10 Ways You Can Make Your Long Distance Relationships Work

10 ways you can make your long distance relationships work

The reasons are countless, but many long-distance relationships often end after some time. It could be the sudden distance of once close relationships, the lack of emotional connection, or simply falling out of love.

One thing is for sure, long-distance couples have it rough and deserve more perks for somehow making some work.

Speaking of making it work, I know that some of you who are reading this are going through rough patches with your long-distance partner, and before we head on to the “How,” let’s first continue with the “Why” for this article.

Long Distance Relationship: Why Is It So Hard To Maintain?

long distance relationship work

It’s true that absence makes the heart fonder, but what they don’t often mention is it also makes it waver.

Physical presence, as much as we don’t want to admit it is a vital part of love, and losing this for a lengthy amount of time can also cause the feeling of intimacy and interest. Petty, but the truth of relationships.

The feeling of one thing to pour your heart out while embracing your partner tightly but being unable to be both frustrating and exhausting.

That’s probably because most people in an LDR tend to choose to split up because they would rather be actually alone than constantly feel lonely.

Loneliness is a virus that can be painful and incurable on your own. That’s why long-distance relationships require the devotion of both parties to stay connected and fight that feeling together.

5 Reasons Why Long-Distance Dating Relationships Mostly Fails

  1. Loneliness
  2. Lack of communication
  3. Distrust
  4. Not enough effort
  5. Uncommitted to the relationship

10 Ways You Can Make A Long Distance Relationships Work

Whoever says that maintaining and sustaining a relationship with someone miles away from you is easy is definitely lying. Even normal geographically close relationships take effort to keep.

It takes time and understanding to make this type of relationship work and a bit of all of these tips.

Constant Communication

Constant Communication

The key is always talking. Even with the absence of a person, knowing what happened and what the other person felt can create a feeling of being present with one another’s life.

Spend time through video chatting, long-distance calls, or even through simple text to check on one another.

It doesn’t even need to be always in-depth conversations; you can ask about each other’s day or simply talk about small things.

Knowing that you thought of your person is a big factor when it comes to all kinds of love.

Transparent Schedules

Knowing each other’s schedules can prevent any suspicion or feeling of negligence. Of course, this goes hand in hand with respecting each other’s time.

Set a time when it is okay to make phone calls or communicate. Tell each other about plans you make with family and friends. Alert each other about sudden changes in schedules.

In this way, you can avoid issues and doubts and still maintain communication.

Visit As Often As Possible

Sometimes it’s not enough to just talk on the phone; visiting each other once in a while is the best way to keep the relationship alive.

As much as we want to believe that love is all about feeling and emotion, it isn’t. In reality, intimacy and touching are still a must.

Make time to be actually present.

Celebrate And Go Through Stuff Together

Showing a person your support and concern is a big plus. Let your partner know and feel that you are there with them in everything they do, even if you aren’t physically with them.

Simple words of encouragement and acknowledgment or simply listening through their rants and problems can make such a difference in a long-distance relationship.

Having a person who chooses to be with you through the bad and the good is the dream after all.

Always Be Eager To Learn About Your Partner’s life

Discover new things about each other. Take an interest in each other’s lives. Know their parents, siblings, and friends.

Get to know them by being your lover. What do they like, what are their aspirations, and what triggers them? Knowing all of these is a start.

If you want to keep each other, you must learn how to understand each other.

Give Assurance

Give Assurance

Assurance can be simple as saying you love them often, telling them about your day, telling them when someone might like you, and being always available to one another.

A person who knows they are loved tends to be more trusting and reciprocate these feelings.

Lengthen Your Patience

Do not get angry at the littlest things. Make sure to make spaces for extra understanding when it comes to each other.

Long distance is harder because it limits the understanding of what actually is happening to each other’s life.

Understanding is a hard task, but nothing is harder than regretting losing your person over a misunderstanding.


Surprises like visits, a gift, or even a video made just for them is truly a joy. Predictability can cause disinterest.

Knowing when to be spontaneous create a sense of excitement. So not forget to add spice to your love life because sweetness can be nauseating too at times

Avoid Being Too Needy

Avoid restricting your lover. As individuals in a relationship, you must understand that your lives should not revolve only around one another.

Let them enjoy themselves with their friends. Let occasional missed calls pass. Let them do their own thing. At the end of the day if you truly love each other, you’ll always come back to one another.

Instead of being a cage, be the home that they can go back to after a tiring day.

Make Plans Together

Visit As Often As Possible

Set goals. Let them know that your distance is only a temporary state, and at some point, you will be together.

Knowing that you and your partner are on the same page is the best relationship-saving tip I can give you.

Being far away from your person is the hardest thing for people in relationships, but having the ultimate assurance of being united in the future can make it more bearable.

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