Physical Touch Love Language: 5 Signs That This Is Your Love Language

Physical Touch Love Language

No man is an island— Not only is this a saying but a fundamental fact of life. We all build relationships; among those, we find people we cherish and want to shower with affection.

Loving a person means so much more than frequently saying those three magic words. People express affection in various ways; I’m sure you also have your own way of showing how much you care for your person.

Some people prepare gifts, others enjoy company, and some like to convey their love through physical contact. And believe me, it’s not always the libido talking; some people really do live for the physical presence and warmth of their loved ones.

How about you? Are you quite fond of skin-to-skin contact as a way to express love?

Love Languages: What Role Does It Play In A Relationship?

What Role Does It Play In A Relationship

Love languages are simply defined as a medium or way to let people know you love them.

The simple way you touch, talk, spend time, or take care of your person, can be all considered manifestations of your affection.

In romantic relationships, your and your partner’s love language may not always be similar, but one thing will always remain constant; these gestures and visible efforts mean that you both value each other.

You can show your love in many ways other than just always saying “I love you” all of them are valid and accepted.

The 5 Primary Love Language

  1. Affirmative Words
  2. Giving Service
  3. Receiving Gifts
  4. Spending Quality Time
  5. Physical Touch

Physical Touch As Your Love Language

Love Language Is Physical Touch

Often, people mistake others who constantly hold hands, kiss, hug, or do other types of skinship to be frivolous individuals who know no boundaries.

Although I hate to break it to haters out there, physical touch is a pretty legit and natural way to show attachment and fondness.

In other words, not because an individual is touchy with another doesn’t mean that they are up to doing the deed.

Sometimes a person’s warmth and feeling of physical connection is just a reminder that these people are the ones we trust, deem invaluable, and hold dearest in our lives.

I’m not saying that words hold no value, but I believe physical gestures and body language are lifelines of a romantic relationship.

Physical affection is as normal as taking people on dates or telling them your feelings; all can be forms of deep love and devotion to a person.

5 Signs That Physical Touch Is Your Love Language

No one should ever be afraid to love someone how they want to. True love exists in the genuine feelings you express to your partner or people.

If you really are the type to show feelings through physical touch, you might be familiar with these signs.

Sign No. 1: Constant Need To Be Together

That nagging and itchy feeling of wanting to close the distance makes you loathe the even small proximity of you and your lover.

Wanting to be together always to touch is a great sign that you are a physical person who likes showering their partner or person with love through skin contact.

It can be as simple as wanting to sit on the couch while you lay your head on their lap, to kissing them as soon as you see them.

Your love language is definitely through physical touch if you can’t seem to make it without your person’s presence and warmth.

Sign No. 2: Not Bothered With Public Displays Of Affection

Brave public show of tenderness such as a kiss on the cheek when you see each other, holding hands in the crowd, hugging when happy. Not being afraid of other people’s judgment shows only the authenticity of your love.

Because why be scared of what they will say when all you are doing is letting the person you love know that you value and like their presence?

Sign No. 3: Feels Extremely Happy When Touched First

Feels Satisfied When Touched First

Initiated contact is highly appreciated because of the feeling of being reciprocated. People who show love through intimate touch are extremely happy to be touched first.

This is because they use touch to show their love that receiving the same thing assures them that their person cares for them back.

A simple kiss on the cheek or initiated hand holding is what it takes to make these people happy.

Sign No. 4: A Long-Distance Relationship Rarely Works For You

Long-distance relationships rarely work out for them because they need always to be near and touching.

I’m not saying that they cannot make it work, but the feeling of loneliness and being abandoned is likely to be developed during time apart.

Making effort to talk and visit each other is a great way to keep the love alive with these people.

Sign No. 5: When Your Ultimate Need Is The Warmth Of Your Person Rather Than Just Sex

Sexual intimacy can take place with lovers, but if your love language is physical touch, this thought is not a reoccurring thing instead, you simply crave the feeling of skin touching rather than having an interest in always doing it.

Your love language is physical touch if you like touching simply because you like to be close and connected to your person.

Yes, at times, it can lead to deeper intimacy, but people who have physical touch as their love language simply show and express love through constant contact

There are plenty of ways to let the people you love know about your emotions, so love the best way you can. Don’t hold back; never let them think twice about your true feelings.

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