How To Stop Obsessing Over Someone: Try These 5 Tips

How To Stop Obsessing Over Someone

How much is too much? People always make it seem that love is such beautiful and pure emotion whenever they describe it that we are led to believe that there aren’t ugly sides to it.

Let me be the one to tell you that love, as wonderful as it can be, can also become addictive, toxic, and obsessive.

I think sometimes we forget that loving someone isn’t equivalent to owning them.

This is probably why lately, stalker stories are rampant on social media because humans are so busy loving one another that they sometimes forget about the line between affection and obsession.

Obsessive Love Disorder: What Is It?

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Yes, Obsessive Love Disorder is a very real thing. Psychologists deemed it as a present issue that can later lead to serious mental health illnesses such as Borderline Personality Disorder and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Having the extreme desire to protect and interfere with someone you believe in love is the best way to describe how this disorder works.

I get it we all want to keep our loved to always within sight to be able to protect them, but you also have to know how to put boundaries.

If you think it’s becoming hard to turn back, seek professional help.

Let the people you love live their lives without restriction because that is where they become truly happy.

6 Symptoms That You Have Obsessive Love Disorder

Symptoms That You Have Obsessive Love Disorder That Can Lead To Mental Health Illness

  1. Strong Desire For Someone

    Wanting something is one thing, but desiring is another. Desire is a noteworthy feeling because this often leads to obsession if not satiated.

  2. Constant Obsessive Thoughts

    When you love someone, it is only to think of them most of the time, but obsessive people go way and beyond. Sometimes these constant thoughts even lead to disruption of your life.

  3. Hero Syndrome

    The feeling of wanting to protect or save the person even when there is no apparent trouble. People use this to feel needed or plant a sense of obligation to be paid back.

  4. Aggressively Possessive

    Acting like you own a person. Constantly getting angry if what you said was not followed. Wanting to control everything in their lives.

  5. Delusional Jealousy

    Getting jealous over people who aren’t even doing anything to cause that emotion. Thinking that the other party is going to be taken at any moment. Often occurs even with no real relationship with the other party,

  6. Low Self-Esteem

    The fear of losing someone because of the feeling of not being good enough.

5 Tips To Lose Those Obsessive Feelings Over Someone

Let’s not wait for that unhealthy obsession to become a mental health disorder. If you think you are still redeemable to the peak of this issue and not overly consumed by obsessive and compulsive behaviors, here are 5 things you should try before going completely insane:

Tip 1: Avoid Stalking

If you can detox yourself from the person, you’re obsessing about. Turn off your phone and social media, then try blocking them for a while to detox yourself from forming related thoughts of him.

It’s not weird if you can’t stop thinking of a person, especially someone you have feelings for, but what’s not okay is following everything that person does.

Tip 2: Find Things To Do

Find Things To Do

Keep distracting yourself. Find hobbies to keep your mind from falling into the habit of always thinking about that someone.

Having something to do other than visiting or following a person’s thoughts is much funnier and can, later on, become a good diversion for any forthcoming obsessive thoughts.

Learn new things as well. and you might now just find peace from your compulsive behavior but also find something more worthwhile.

Tip 3: Meet New People Or A Mental Health Professional

Maybe the answer to why we are obsessing over a single person’s life is because we have forgotten about other people.

When do you notice that you are experiencing OLD symptoms making new friends and splitting your attention with them is the best way to go.

You can also seek refuge from your older peers or family members. Reconnect.

And when everything else fails, seek help from a professional because sometimes these things can take time and treatment to get rid of.

Tip 4: Think Of What The Other Party Might Be Feeling

Instead of wanting to take over the person you like in life, try putting yourself in their shoes. Imagine how hard it is to be with people who do not allow you to be who you truly are.

It’s okay to want to see the person you love thrive and be happy but taking over their lives and pushing them into doing what you want instead of being free is not the best way to romance.

Tip 5: Focus On Yourself

focus on yourself

Try focusing on your own life. Rekindle your old self. Do what you want to do to another person to yourself because sometimes the things we do are the reflection of the things we want.

Set goals and advocate personal growth. We sometimes obsess about people because we think that we can save them or that they need our saving when most of the time, it is us who are lost and need to save.

If you truly want to feel love and express it, you must first practice how is it you want to love another person by showing affection and love to yourself.

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