Blue Aura: What Is It & What It Means

Every living thing in the world has an electromagnetic field around it. This field acts and reacts to each other around them. Auras are how these fields can be seen and translated to us.

Because auras are based on the energy surrounding your physical body, your mood and personal experiences you face in life can make an aura color change over time.

You can have two people of the same age and live in the same area, and each can have drastically different auras.

Blue is one of the aura colors we will be talking about today.

People with blue auras are seen as calm, intuitive, have great communication skills, and are confident. You feel like you have a special energy field that helps you achieve success. You are great at self-expression.

Your personality traits can lead you into careers like a spiritual leader, writer, or healer. A true blue aura meaning makes you a great friend and a wonderful teacher.

Are There Different Blue Auras?


There are a few different types of blue auras, and each has a different meaning. Auras are rarely one full shade of blue. You will want to read each blue aura to understand the meaning and how it will affect your life. You can then decide what all of them together mean to your spiritual energy.

Light Blue Aura

Light blue and sky blue aura mean that you have great communication skills and are very open to talking to people. Talking to others is easy with the sky blue aura, and you articulate well.

Sky blue or light blue are some of the most expressive of all the blues and appreciate art more than most. You feel a strong sense and connection to the spirit world.

Royal Blue Aura

Royal blue aura, also known as true blue, means you are intuitive and are open to different opinions and ideas. You love to find new ways to do things and feel like closed doors are now open for you.

Royal blue auras can also mean you are very sensitive to your energies. Clairvoyance and psychic ability are not uncommon for someone with this color blue.

Dark Blue Aura

Dark or muddy shades of the blue aura are signs of negative energy within your spiritual body.

A dark blue aura person may be having a hard time expressing themselves; they might have a fear of honesty in their communication or have trouble trusting their intuition.

Turquoise Aura

Closer to green on the color spectrum, the turquoise aura has an energy field connected to the immune system. Your body and mind seem great at adapting to change and are great at soothing the people’s emotions around you. Your self-expression pulls more toward healing and helping others move forward and overcome.

Blue Indigo Aura

Even though indigo auras are their own shade on the color spectrum next to the color blue, it is still worth mentioning as both blues and indigos are commonly found together in an aura color reading. This type of blue aura people feel their emotions more deeply and show that they trust their intuition stronger than other blues.

Blue Aura Meaning and Chakras

All chakras have a color that matches them.

The true blue chakra, or the throat chakra, are connected because both are great at communication, trust, expression, and are deep thinkers.

There is one more chakra to be aware of when it comes to the color blue. The third eye chakra is connected to the color indigo, and both have the meaning of insight, intuition, and some clairvoyance.

My Final Thoughts

Just like life, auras are on a color spectrum and can change and grow over time. It’s important to keep an open mind and look for ways to improve your life and help others around you.

Remember to love yourself and others around you.

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