How To Be Yourself: 5 Tips You Should Try

How To Be Yourself

The older we get, the harder it is to be our real selves when in front of others, probably because we have to survive and adapt. It just so happened that pretending to be someone was an easier way to keep and impress people.

That is what’s crazy about us human beings, we spend so much time finding someone to accept us, but in truth, we seldom show our full selves to anyone.

Aren’t you tired of the masks you have to wear every day? Isn’t it time to let your real self step out into the world?

Stop constantly wondering what people would think instead, live a life filled with growth, confidence, and self-love.

True Self: Why Is It So Hard To Be You?

True Self

Your true self is simply the one that feels what you want to feel, says what you want to say, and does what you want to do. An authentic expression of what is inside of you is what you can consider “you”.

We often worry uselessly about how to please people that we just end up doing what they like, but what about ourselves? Is it really “you” they like, or is it a made-up version of someone who’s scared of not being like everyone?

Individuality is your privilege as a human being, so don’t take it for granted because sometimes, without noticing that, our real selves are slowly fading away.

Don’t let self-doubt and the need to please everyone else be the reason you lose who you truly are because once you lose, it becomes harder to find.

5 Benefits Of Being The Real You

  1. Knowing one’s self can build stronger and more meaningful relationships
  2. Become freer and have more time to enjoy the thing you truly like
  3. Open more opportunities by showing the best version of yourself
  4. Have a knowledge of what you need to improve on to help your personal growth
  5. Be more comfortable and relaxed in social situations and feel confident about your capabilities

5 Tips To Be Your True Self

Who are you outside the suit of deception and compromise you wear in front of others? Most people have trouble showing their true selves even to their own people.

Why? Simply because sometimes they feel ashamed or worry that they won’t be as welcoming to them without the fake smiles or the compromises we make. But then again, so what if they don’t accept you?

It’s time to let your true self out in the sun. No more masks. Begin your journey of finding yourself through these 5 ways.

Do Not Conform To Anyone’s Standard

Do Not Conform To Anyones Standard

It is human nature to want others to like you. To want to fit in. But is it all that healthy? Sometimes not.

In our attempt to conform to other people, we often cut out vital parts of ourselves. If you want to fit in somewhere, cutting your edges is not the only way, you can always find new people because there are no better relationships other than those built on authenticity.

When you are playing with a jigsaw puzzle, you don’t cut or force the pieces together instead, you find where a piece fits, and that’s just how it is in life too.

Your real self is meant to fit somewhere. You just have to keep living the way you do and eventually find your place.

Give Yourself More Credit

Give Yourself More Credit

If you are going to look back, choose to look at what you’ve learned and what you achieved. Enough with the negative self-talk already instead, give yourself a pat on the back because somehow you are still surviving and thriving.

Own your personal stories, your capabilities, and everything about yourself because through them, you made it this far.

Whether you’re good at sports, making art, possess writing skills, or excel in academia, take pride in what you do best and never be afraid to share your abilities with people. Boost your self-esteem.

Recognize your self-worth, realize your aspirations, and celebrate the real you!

Know Your Authentic Self

Know Your Authentic Self

Take off the exterior you keep on and have a look at what’s inside of you. Look for the things that make you unique.

Who are you when no one’s around? What are the words you bit off your tongue? How about the emotions that are being hidden deep in your heart?

Those are who you are. The moments you did not often let happen, the opportunities that were too afraid to take. The feelings you chose to put away. All of these are mostly the true self you have been looking for.

Focus On Personal Growth

Focus On You

Changing for your own well-being and improving on what you are lacking is called personal development.

Instead of taking steps to make compromises for other people, try to do it for yourself.

In this way, can you explore more sides of yourself and leave your comfort zone with ease because of the knowledge that you have become more equipped to face whatever life has to offer.

Practice Self-Expression

Practice Self Expression

Do what you want to do, say what you want to say, and be who you want to be. Express yourself; that is how you become one with yourself.

Get angry when someone does wrong to you, cry when you are sad, and laugh when you are happy. Stop restricting yourself from bringing out what you have on the inside.

Self-discovery is an opportunity that slowly dissolves whenever drowned in self-doubt and fear.

How do you suppose to be yourself when everything you let yourself do, say and feel is based on what others want?

You start being you the moment you free yourself from everyone else. The key is within your hands, and it is up to you whether you let out the real you or not.