Instead, read and watch uplifting content and hang around with happy, successful people. Over time, we will absorb more positive messages, changing how we perceive ourselves and our potential.


Pictures stimulate the subconscious mind. Visualize positive, motivating pictures to train our minds. Spend 15 minutes a day picturing good situations involving ourselves and our life.

To improve the power of visualization, build good feelings when visualizing. Feel love, pleasure, thankfulness, and tranquility as though we are experiencing them at that moment.

The subconscious mind will believe these messages. Visualization allows us to avoid limiting signals and concentrate on appealing visuals, which are absorbed by the subconscious and replayed later.


Incorporating affirmations into our daily routine is another great technique to program happy thoughts into the subconscious mind.

They work best when we follow a few basic guidelines:

  1. Saying affirmations in the present tense is the best way to say them. “I am confident and successful” is better than “I will be confident and successful” since the subconscious mind only knows the present. Be positive.” I’m not a failure” gets calculated as “I’m a failure” since the mind can’t interpret negatives.
  2. Feel the emotions. Saying “I’m rich” while we are poor gives the mind mixed signals. The subconscious mind will be more likely to believe whatever we say if we experience it. We might say, “I’m in the process of becoming wealthier,” which is realistic since we haven’t arrived yet.
  3. Repetition. One or two affirmations won’t work. For optimal benefits, recite them often. We can easily include self-affirmations into our daily practice.

Binaural Beats

Audio recordings that affect brainwave frequency are also popular when reprogramming the mind. Those who have tried these audio programs are extremely favorable about them.

The brainwaves vary based on what we are doing. Binaural beats are the result of playing two tones at different frequencies. When these are played, our brainwaves change the pattern. For example, I can listen to an audio that stimulates the alpha state if I’m stressed.

These audio programs might help us rewire our subconscious to accept good thoughts. The subconscious mind is more sensitive to new information when we are in the alpha or theta phases.

Brain entrainment audio programs with affirmations or visualization can be a powerful combo since the subconscious mind relaxes and absorbs whatever message we put in. Relax and think positively!



Hypnosis is similar to brain entrainment; however, it doesn’t involve brainwave-altering frequencies.

The hypnotist gets us into a peaceful and receptive condition and transmits positive messages to our subconscious.

Self-hypnosis uses prerecorded audio instead of a live hypnosis session. We can record our self-hypnosis CDs to hear positive affirmations while in a relaxed state.


Finally, repetition can rewire our subconscious thinking. When our identity is mostly defined by age 7, we start to establish habits after that. And habits are developed through repetition.

For example, learning to ride a bike or drive. It’s all repeated. Practice until it becomes unconscious.

Things We Can Do While Reprogramming Our Subconscious Mind

Permit Ourselves To Be Successful

Change our mental monologue from “I’ll be happy when I’m done my weight loss journey, get a promotion, and have two major life events” to “I enable my life to be excellent.”

Be happy and successful without guilt. If we subconsciously associate success with immorality or corruption, we won’t live the life we desire. Permit ourselves to live a complete, happy, healthy, grounded, purposeful life.

Surround Ourself With Positive Reinforcement 

Make sure our favorite things provide us with happiness and hope. Post a motivational message beside a computer. Follow individuals who share encouraging messages and fascinating ideas. Our newsfeed should help us develop, not diminish our value.

Remove any negative thoughts from our day and start focusing on positive thinking.

Create A Vision Space 

If we don’t know where we are heading, we won’t know which direction to turn in first.

Once we have a clear idea of what we want and how we want to live, we can create it. If we are unsure about what we desire, we can’t take effective action towards it.

Fill Our Time With Affirmation And Motivation

Fill Our Time With Affirmation And Motivation

Listen to a motivating lecture or podcast while commuting. While cleaning dishes or driving, listen to a business-related talk program. Fill our entire life with encouragement and affirmation. We might need to hear the teachings more than once, but they will permeate our brains over time, and we will act on their advice.

Final Thoughts

Success and pleasure can be achieved through the power of the subconscious mind. For a change in our working life, it’s essential to retrain the mind by taking charge of our old and new habits.

We can create new to-do lists reserved for developmental and reprogramming purposes. Let us change ourselves for the better and not let any negativity pull us down!

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