Why Do I Feel Like A Loser: 8 Tips To Cut The Feeling

Why Do I Feel Like A Loser

” Why am I such a loser?” At some point, we can all relate to this question.

Feeling like you’re not good enough is a really terrible feeling. At times this type of emotion stunts your personal growth and holds you down in life.

A good amount of sadness and disappointment is normal, but dwelling on these thoughts nurtures a serious case of self-doubt that, if not eradicated sooner, becomes a part of your existence.

So, just what are we supposed to do to stop thinking this way? How do we stop feeling like a loser?

How do we find the champions that we truly are?

Feeling Like A Loser: Where Does It Stem?

Feeling Like Such A Loser

What does being a loser mean? The common definition of this word is a person who was not a winner or someone who wasn’t the 1st place.

Yet truthfully, losing means deeper than just failing. It’s a feeling that somehow creeps into your subconscious and brainwashes you to think that you are incapable of being great when you are more than capable of it.

At the end of the day, you decide to let the “loser” version of yourself into your life.

That being said, if you can let those thoughts in, it would only make sense if you can also be the one to push them out.

Remember, you are who you choose to be.

5 Factors That Can Contribute To Why You’re Feeling Like A Loser

  • You can’t accept that failure is part of the process
  • You are stuck in the past
  • You have a lot of negative thoughts
  • You need a new perspective
  • You are surrounded by the wrong people

Why Do I Feel Like A Loser: 8 Tips To Cut The Feeling

In the hopes that we all get away from the nagging feeling that we’re bound to fail, here are 8 tips I will impart to get you out of the dumps and get you back on track to success, a place where you truly belong.

1. Identify The Problem

Most of the time, we remain hopeless because we fail to recognize where these feelings are coming from.

Knowing what to fix and what to improve on is the first step to getting out of a slump. How can you work on it without knowing what it is?

Just like when we were younger and experienced pain, our parents first ask, “What happened?” “Where does it hurt?” They ask them not only out of concern. They ask them to know where and how to fix you.

Growing up is not so different. The only thing different is when you’re in pain and feeling down, you should ask these questions yourself. Know where to start by identifying the problem.

2. Take A Much Needed Break

When you feel like you’re consistently failing, maybe it’s time for a break.

Refresh your mind, soul, and body. Like overused appliances, humans can also fail due to overheating, hence the term burnout.

So, it’s okay to take a break for a while when everything seems to be getting heavier.

3. Focus On What’s Next

I think it goes without saying that people who tend to feel dread and self-disappointment are those who never learned how to move on from what already happened in the past. 

Feeling like a loser can sometimes be from your inability to move on. If you truly want to get rid of the emotion, you must learn to let it go and head on to the next chapter.

Don’t allow the past to mess with your future because losing is only temporary for people who continue to move forward.

4. Build A Positive Mindset

Optimism is truly the key to getting through our lives. Why do I say this? Simple.

Positive thinking is like having an impenetrable armor in life. Of course, I’m not preaching false positivity.

Instead, I’m saying that having hope is the single best thing that will get you going because having faith that there’s something at the end of that dark tunnel will eventually get you through it.

So, with that thought, make sure to remember that at times it will be dark, and you will trip and fall, but as long as you stand again, there is always a chance to find the light.

5. Embrace Mistakes

Do not be afraid of failure. It is one of the best things to practice to avoid feeling like one.

We often associate failing with negativity, but why exactly? We might have forgotten that everything before us right now came from a series of failures before becoming a success.

Even our idols failed once or twice, just like any of us. They’re humans, and you’re human too; what makes you different? You, too, can fail, learn from it, and eventually succeed.

6. Reach Out To Your People

When we usually feel this hopelessness, most of us tend to become closed-off, and that’s perfectly fine. Of course, people need time to process stuff on their own, but when it’s too heavy on you, there is no shame in reaching out.

You don’t even have to ask for help directly. Sometimes your people just need to be aware of what you are going through, and if they truly are your people, they will know what to do next.

It can be our family members, friends, or even a professional. You will always have the option to succeed through team effort.

7. Try Again

Maybe sometimes we feel like we’re losing at life because we left some issues unresolved, some things unfinished. That’s why we never get to give our all to the present tasks at hand.

So when you really want to achieve something you already fail at, don’t overthink it, and just try it once more.

Your triumph is not 100% guaranteed, but at least you can proudly move past it and say you have given your all.

8. Appreciate Your True Self

Appreciate Your Self

Here’s a secret, you are not a failure. Failing is a temporary state and not a definition of who you are.

What you are, is your aspirations, your ideas, your quirks. You are simply you. Appreciate it, work on it, and be one with yourself, not the idea of yourself as a failure.

Life will sometimes kick you in the guts and make you think you are nothing more than a mere spec, but the truth is you are a wonderful being, and you have to engrave that in your mind.

After all, the power to break free from feeling like you’re a loser doesn’t come from anyone but yourself. As much as you are your worst enemy, “you” are your greatest ally as well.