5 Ways To Open Your Heart

We often shut down when traumatic events occur in our lives; Instead of letting the world soften us, we let it pull us in and harden us.

We try to pretend there is no pain and suffering, but we can’t hide from ourselves in the end. We must learn to open our hearts to all the possibilities of life and let the world in to soften us.

How To Open Your Heart

When we start letting our fears get the better of us, we need to take a step back and re-evaluate our life and our behavior. Your heart center is the same as your heart chakra.

How do you open up your heart? Taking spiritual advice can help open your heart. Learning how to do these things will help with any inner wisdom you are looking for.

The practices below are five ways to help open your heart.

1. Spend Time Alone

For most of our lives, we are surrounded by people: friends, co-workers, family members, and strangers. How often do we spend time alone?

When you spend time alone, you are free from the influence of others.

You can open up and explore whatever you want. See where your thoughts take you. The main idea here is not to get distracted; practice to see what it’s like to be alone.

It can be scary or even painful at first, but opening yourself up to these new emotions will add a new experience and understanding to your life.

What does it mean to open your heart?

2. Reassure Yourself

Saying simple, comforting words to yourself helps you feel supported in a time of pain. Remember that your inner child lives in your heart. Comfort yourself the same way you would want to comfort a scared child.

Saying small, loving words like…

“It’s going to be okay,” “I’m here for you,” “You are so strong right now,” “I love you,” “I am here” will encourage you to open your heart more.

Show yourself self-love.

3. Let Yourself Feel Pain

By practicing opening your heart, you may encounter intense emotions that seem to happen out of nowhere.

It’s normal to feel scared or overwhelmed when these suppressed emotions arise, so be sure to use your breath to ground yourself.

It is common for us to shut ourselves away from any source of emotional pain, but to open our hearts, we have to feel these emotions actively. Once you feel these emotions and breathe through them, the blocked energy these emotions keep hold of will dissipate.

4. Let Yourself Feel Uncomfortable

We know what fear feels in our physical bodies: tension in our necks, tightness in our stomachs. We can train ourselves to withstand these feelings of discomfort and let them show us where we need to go.

Our first impulse to being uncomfortable is to run away – suppress these feelings, and act like they don’t exist.

We close our hearts to the life that we need to experience the most when we do this. Let yourself embrace the uncomfortable emotions. Don’t let fear keep you from feeling.

5. Let Your Open Heart Ask For What It Needs

Often confused about what to do next, we like to make lists of pros and cons until our brains hurt. What if we introduce a new part of ourselves that is not usually involved in the decision-making process?

I know that we all have decided or done an action based on our “instinct.” When we look back, we can’t explain its reasons – just a deep gut feeling of what needed to be done. This instinct is the part of us since the dawn of man. Learning from this instinct can cause you to have a new understanding of your heart-opening.

Take a few deep breaths, open your heart, and ask simple questions, “What action feels right here?” “What decision feels the best to make here?”

See what happens, then commit and evaluate the result.

What Can Happen When You Have A Closed Heart?

Having a closed heart can lead to feeling awful and bitter about the world you Live in. I can accept things like your chakra, spiritual energy, relationships, and psyche health.

It can stop or block many of your chakras and make you stop taking care of your own needs.

My Final Thoughts

Don’t Be Afraid Of Opening Your Heart

What does an open heart feel like? Opening your heart begins as a way to let the world and all its negatives and positives come at you. You will learn self-acceptance and love your authentic self. Have an open heart for changing your thought patterns and spiritual journey.

I hope you will continue learning and growing into a better version of yourself every day.

Remember to love yourself and others around you.

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