Which Relationship Milestones Deserve To Be Celebrated?

Starting to date someone is exciting for sure, but was it the most important relationship milestone? Is it meeting each other’s friends? Maybe getting married and expanding your family?

Whatever it is, we can relate. We cover the top relationship milestones to help you understand what is worth celebrating in your relationship.

Note: This is completely opinion based, as we know that every relationship will be different.

What Does Milestone Mean In Relationship?

A milestone in life is nothing small, to say the least. But, what does a milestone in a relationship actually mean?

Every healthy relationship is a big deal. During our journey with our partner, we go through two phases. The dating phase and the married phase. In both of these, most relationships experience important milestones. These are some of the milestones that are worth celebrating with your partner:

Important Relationship Milestones

  • Becoming Exclusive with your partner
  • Saying “I Love You”
  • Meeting friends and family
  • Your First Kiss
  • Your First Real Argument

What Are Some Dating Milestones?

Becoming Exclusive

Let’s be honest, No one really likes dating. Right? Think of it this way. Dating is just like shopping, and we do so until we find the right person to take it to the next level.

After a while, you will start to see the same person often and wonder if it is time to become exclusive.

Well, we have all hit that relationship milestone. It is a great feeling to know that you have left the numbers game in the dating world and have found someone to start building with. This milestone is the base of the foundation for growing your relationship.

Telling Them “I Love You”

This is definitely one for the books. “I love you” is the next relationship milestone and easily one of the best ones to celebrate. Often, you and your partner have been together for a few months, and everything is going smoothly.

This is when you notice that the feeling you have for your partner becomes more of love, and you are ready to say those three special words to them.

Meeting Each Other’s Friends And Family

It’s your third date, and this is where the relationship starts to get interesting and oftentimes uncomfortable. Meeting the parents.

While at the moment, it might seem like a nightmare worrying about what they might think of you or if you are good enough. Just remember, we all go through this part of the relationship process.

Whether this is your family or your partner’s friends, it doesn’t matter.

Depending on your partner, this can be a huge growth opportunity for you and your partner to have those people positively influence your life.

Having family members on your side, and seeing the person you enjoy most in your life, will set you up for the long journey that is sure to follow.

Having That First Fight

You will start to dread this one when it happens.

The First Fight. No matter how much you love each other, over time, there is always something that will cause you guys to fight in the end. You might be wondering why this one made the list of milestones to celebrate?

It’s easy. This is one of the best things that make a relationship stronger. Being able to argue and voice your opinion with your partner will help you drop your guard and open up your communication.

Every couple goes through this at some point, so you are not alone. If you are lucky enough to make it through this first argument, I am here to tell you there will be plenty more. Open that line of communication to your partner, and your relationship will become so much closer.

Getting Engaged

This is the next big relationship milestone. You and your partner have a few years together, and you want to take it to a whole new level.

It’s Engagement Time. Relationship milestones like this are important because they take your story to a whole new level.

Engagement is something special. You have agreed to yourself that you want something more than dating. You are ready to build a future together.

Getting to this point is no walk in the park. But you made it. You have decided that the person you are with is the person you plan to spend the rest of your life with.

The Big Relationship Milestone To Hit After Dating

Get Married

Getting engaged is the last big step before marriage, and let me tell you, this seals the deal for sure. Fully committing to your partner and building these meaningful relationship milestones only helps you as a couple to grow.

We often think about getting married as a HUGE celebration where we pretty much invite everyone we have ever met. Let me tell you, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Having a small private wedding is completely fine. Again, this is a milestone that should mainly be celebrated between you and your partner.

Buying Your First Home

Buying your first home is no small task. Whether you have tied the knot or not, buying your first house together is a huge commitment.

Between property taxes and a mortgage, moving in with your partner, and just maintaining your work-life balance, we list this as one of the biggest relationship milestones.

Having Your First Baby

Now that you have secured your new home with your partner, you might be ready for the next major step in your relationship. Expanding your Ffamily.

Having a baby is no small choice. The responsibility of a change this big tests everything in your life. They require so much of your time that couples unintentionally neglect each other.

Make sure that you communicate with your partner through this time, and you will overcome everything.

Dropping Your Toddler Off For The First Day of School

It’s been a few years since your “bundle of joy” was brought into this world. You feel you got this parenting thing down, and then it hits you.

The First Day of School. We all know that this comes at some point, but most are not prepared to see their little one becoming more independent.

This time is great for couples to focus on each other. Sure, we have other responsibilities, but this is crucial to keep our relationship progressing toward our goals.


No parent looks forward to this part of life. Puberty! We have all been there. Dealing with the changes in our bodies and becoming adults is hard on all of us.

As a couple, this will be hard due to a difference of opinion. There will be many fights, but the best thing to do is to lean on each other and work towards a common goal.

Becoming Empty Nesters

It’s been a few years since puberty, and all great things must come to end. It is time for the kids to move out.

This is one of those relationship milestones that feels weird. You and your partner have grown to love the kids in the house, and without them, it feels so empty.

Use this time to focus on each other. Set those date nights and vacations you have been wanting to go on. This isn’t the end of life’s journey, but it is the last big relationship milestone you and your partner feel.

My Final Thoughts

Life is a journey that we are all experiencing. Use this time to grow with your partner. Everything from the first date to meeting each other’s parents is important to be celebrated. The experiences you build over the years will make life worth living.

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