Aura Color Meaning: What It Says About You!

We have all heard about how everyone we know has an energy field and that it displays different things about the person that has it. So what is this field of energy? How does it impact my life?

When it comes to your aura, it is just that, energy. This energy is responsible for things in your day-to-day life, including mood and emotions, impacting your daily life.

You will need to get an aura reading or take an online quiz to understand your aura colors.

What Do Colors Of Aura Mean?

At one point or another, we have heard about someone having an aura, but what is the meaning behind it.

Often, every aura color is directly correlated with one of the seven chakra colors. With that being said, there are seven main aura colors and their meanings. So, what are the examples of aura? What do the colors mean?

Red Aura

What does it mean if your aura colors have red in them? Red auras are most likely an individual that is energic and fiery—often associated with the root chakra making them more stable and unblocked.

People that have this aura often are quick to take thoughts and implement them into actions.

Orange Aura

Orange auras often have more creative and sexual energy. Individuals with this aura are often correlated with the sacral chakra.

People of this color tend to learn more lessons from experience.

Yellow Aura

Yellow auras are more commonly associated with being sunny or charismatic, using this magnetic personality trait to attract various people. Yellow is associated with being part of the solar plexus chakra dealing mainly with identity and confidence.

Getting this color is a good sign pointing towards being more confident and empowered. other aura colors in this category will include:

  • bright yellow
  • dark yellow
  • lemon yellow

Green Aura

Green auras are one of the few colors associated with the heart chakra. People with this aura are more compassionate and do things that come directly from the heart.

However, due to being more compassionate, people with this aura often fall easily to people’s influence or environment.

Pink Aura

Pink auras are one of those colors that are also associated with the heart chakra, making you caring, kind, and often loving.

Pink is given as a sign for you to be more open and celebrate your kind nature. The heart chakra allows you to be more open and receptive while also setting healthy boundaries in your life.

Blue Aura

Blue auras are associated with the throat chakra and have more of a powerful mind.

So, what is the throat chakra? This chakra is primarily responsible for self-expression, healing, and speaking your truth.

Even though people with color are more in the clouds, they often operate more in the mental realms, needing to be grounded.

Purple Aura

Purple auras are people that have strong intuition and are sensitive with great mental depth.

Purple can be correlated with the third eye chakra, dealing with intuitive and psychic abilities.

How Do I Know What My Aura Color Is?

How can I find out my aura color? To get a better sense of aura colors and their meanings, you will need to seek an aura reader to get a reading of your Spiritual Energy.

Aura readers are commonly known for finding a strong sense of your physical body and linking your spiritual and physical worlds with aura colors.

How Many Aura Colors Can You Have?

There are seven main colors of the aura, and often you can get a few of them with your reading. Every layer of your aura is associated with one of these seven main aura colors.

Some of these colors will display a different shade of the aura layer, and you will receive different messages based on the different aura colors.

Let’s use the blue aura as an example. Blue auras can receive a reading for both light blue and royal blue.

A royal blue will give reading more about communication, clarity, and intuition. In contrast, a light blue will give you more of a creative aura.

While both are great things, they give off different meanings to the person receiving them.

What Is The Rarest Aura Color?

We covered the main seven aura colors that we can get, but what is the rarest color? It is not any of the main seven aura colors. The rarest aura is the white aura.

This aura is directly associated with the crown chakra. This color has been associated with being very quick-minded and prone to perfectionism and nervous energy.

Receiving news about this color is great, and the crown chakra brings you a deeper connection with your universal energy field.

What Do The Colors Mean In An Aura Photo?

Let’s start with what is a person’s aura? An aura will be a ray of colors emitted from around living things that helps to show and indicate your emotions, moods, and even your personality.

When you get an aura photo done, a few things they cover with you about the results. Often, the aura colors are important, but the shape the color is making is just as important.

Different shapes and colors will reveal different things about what qualities you possess and how best to apply this energy field to your life.

What Color Is The Aura Of An Empath?

To put it simply, the color that an empath gets will be Red. Empaths are generally highly attuned to the feelings and emotions of the people.

The reason empaths get the color red is they are so strong in their feeling and emotions that they react strongly to situations involving others.

What Does Violet Aura Mean?

When it comes to the violet aura, this color is one of the most intuitive colors among all the aura colors. Unlike the magenta aura, this color shows that you are a person that shows curiosity and enlightenment.

Your life energy is often an indication of having a visionary or idealistic personality.

My Final Thoughts

Understanding your aura colors makes a huge difference in being more in tune with your spiritual side.

Understanding how this plays a significant part in your physical and spiritual journey will help guide you and your future ambitions to what you want to achieve.

I hope you will continue learning and growing into a better version of yourself every day.

Remember to love yourself and others around you.

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