One-Sided Friendship: 5 Signs That Suggest You Might Be In One

One Sided Relationship With

Real friends are so hard to come by that we sometimes settle for anyone who says they are, though it is never a good idea and often ends with us breaking our own hearts.

Have you ever felt that nagging feeling that your friend or friend group doesn’t value enough, or maybe there were times that they seemed totally normal and fine even without your presence?

If you think you’ve felt this more than once, it’s possible that you are in a one-sided friendship.

Sometimes in your hopes of becoming a good friend, you don’t notice that you are the only one trying.

One-Sided Friendships: How Are They Different From Healthy Friendships?

How Are They Different From True Friendships

In a person’s life, there will come a time that they come across one friend that will make them realize what true friends are all about.

Friendship is a two-way street that may not include obligation but is built on mutual respect and concern.

You are definitely in a one-side friendship for a long time if you think things like listening to their problems, compromising, or being always there are duties you must always uphold.

No, these are mutual perks of having a balanced friendship. Mutual support, presence, and encouragement are what a true friend gives and deserves as well

Here’s a tip, it’s better to have just one genuine comrade than a couple of snakes and wolves in the guise of your friends.

Bad people can be toxic and later on become something that can affect your mental health.

5 Signs That Suggest You That You Are In An One-Sided friendship

Maybe it’s time to have an honest conversation or entirely cut ties with your friends if they exhibit all the signs written here.

There is no use being a one-sided friend; it’s time to look for the right people.

1. They Like Talking But Rarely Listen

They Like Talking But Rarely Listen

Here’s one of the most disappointing characteristics of a bad friend. Ever felt like your role is to be a trash bin for all the crap but cannot even unload stuff when it comes to them?

True friendship is wanting to help one another and listening to your woes.

The other person’s life is equally as important as yours, so why are they the only ones to get heard?

2. Makes You Feel Guilty About Choosing Yourself Ones In Awhile

Makes You Guilty About Choosing Yourself Ones In Awhile

You are with a one-sided friend when they make it an obligation to spend time with them whenever they want and disregard even if you have your plans already.

Usually, they treat you as a bad fried or a kill j0y when you miss out on a hangout.

Remember, true friends, respect your time and personal life. Bonding with them is a choice and not a responsibility.

3. It’s You Who Always End Up Conforming

You Are Always The Other Friend

You are always the one to say sorry, make an effort, and compromise. It’s like not having any say in a matter that concerns your friendship.

For example, you are setting dates for trips. Most of these “friends” would rather you not come than adjust a date.

Truly these are unhealthy creatures if they treat you like their pets or slaves who have no right to disobey or disarray from what they want.

4. Disregarding You In Front Of Their Other Friends

One of the most painful signs of a one-sided friendship is always being the “other” friend. Being the alternative to people who currently aren’t present is such a hurtful role to play.

One-side friends usually forget about you when their main friends come. Sure, they introduce you and all, but in the long run, you’ll feel a certain distance from them.

A real friend makes an effort to include you in conversations and never lets you feel left out.

5. Self-Doubt Comes Naturally When You’re With Them

Self Doubt Comes Naturally When Youre With Them

Mutual support is given in friendship. Yes, criticism is also a form of friendship, but encouragement is a larger portion of it.

People who boost your self-confidence and self-esteem are walking green lights. On the other hand, people who constantly put you down are definitely not the group you would want to consider as your person.

If you think that being with them promotes you thinking twice about yourself, then you are not in a healthy relationship with them.

Perhaps the individuals who make you feel this way are not the best company after all.

Remember friends are the humans who are supposed to inspire you, motivate you, and treat you as equals.

There is no use for people who only know and want to hurt us in our lives. It’s better to just be by yourself if you would just end up with others who do not consider you and give a thought about your wellbeing.

4 Qualities Of Healthy Friendship

In line with all the talk of having a one-sided friendship, here are qualities you should look out for if you want to find a really good friend.

  1. They respect your differences. Sometimes there are times you have to correct someone, and there are times when you just have to accept that you are different people.
  2. Someone who makes time for you. People who value make time to spend with you without you begging for it, this is simply because they want to know how you are doing.
  3. Considers you a friend wherever you are. Distance does not matter when it comes to true friendship. Constant communication is made possible and initiated by both parties. and catching up is never awkward.
  4. Believes in you. Knows your flaw and helps you improve them and acknowledges your skills and encourages you to achieve goals.
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