What You Need To Know About The Power of Letting Go

We live in uncertain times, and we have been for a while. Sometimes there are just things we can’t control and things that happen to us that we could have never avoided.

To have inner stability and feel like we have a larger purpose, we have to let go of things, negative emotions, painful feelings, and struggles prior to now.

The Power of Letting Go

Do you ever feel like you are not at peace? Do you feel like you can’t be in the present moment and that you are constantly worried or tired?

It can seem like an impossible task, but thankfully it’s not! We can reach these goals and others by simplifying our everyday lives and learning to let go.

Attachment And The Trouble of Letting Go

You might not realize it, but there is a lot of mental and physical effort we put into living day to day.

Letting go is having the power to drop everything that’s holding you back and move forward with your life.

How Do You Let Go Of Something You Can’t Control

What Is The First Step Of Letting go? You have to look at your story and see how you can change it. What are you telling yourself from the past that is affecting you now?

For example, when trouble starts in a relationship, it can trigger thoughts like “I’m not good enough.” How can you change your story to feel better about the situation?

“I’m fully supported and have everything I need right now.” After repeating this, you will start to feel more at peace. We can replace the old story with something more encouraging at the time.

We get so many material things in our life because we think they will make us happy. We will always be hungry for more and feel like our soul is never full by seeking pleasure outside ourselves. It would help get rid of some stuff to unclutter our lives, physically and mentally.

Everyone feels tense with information overload, endless to-do lists, homework, and assignments. Sometimes the best way to have more time, connection, and freedom is to commit to less. How can you simplify your life to make time for the things that matter?

Ways To Help You Let Go

Here are some things that you can practice and learn how to let go more.

Say Something Nice In Times Of Stress

Relearn how to talk nice to yourself. When you have negative emotions that cause you pain, tell yourself something nice and let yourself know you are safe and you can be happy again.

Take A Break From The Situation

It is okay to say you need a break from someone or something that makes you upset. It’s okay to make distance from someone when they are causing you pain and grief. It might feel selfish, but your health should come first.


The more you are in the present; the less the painful past can hold on to you. We let the present choose what to do next and how to live our lives instead of the past.

Let Go Without An Apology

Sometimes, the only thing holding us back is that we are waiting for an apology that will never come. Sometimes the only way to move on and let go is it realize that person who hurt you will never apologize.

Look To Professionals

There is no shame in needing extra help. Maybe the experience was too much, and you know you can’t face it alone. Look to a professional to help guide you and show you the way.

My Final Thoughts

I hope you will continue learning and growing into a better version of yourself every day.

Remember to love yourself and others around you.

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