The Psychology Love Eye Trick: Can You Make Someone Fall In Love With A Look?

What Is The Psychology Love Eye Trick

As the saying goes, “the eyes are the windows to the soul,” yet a new “psychological love eye trick” on TikTok claims to make anyone fall in love with you.

Some feel that the love eye trick is nothing more than an urban legend or a hoax, while others believe it is effective on people of both sexes. But how much do we understand about this subject?

Is it possible to make a person fall in love with us simply by meeting their gaze?

What Is The Psychology Love Eye Trick?

Sophie Rose Lloyd, a TikTok creator, popularized a specific flirting move known as the “psychological love eye trick” in a TikTok video. This is done by holding someone’s gaze consistently for three to five seconds. If we are at a loss for words, this is a great way to show consideration for the other person and break the ice.

Love eye tricks are used in psychology to influence a person’s emotions. These techniques can be used to make people fall for us or simply make them feel cared for.

The Psychology Behind Eye Contact

The Psychology Behind Eye Contact

Humans connect socially through eye contact. It’s a way for us to convey feelings. But, how can eye contact impact love?

According to psychologists, looking at someone’s eyes makes them feel more important. They say that looking at their eyes can make them fall in love with us.

Eye contact psychology is a centuries-old topic. Making eye contact was once thought to indicate honesty and integrity. Today, it’s utilized as a love trick to attract someone.

Eye contact signals sexual interest. A direct glance is linked to attraction, interest, and confidence, while an averted gaze is linked to lack of confidence, rejection, and social exclusion.

Eye contact is also a sign of trustworthiness. We trust someone who looks at us directly. Not staring at someone shows disinterest. We must be comfortable initiating eye contact to build mutual attraction.

Many believe eye contact shows interest. Holding someone’s gaze is one of the simplest ways to convey that we appreciate them as a person; therefore, it’s no wonder that making eye contact boosts our attractiveness in their eyes.

How Do You Do The Psychology Love Eye Trick?

Lloyd, who has successfully used the trick on people she liked and even friends, says that we need to glance at our crush’s left eye, then down to their chin/lips, and finally into their right eye to perform the psychological love eye trick.

It is intended that this trick be employed on someone we are fond of and have mutual interest with. It “may not necessarily work on strangers or individuals who you have never spoken to up until this point,” Lloyd cautions, but “it’s very fantastic if you’re with your crush […and] it’s a nice way of making them kind of obvious on how you feel.”

This process should take no more than a few seconds; if we were caught staring at their chin or lips for too long, they may start to worry that we are trying to say that there’s something stuck there. Before we do this trick, we need to ensure that we are having a one-on-one conversation with the individual. A group setting could make it difficult to focus on one another.

Another tip is to let them do most of the talking; that way, they will maintain eye contact with us.

Does the Psychology Love Eye Trick Actually Work?

Does the Psychology Love Eye Trick Actually Work

There were mixed reactions to the psychology love eye trick. Some say that the trick works like a charm and that their grandma taught them this trick during their childhood and it was something they will never forget. On the other hand, some say that there’s no such thing.

The actual trick may not have much science behind it, but there is plenty on body language and eye contact.

Couples therapist Kiaundra Jackson, LMFT, advocates utilizing this as a technique to flirt and test the waters. He stated “There’s more to love than eye movements. The trick can generate a connection, but I don’t think it can make someone fall in love with you.”

Rachel MacLynn, a psychologist and matchmaker, stated the psychology eye trick had “a psychological basis. ” She added, “Using nonverbal indicators like eye contact can alter how we interact toward others because our body language can communicate more than simply words.”

Tina Wilson, the designer of the Wingman app, said looking at someone doesn’t ensure a love affair. Wilson feels the psychology eye love trick is important because it stresses eye contact. Fixing a glance at someone we like can develop a strong connection and foster trust.

London hypnotherapist Aaron Surtees says strong eye contact can activate oxytocin and feel-good hormones.

“Looking someone in the eye for a long time can release phenylethylamine, a feel-good hormone,” says MacLynn.

However, the attention paid to the lips in addition to the eye contact is what distinguishes this trick from others like it. According to Dr. Fedrick, “looking at an individual’s lips, particularly one with whom there is already some kind of interest or attraction formed, can be interpreted as flirty or seductive.”

Most couples develop feelings for one another because of the intimacy they feel when their eyes are locked. However, it’s not just our eyes that make people fall in love with us. It also involves our body language.

Final Thoughts

Who doesn’t want to learn how to flirt more effectively? This eye contact trick of looking first at a person’s left eye, then at their lips, and then at their right eye is not going to guarantee that our crush will fall in love with us right then and there.

However, it may have something to it when it comes to drumming up some seductive tension and intimacy. It takes time to truly fall in love, but while we are waiting for that to happen, there’s no harm in engaging in some romantic eye-gazing.

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