5 Full Moon Rituals You Can Try During The Next Full Moon

Full moon ritual

All around the globe, see the same moon rise, get devoured, and grow again. We can talk about our deepest feelings in the moon circle and sometimes even shed tears.

The full moon occurs once every 28 days lunar cycle and is the most powerful manifestation of the moon’s energy over the whole cycle. Here are some reasons why the full moon is a good time to try out some rituals and get in touch with yourself, as well as five rituals to try out for yourself.

1. Meditation

At the season of the full moon, you should take some time to meditate and set yourself in the right state of mind for any ritual you have planned.

If you’re looking for a full moon meditation, here’s one option:

  • Relax in an area where you can see the moon.
  • You may feel the moon’s light enveloping your body if you close your eyes and let it.
  • Pay attention to your breathing and your goal.
  • Full moon breathing boosts your own energy centers and inner force.
  • Relax because energy is abundant during a full moon; a great way to embrace this lunar phase is to sit down.
  • Envision yourself being cleansed physically, mentally, and spiritually by the moon’s light.
  • In a measured fashion, focus on your surroundings and open your eyes.
  • Repeat as often as you desire in the three to five hours before or after the full moon.

2. Manifestation

natural rhythms

A full moon is a powerful tool for making your dreams come true.

“A simple manifestation ceremony can help you bring things to fruition by giving your full moon wishes a sense of permanence”.

To kick things off, here’s one:

  • To execute this ceremony at home, make an altar or choose a quiet, secluded place.
  • Get together some motivating things (photos, notes, books, crystals, or anything that contains the energy of what you want to manifest).
  • Clear what you’re calling in by sitting in front of your altar and meditating for a while.
  • Putting aside all criticism, close your eyes and imagine drawing to you only the things you desire. The items might serve as focal points.

3. Release what doesn’t serve you anymore

Release negative energy

The full moon peaks and begins to wane back to the new moon. That is why many people equate the full moon with a time of letting go of things that no longer serve them. Imagine the lunar light and energy entering your body as you hold you’re inhaling at the top.

  • Get out a piece of paper and a pen, and think about what it is you wish to let go of this full moon.
  • Affirmation words like “I release self-doubt” or “I release damaging behaviors” will help you focus on what you want to let go of and put it in writing.
  • When you’ve written everything down, please take a moment to visualize what it will be like once you release these things.
  • As soon as you are ready, burn the paper while standing beneath the moon while it is full. (It probably goes without saying, but just in case: Take care to burn it in a secure container or in a location where it won’t come into contact with any flora, and make sure the fire is entirely extinguished before you leave!)
  • At the end of the ceremony, you should express gratitude to the moon for everything it has done to help you let go.

4. Prepare some moon water

Moon phases

Moon water is water that has been left out in the open beneath the full moon so that it can absorb some of the energy from the celestial body. You may drink it, take a bath in it, and even use it to water your houseplants.

Instructions for preparation are as follows:

  • Soak a sponge or fill a bowl with water. It is preferable to utilize rainfall, but any water will do.
  • Put the bottle where it can get plenty of moonlight. It might be on your front porch or in your living room window! A place where you can see the moon will do.
  • Make a prayer or positive affirmation. Imagine the purpose for which you intend to utilize this moon water, and then make a prayer or affirmation over the bottle to seal your desire.
  • Take a one-night break. Once you have your container and your intent in place, put it out in the moonlight overnight. Your moon water will be ready in the morning.

5. Sleep under the moon

Sacred space

To spend the night under the full moon may be a powerful purification rite. They believed that the neutralizing energy of the full moon could aid in the discharge of anything in the body that isn’t benefiting it.

You don’t need to sleep outside beneath the moon the whole night. Lay down in a tranquil outdoor area and look up at the moon if you can. Relax your mind and body with some deep breathing exercises before bed.

Do not use electronic gadgets since they are distracting, and the light they emit messes with your circadian cycles.

Define moon ritual

Ancient civilizations like those of Egypt, India, and Babylonia appear to be the starting points for the traditions of moon worship that have been carried on to the present day.

The purpose of any moon ceremony is to channel the full moon’s unique energy during its many phases into the materialization of one’s wishes.

During these rituals, the practitioner should direct their attention within, using the quiet time to focus on personal growth and make meaningful plans.

Why do moon rituals?

The purpose of any moon ritual should be to align with the natural cycles of the universe and the planet. Tides, which rise and fall with the moon’s gravitational pull, are one measurable way the moon impacts Earth.

Considering that water makes up most of our bodies, it’s reasonable to assume that the moon has some, if negligible, effect on us.

Final Thought

While the period of full moons can be a particularly strong and emotional one, it can channel its energy if we learn to work with it. Use this enjoyable rituals checklist as a jumping-off point.

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