What Does Love Feel Like? 5 Signs You’ll Notice If You’re In Love

What Does Love Feel Like

Falling in love is a mysterious and magical occurrence in a person’s life. It’s a combination of physical attraction and emotional connection.

No one is really aware of when and to whom they will fall in love. It just simply happens.

Although there are some telltale signs that might help you understand or at least figure out if your current emotions can be called love.

That’s what we have here to discuss.

5 Important Things In Romantic Relationships

  1. Romantic passion
  2. Emotional dependency
  3. Sexual desire
  4. Physical attraction
  5. Mutual understanding

Love: What Does It Feel Like?

romantic love

Love is this intense feeling of wanting to be with someone—the desire to have that one person stay with you for the rest of your life.

It’s both simple and complex. A person falling in love with another can be for millions of reasons or just because of one.

Scientists say that love is a brain chemical reaction that’s both from the release of dopamine and serotonin. That’s probably why we feel so much joy and calmness when we are with that person.

Love feels confusing at times too. Sometimes, we arrive there without even knowing how we’ve gotten there.

Not being ready for love can be overwhelming at times.

And continuously figuring out if you’re just feeling infatuated or actual real romantic attraction for a person is exhausting. That’s why to make this easier for you, here are five signs that you are indeed in love with someone.

5 Signs You’ll Notice If You’re In Love

Every love story starts somewhere, and if you feel like you are about to begin yours, you might have noticed similar to everyone’s experience.

Love works differently for everyone, but every loving relationship or even one-sided love regularly exhibit signs that go along these five:

1. 24/7 Thoughts About One Person

The early stages of love start when you notice that everything you think about seems to involve that specific person.

From morning to noon, even when you try to divert yourself, their name and face seem to always manage to get into your mind.

What are they doing? Have they eaten yet? Even goes as far as thinking what their favorite color is. Every little thing matters when you adore someone.

Love is invasive; the ones you catch it, it sticks with you mentally, emotionally, and physically for a very long time.

I guess when you have feelings for people, you can’t help to always wonder about them and miss them.

Even a second apart sometimes feel like an eternity, and you just can’t help but think about them or suffer from separation anxiety

2. Always Worrying About What You Do And Look Like In Front Of Them

Always Worrying About What You Look Like In Front Of Them

Wanting to look and sound your best for them. Being overly conscious of how you seem from their perspective is another good sign that you are way beyond just being infatuated.

Of course, everyone wants to look their best for people who they find attractive but being in love brings out a new level of consciousness.

Paying attention to how you talk, what you say, and wanting to be a good conversationalist to prolong the time you spend with the person you love.

It sounds silly, but we just can’t help to want to look and sound good to the people we have such great feelings for.

3. Heightened Emotions Emerges When It Comes With This Person

Healthy Relationships Causes An Emotional Connection

Everything you feel that is related to them seems to be turned up a notched.

Happiness is beyond just laughing, sadness breaks your heart, and loneliness feels like death; love feels extremely grand. It is both a wonderful and terrifying emotion.

When you are in love, you tend to be easily swayed by what your partner feels. Everything they say brings out something from the depths of your heart.

Even a simple compliment can brighten your whole day.

A simple ” I’m rooting for you!” can become a source of motivation. This complex feeling brings so much of us that sometimes it is hard to not notice.

Everything feels more when your heart is involved. And I think that’s magical.

4. Constantly Wanting To Make Them Happy

Constantly Wanting To Make Them Happy

When your goal is to make that very person the happiest at all times, you are 100% smitten.

Wanting to make the person smile and live carefreely is a common denominator for all who are in love.

Making your partner feel secure, loved, and happily comes naturally for people like you. That’s because in a way when their contentment tends to make us feel the same way.

That’s just how it is. Love is a beautiful, emotional union that makes us want to make each other joyous no matter what.

5. They Feel Like Home

They Feel Like Home

When we were just kids, we often ran home when we got hurt, we went home after a tiring day, and we went home because it’s where we feel most safe, comforted, and calmed.

Falling in love with a person is as same as finding a new home. Just being with them makes us feel and know that somehow we are just going to be fine as long as we’re together with that certain person.

An individual that comforts and heals is a broken spirit. Someone who houses our aspirations and happiness is the embodiment of being in love.

It is true that love comes to us in different ways. Some feel it in an instant and some slowly, but the one thing that we can expect that’s going to be constant in all of our experiences is the feeling of being where you are supposed to be when you are together.

Falling in love is knowing that you belong best in the arms of your person and nowhere else.

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