Things Everyone Should Do When Life Sucks

As far as we can tell, we’re bad at everything. And our live shows this. However, although it is much simpler to spend years numbing ourselves with a drink or whatever, there is a better approach.

Why Do I Suck At Life?

Why Do I Suck At Life

If there are four important components to become excellent at anything, and we lack one of them, we will fail. We always think that life sucked, but we never think that we’re the problems why life sucks for us.

Here are some examples of why we think we suck at life.

1. Being Lazy

We can’t expect to be excellent at anything if we’re lazy person who despises putting effort into things. We’ll continue to hunt for shortcuts that will only get us so far. Investing sufficient time and effort is required for the development of important talents and also for personal development.

2. Afraid To Fail

Sucking at anything is the first step toward being excellent. Every person we admire sucked at what they’re now excellent at first. Because failure causes anger, anguish, and disappointment, individuals avoid it to escape all the negativity. Failure and acceptance are the first hurdles to conquer to improve in anything, especially in a good life.

3. Giving Up To Soon

We may have overcome our failure of failure, but having unrealistic expectations about how long it would take might also put a stop to our progress. As previously said, mastering a skill usually takes a long period.

We can get faster results with the proper guidance and knowledge, but it will still take a while. Before we quit and conclude it’s not for us, we should constantly question ourselves: “Did I spend enough time on this?”

What we need to do is never give up and keep moving forward to achieve our dream and have a wonderful life. We should still move forward even if we’re having a tough time and always remember that it’s ok for us to make mistakes sometimes. But we should be aware of it so that we won’t make the same mistake over and over again. We should help each other to make our own lives better.

4. Being Arrogant

We are shooting ourselves in the foot if we believe we are the most brilliant person in the room and don’t need to learn anything. The correct knowledge is essential for succeeding at anything and boosting our success.

We should constantly strive to learn from individuals who are smarter than us. This requires accepting that they are smarter than us, which many individuals find challenging.

5. Lack Of Patience

We can only achieve something if we put the time and effort necessary. But, even if we put all of our time and effort on it, if we don’t have patience, we won’t achieve it. Getting wonderful things takes time and perseverance. Patience has a deeper meaning than it seems.

6. Blind To Feedback

Reflection is an important part of improving one’s skills. Because we lack knowledge and experience, we are likely to take the wrong approach when initially attempting to learn something. It’s also difficult to be our own best judge. Only objective feedback on what we’re doing may be obtained from others. It’s also hard to be our own life coach because we need to spend time on it, but it will surely be worth it.

Instead of becoming upset by small criticisms, take a deep breath and think about how we might use the feedback in those criticisms to be better at what we’re doing. Don’t let those criticisms and negative thoughts stop us from achieving our goals. And also, don’t let our self-esteem become low because of those words; we should focus on how we can improve our own business.

How Can I Make Life Suck Less?

How Can I Make Life Suck Less

Here are the things we can do to make life suck less:

1. Don’t Stop

We should convince ourselves that we’re not going to stop. “I will not give up.” That’s all. Seriously. Something about merely proclaiming our determination to keep going strong turns the statement into a real-life occurrence.

We’ll find ourselves rising from our couch or chair and placing one foot in front of the other. Before we know it, we’ll be doing something we never thought we could accomplish. This occurs due to our commitment to ourselves that we will not drown in The Suck.

2. Lean On Previous Empowering Experiences

Lean On Previous Empowering Experiences

Simply recalling some of the amazing things we’ve accomplished in the past, even difficult trials we have conquered can motivate and encourage us to keep going. We had accomplished tremendous things in our lives, even when we didn’t believe we could. Remember those times and build on them today. We’ve won before, and we can win again.

3. Be Realistic

If we set the bar too high and fail to meet it, we will most likely feel much worse. We should encourage ourselves to keep going but don’t set unrealistic goals that will lead to failure, which can affect our mental health.

Don’t indulge ourselves or allow ourselves to blank out, but be patient and honest about our ability to make progress in the midst of The Suck. Your ideal of “life sucking” can be replaced with “life gives me a reason to get motivated .”

4. Don’t It Take Personally

Don't It Take Personally

Don’t search for some ethereal reason for why we are feeling The Suck. It’s not personal to us, so let’s don’t beat ourselves up over it. The Suck is a natural part of the human experience. Realizing that it is not happening because we are a horrible person or have done some irreversible sin allows us to escape unnecessary guilt and go on with our modern life.

5. Plan To Make Tomorrow A Better Day

Plan a workout, have lunch with a friend, read an uplifting chapter of a book, listen to a favorite positive podcast or audiobook. Choose something to do that will make tomorrow a better day, and then schedule it.

Final Thoughts

We should take some time to reflect on our life. Being completely honest with oneself is essential. It’s a difficult task, but it’s necessary to really understand our flaws. We can only work on enhancing them this way.

Our life cannot and will not improve until we put in the effort, dedication, and persistence. We should stamp out our victim mentality and take personal responsibility for everything in our life.