How To Stop Making Excuses & Create A Brighter Future

You Vs Yourself

Do you ever feel like you’re the only person not going anywhere? Like your everyday life is stuck in a loop with no certainty you will ever break free? What’s holding you back from leaping to the next big thing?

The answer: You. The only real existence powerful enough to keep a person from reaching their full potential in themselves. By not taking chances and making constant unending excuses, you limit yourself to what you can become.

So stop blaming anyone; just don’t make excuses. Don’t withhold yourself from achieving a glorious future that you truly deserve.

How Does Making Excuses Stop You From Achieving Your Dreams?

Making Excuses Is A Bad Habit

Creating reasons not to do something is already a setback itself. Excuses simply pile up when you don’t stop producing them, and sometimes when you are finally ready to try, the opportunity has already passed.

Whether it be in your career, relationships, or life, progress starts from taking the first step. Nothing will happen if you don’t do anything; you’ll just become stale and eventually drown in self-pity and self-doubt.

If your current reality is deemed, you are allowed to move past it. There is no harm in trying to find light, don’t let excuses and fear stop you. Achieve happiness, claim the ultimate goal, and prevail in life.

4 Major Reasons Why You Keep Holding Back

  • Fear of failure
  • Questioning your own abilities
  • Procrastination
  • Refusing to get out of your comfort zone

7 Useful Tips To Stop With The Excuses And Start Living Your Life

The enemy is yourself. Reconcile with it, reason with it, and tell it that you are a capable being. An excuse not to do anything is inexcusable if you want to make it big in life. If it’s hard to start for you, here are some pieces of advice you can start with.

Tip 1: There’s No Use Fearing What’s In The Dark.

Stop fearing the outcome. Sometimes you just have to “wing it,” in order to get anything done.

To feel anxious at times is perfectly fine. That’s what being a human is all about, but realize this, you will never know what happens next if you are always to afraid to try.

So, for the sake of your dreams, face the unknown head-on, and worry about nothing that hasn’t yet come to be true.

Tip 2: Avoid Negative People Or A Negative Environment

Avoid Negative People Or A Negative Environment

Negative emotions often stem from the wrong people and surroundings. If you think that your current circumstance is not nurturing you but instead pulling you down, you have the right to leave.

Staying in a toxic environment is one of the most destructive things you can do to yourself. If your friends make you feel bad about yourself, find new ones. If your current job stresses you out more than it should, it’s time for career changes.

Do not let yourself be contaminated. Excuses are, most of the time result of broken self-confidence. Stick in an environment that will boost you, not deflate you.

Tip 3: Do It Now, Not Later

Repeat after me: What can be done today, will be done today.

Each time you make an excuse and skip a day to do something that can be immediately finished is a waste of your life.

According to research, the average lifespan of a person is 73 years. Yes, that seems pretty long, but time is irreversible, meaning you are still only alive for a limited duration.

Wasting a day doing nothing is like wasting a level increase on how successful you can be. Taking responsibility is the best way to become a great person.

Tip 4: Live For Yourself

Live For Yourself

Stop comparing yourself to others. Stop thinking that there are people better than you. Live for yourself, abide by your standards, and don’t let anyone make you feel that you can’t.

A big portion of yourself should be dedicated to you and your aspirations, may they be big or small goals. Focus on what’s important to you.

I’m not saying to be selfish and forget everyone else. I’m saying that “you” are the key to improving your life, so give yourself a chance.

Tip 5: Plan Ahead

Plan things. I think some of us are afraid and make excuses to do something because we don’t like the surprises that come with something new.

If you are not comfortable doing things head-on, prepare yourself at least, but never not take an opportunity.

Things will not always go as planned, yet having a backup plan for a disturbance of unknown people and circumstances is the best way to fight that voice, saying that you shouldn’t do anything you’re unsure of.

Tip 6: Yes, You Will Fail. That’s A Fact.

Failure is not something you can never steer clear of, so better embrace it than avoid it.

There is nothing to not like about failing because it only means that you should try again, and besides, a person can only fail so many times that success is usually around the corner, but sometimes we miss it because we quit halfway.

Losing at something is also valuable, you see. Participating and trying is also an achievement and a learning opportunity.

Yes, it is not just an excuse. You actually do have a chance to fail. That is, in fact, a possibility, but then again, you also have a fair chance of succeeding. And that, I think, is something worth betting on.

Tip 7: Set Rewards For Motivation

Set Rewards For What You Accomplish

People often make excuses not to do something because they fail to see the big picture. So, it’s not a bad idea to set a reward for goals you start and finish.

Anticipating something in return for a task is a way of coaxing yourself into thinking that work can actually be fun and worthwhile.

You don’t always need to stress while working, you have the choice to be excited about it, and simple rewards can be the thing you have been missing to motivate yourself to start living the dream.