How To Make Friends In A New City: 3 Ways To Meet New People In A New Place

Social Media

Congratulations, we’ve successfully relocated to a new place! It’s exhilarating, but it could also be a little scary. We may be interested in learning more about the local social scene and where to find the closest grocery store or doctor’s office. But, most importantly, where and how we can meet new friends.

Here are ways to meet new friends in a new city.

1. Join Groups

Social Media

Social media never fails to introduce a person. When moving to a new city, we can join local Facebook groups and other social media groups.

For Facebook, we can type our city followed by newbies, ex-pats, foreigners, etc. To be accepted, we answer as many questions as possible.

We can introduce ourselves to the local groups and find friends in the new city. We should always be careful about giving new acquaintances our personal information.

Book Club

Whether or not we’re a bookworm, this is a fantastic way to get to know locals in a new town.

Large-scale book clubs and smaller groups meet regularly (once a month, say, at a coffee shop). Regardless, this is a wonderful way of gauging a person’s character, which is crucial for developing meaningful friendships.

Professional Networking Group

Professional networking group

Joining a networking club is a great approach for business owners to meet new connections and build referrals. Lifelong friends can form from network acquaintances.

The passion of dedicated professionals and business owners is contagious. Networking events are the best approach to meeting like-minded people, even if we don’t own a business.

2. Build Our Social Circle

Friends Of Friends

Friends Of Friends

Meeting new friends is like a snowball effect. Once we have friends, meeting more people is easier.

We must tell new friends we’re interested in forming a social circle. Friends from work, school, or wherever can introduce us to their pals to expand our social group. Our existing friends may know someone in the city we’re going to, and we can get their contact.


It’s possible to make friends in any city, but doing so in a place where we have similar interests is much more likely to result in lasting relationships. Having like-minded friends is such a plus cause there’s always a conversation starter.

Bond With Our Coworkers

Being outgoing and approachable at our new job is one technique for meeting friends in a new place. We already have something in common with your coworkers (allegedly!) and communicate with them regularly. It’s time to get to know them better.

Invite Our Neighbors To A Housewarming Party

Invite Our Neighbors To A Housewarming Party

We just moved to a city where we don’t know anyone, and it’s unfortunate. To change that, start with our new home.

Host a casual housewarming celebration and invite the neighbors. It’s our chance to meet our neighbors; we never know where we’ll make a friend.

If we are rather reserved and introverted, now is the time to get out of our comfort zone and be sociable.

3. Tour The Area

Shop At Local Businesses

Local business owners are friendly and excited to make new connections.

To get to know the dedicated business owners of the stores and restaurants in our town, it’s important to frequent these establishments.

By frequenting these establishments, we can perhaps make new friends who share our interest in supporting local companies.

Go To A Farmer’s Market

Go To A Farmers Market

Numerous towns have monthly farmer’s markets with fresh produce. Farmer’s markets are a wonderful opportunity to support our town and meet like-minded people. Farmer’s markets can also make us save money.

If we appreciate healthy living, farmer’s markets are a great place to meet new people in a new city.

Take Our Dog To A Dog Park

Communicating over a mutual appreciation for pets is easy. Taking our dog to the dog park is a great opportunity to socialize with other dog owners and enjoy the outdoors.

No nearby dog parks, huh? Assuming we want to make acquaintances while in a new city, we can do so by taking our dog for a stroll in a populated area, such as downtown.

Why Is It Hard To Make New Friends?

Trust Issues

In a recent study, respondents ranked lack of trust as the greatest difficulty in making friends. People found it more difficult to trust a new buddy than when they were younger.

Given the trust they’ve acquired over the years, many people try to retain longtime acquaintances close.

What’s with adulthood? Adults are more self-aware than kids. While typically positive, it also means we’re more conscious of the hazards of being judged, not liked, rejected, and harmed.

If we’ve been rejected as friends or betrayed, we may be less trusting in the future. Like in relationships, trusting a new friend entails being vulnerable.

Friendship Takes Time

Lack of time was the second-most-cited factor after lack of trust for adults’ difficulty making friends.

We already knew this. We have less time for friendships when we have busy work or family lives. Even when we meet a promising new friend, investing in them is hard. This is a significant concern for older folks, whose commitments expand with age.

When does friendship start? Closer friendships take longer to develop than casual ones. US experts estimate it takes 50 hours of shared contact to become casual buddies. Close friend? 200+ hours

Professional interactions aren’t worth much time spent with coworkers. Personal connection is needed to make new friends. Friendships can be strengthened without intense talk, but casual check-ins and joking can be crucial.

Many more restrictions prevent us from making friends. This can include an introverted demeanor, health hurdles, personal insecurities, or a formal facade that keeps out potential friends.

Final Thoughts

We’re not alone when adjusting to a new city. Try some of these ideas to make new acquaintances.

Be confident, be ourselves, and be social. We’ll soon feel established and make friends with like-minded people.

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