Tips & Tricks For Charging Your Crystals

How To Charge Crystals

A belief in the crystal healing properties has been around for ages. From love and relationships to money and profession, each particular stone has unique qualities that make it suitable for providing clarity and insight into these areas.

If you’re expanding your collection of crystals, you’ll want to ensure you’re doing all you can to get the most out of them.

What Are Crystals For?

Crystals are used as a means of relieving stress and promoting well-being. The idea that crystals work energetically and disseminate natural vibrations across the universe is popular among crystal mystics.

Before a purchase is completed, crystals may have to travel considerable distances. With each change, you expose the stone to energies that may be misaligned with your own.

These stones are also supposed to absorb or divert the negative energy you’re striving to release when utilized for their healing properties.

Recharging and cleansing crystals regularly are the only way to return your crystal to its original form. This kind of gesture may reenergize your feeling of purpose as well.

Is It Important To Charge And Cleanse My Crystals?

Is It Important To Charge And Cleanse My Crystals

Charging and cleansing crystals are required since magic relies on concentration and intention to perform. Committing to working with a particular stone is an important aspect of the ritual of working with crystals.

It’s helpful to meditate with your crystals to get a sense of what they can do for you. It’s also critical to cleanse your crystals since they may collect and transfer energy. Without cleansing, they won’t be as effective.

The goal of charging a crystal is to increase its inherent energy by recharging and amplifying it. There is nothing left to do except program the crystals.

Eliminating any prior energies or thought forms associated with the crystal is known as “cleansing” or “clearing.”

How Do I Charge My Crystals For The First Time?

When you work with crystals with focus and appreciation, your energy merges with theirs. The crystal provides fresh energy, which you receive, feel, and project back to it. For a crystal’s energy advantages, one must interact with it constantly.

The crystal won’t have any natural energy if this interaction is ignored. This is why someone might spend their entire life among healing crystals without benefiting. They share a physical place with other crystals but aren’t engaging with them spiritually.

Even if you deliberately engage with a stone, it may stop functioning after a while. This means that your crystal is energetically congested, like a stuffy nose, and can’t function with your energies.

Leaving your crystals in the dark will cleanse and energize them. This might take years; therefore, we need different crystal charging methods to charge and cleanse our stones.

Sunlight And Moonlight

A simple and effective approach to charging crystals is to expose them to sunlight or moonlight. Your crystals may be quickly cleansed of negative energies and thoughts and recharged with healthy, positive energies from the heavens.

Direct sunlight or moonlight is an ideal lighting condition.

The greatest way to get the most out of your crystal is to leave it out in the sunlight and moonlight for the whole day at a time.

Water Cleansing

Another significant energy source is water. Crystals may be charged by soaking them in salt water and leaving them to rest for many hours.

Even if you don’t have access to saltwater from a body of water, you can create a similar effect using salt and tap water.

Crystals may also be naturally re-purified by rivers and streams, although ocean water is often considered the most effective.

Earth Generating Chargeability

Charge your crystals by drawing in natural earth energy. Your crystals may reestablish their powerful healing energies with this natural charging method.

Bury crystals into the ground for strong cleansing and resetting impact.

Stay On Top Of Charging Your Crystals

The crystal’s ability to produce positive energy demands time and focus. Charging crystals is a must to get the positive and healing energy you need to enhance many aspects of your life.

You can consider a variety of stones, such as soft stones, rose quartz, or clear quartz. Remember to choose the one that’s perfect for your needs.

How Do You Recharge Crystals?

How Do You Recharge Crystals

1. Build A Crystal Charging Station

Building a proper charging station for your crystals is one way to enjoy doing it repeatedly. You can decorate the charging station however you like, but don’t forget to meditate and harness positive and “white” energy into the station.

You can place some Himalayan salt for your crystals to rest on and place them under the moonlight to let them recharge.

2. Stand Outside In The Sun

To maximize the power of your crystals, expose them to sunshine regularly. Depending on your geographic location, this might be rare but maximize it if you have the opportunity.

Make sure they’re far apart to not throw a shadow on one another and get as much sunlight as possible.

3. Set Intentions Under The Moon

To cleanse your crystals monthly with your new moon ritual, you can smudge them with sage and set them under the moonlight. It will still work if the sky is cloudy or even if it’s just on the windowsill. A properly cleansed crystal will feel lighter, and the crystal energy should feel amplified.

4. Sit In The Soil

Burying your crystals in the soil overnight will help them reestablish a connection with the earth. It’s fine if you don’t have a garden space because indoor plants with soil can be just as powerful.

5. Singing Bowl

The power of sound can also be used to charge crystals. A Tibetan singing bowl is made by hammering or casting five to seven different metals together, creating a unique sound.

Use a singing bowl to charge healing crystals, as seen here:

  • You can place the crystals within the bowl or outside its perimeter.
  • Gently tap the bowl’s edges in a clockwise motion with the mallet.
  • Keep doing it for a few minutes.

Where Do I Charge My Crystals?

Where Do I Charge My Crystals


Instead of using the moonlight for cleansing, you can also use it for charging crystals and giving them a little boost of feminine energy. Breakups, relocation, and other life changes need calm meditation and inner knowledge, which the moonlight energy can provide.

During the full moon, you may expect waning energy, an energy of release, as the full moon fades away to reveal the new moon in all its ominous obscurity. When the moon is young (when it can’t be seen and is just starting its expansion into a full moon), its energy is one of expansion. It is possible to harness the energies of each phase to increase (or charge) your crystal’s goal.


The Sun is the male equivalent of divine light energy, and the sunshine is considered bright and strong. There is a significant amount of energy in the sunlight. It feeds, nourishes, and propels itself ahead.

The sun’s masculine energy can charge stones since it is so powerful. The sun can be used to charge crystals if they are not sensitive to light and have been cleansed using another way.

You can also use direct sunshine to aid in cleansing your stones in addition to the sea salt and water procedure.

When in doubt, try soaking the crystal in a saltwater solution and then placing it in the sunshine, as long as it isn’t sensitive to light or water. Cleansing water is energized by the sun, and the stone is charged while thoroughly washed.



Using solar and lunar eclipses to charge stones with the energy of tremendous movements of change is a good idea. If you feel that your life has grown stale and you yearn for a change, you may use eclipse energies to charge your crystals and go on a big voyage of transformation.

As with all eclipse energies, lunar eclipse energies produce drastic changes inside yourself, while solar eclipse energies promote exterior adjustments, bringing tremendous change to external parts of your life. When using eclipse energies to charge a stone, be prepared for a bumpy yet ultimately rewarding journey.


Certain stones need to be returned to Mother Earth for healing and renewal. You may bury a stone in two ways: straight into the ground or in an appropriate container for later recovery. A lot relies on how dense the crystal’s energy has developed on how long it should be buried.

Depending on how much it needs to be purified, it might need to be buried for a week, month, year, or more.

Final Thoughts:

Crystals have an almost infinite number of magical characteristics, all of which may be used to improve and even create the life of one’s dreams.

Crystals provide a flexible and straightforward method for channeling energy and intention. Charging and purifying them can help direct that energy and keep it pure and free from any bad emanations that may be present in the region.

Regardless of your purpose of having that crystal, it is important to routinely recharge and cleanse them to achieve your goal and let the crystal gain its energy back.

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