How To Use Self-Reflection For More Happiness In Your Life

Is Self Reflection Important

Everyone has different goals, but it falls short of one thing: achieve ultimate happiness and more fulfilling life. It sounds so simple, yet why is it so hard to find? Impact bias is the small peculiarity of human nature. Overestimation of the duration and severity of things that don’t happen yet is a common symptom […]

9 New Skills To Learn Before 2022 Is Over

9 New Skills To Learn Before 2022 Is Over

Instead of seizing a moment, wouldn’t it be better to conquer the year? As 2022 nears its end, ask yourself these two questions: “What do I have to show for this year? ” “Was this year a fruitful one?” For most of us, achieving something is the goal, but there are more ways than one […]

Marginal Gains: Why 1% Can Make All The Difference

Count Small Improvement

Will you believe someone if he pledged that you could harvest massive success in your life if and only if you just get 1% better a day? Our society, which is constantly seeking grandiose change, often overlooks small improvements. Little did they know that the continuous improvement from modest choices would change the world. Hop […]

How To Break Bad Habits: 5 Ways To End The Cycle

How To Break Bad Habits

Breaking habits are not a walk in the park. Taking out unwanted habits is a tough thing to do as there are so many reasons why we want to stay stuck with an old habit. Some of us over-commit and procrastinate, some of us feel the pressure from our spouses or bosses to do work […]

5 Ways You Can Enhance Your Critical Thinking Skills

Five Ways To Improve Critical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking seems to be in the news lately. It’s been brought up many times as an important skill to have, especially for those studying science, engineering, and technology topics that lend themselves more to critical thinking. Our brains are designed that way. To make it quite clear, critical thinking involves an examination of all […]

Be Your Best Self: Actionable Steps To Take Now

Steps To Become The Best Version Of Yourself

At some point in everyone’s lives, contemplation becomes a priority. When one engages in reflection, many pressing questions arise. First and probably the most important among these questions is – how can one improve oneself to the point that they are truly happy with who they are? This article will help everyone to determine their […]

5 Toxic Habits You Might Not Realize You Have

5 Toxic Habits You Might Not Realize You Have

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in a rut, unable to break out of your bad habits? If so, you’re not alone. Many people struggle with toxic habits that hold them back from living their best lives. We all have our little quirks and habits. Some of them might be considered annoying by others, […]

3 Easy Ways To Avoid Fundamental Attribution Error

3 easy ways to avoid fundamental attribution error

As human beings, we are bound to make or form first impressions, but sometimes we forget that those are supposed to be temporary and just hunches of a person’s wholeness. We cannot let our prejudices interfere with getting to know a person. Simply because a person was late or clumsy the first time you met […]

The 2 Types Of Learned Helplessness And How To Overcome Them

Learned helplessness

When horrible things happen, we want to think that we will do whatever it takes to make things better. According to research on what is known as learned helplessness, when we believe we have no control over what occurs, we tend to give up and accept our destiny. What Is Learned Helplessness Behavior? Based on […]

7 Steps To Improve Decision Making

7 Steps To Improve Decision Making

Making choices is a constant in life. Every day, you must decide if moving straight ahead or to the right/left is the wisest course of action. There are specific methods for preparing for good decision-making in stressful and time-sensitive situations. One should be wary of forced priorities that are frequently thrown at us. Investing time […]