Becoming A Better Lover And Sparking Your Relationship

How to be a better lover is a question we often see. Whether you are looking for an emotional connection or a physical connection, we get that this is an important thing to many women and men.

You have probably asked yourself, what do most women want in the ideal lover?

We understand that many women love when they connect with a guy on an emotional level. Women don’t like to feel disconnected, and we know that so many men go through things where they disconnect heavily from their partners in one way or another.

Therefore, we are going to go over a few things that might help both men and women with becoming better lovers inside and outside of the bedroom.

How Can I Be A Great Lover In Bed?

Some of you might have found this article because you are looking for the answer to this age-old question. How can I be a great lover in the bedroom? Do I only need a great body, or is there more involved? Before we jump into the intimacy skill, let’s cover a few things about sexual function issues and how it affects couples.

We have looked into studies about intimacy and there is a surprising number of people who have problems in the bedroom. On average, about 80% of the population is affected by sexual dysfunction.

So, how does this relate to becoming the best lover in bed?

Let’s start with the lack of sexual education. This includes what to focus on with our partners. Focusing on the wrong thing at the wrong time during sex leads our brain down a path that causes us to stray away from what we are currently doing. This causes “sexual malfunction.”

It’s important to start with caring about the experience that your partner is having just as much as you focus on yours.

When we enter the bedroom, we come there for two reasons: to receive pleasure and to give pleasure. We can easily achieve both of these by caring about our partner’s experience as well.

Women often focus on the emotional connection during sex, but they don’t want to overdo it. While most men focus on having a good time, they often find themselves drifting from pleasing their partner to receiving pleasure.

If you want to be a better lover in the bedroom, you need to have the understanding that it’s usually case by case for most couples. These are common in all relationships, and communicating with your partner is the best way to improve your experience in the bedroom.

How To Be A Better Lover

1. Focus On The Good Part of Your Relationship

When most of us get into a relationship, we constantly focus on what we want to give our partner and the best part within ourselves. Focusing on the best version of ourselves and the best attributes of our partners naturally creates an attraction to us.

This makes us more likely to feel good about ourselves and grow our relationship by focusing on the good things in our relationships.

Why does focusing on the good help our relationship? When we feel good, we tend to focus more on the outcomes in our life, including our relationships.

We have all heard about the “Honeymoon Phase,” the phase in a relationship where we focus on our best qualities and our partners.

The more we focus on something, the more likely we will attract it into our lives. Putting time and focus into what is good helps us become better lovers in and out of the bedroom.

2. Take Full Responsibility For How You Feel

Taking responsibility for the emotional connection you feel with your partner is huge to successfully build a better relationship and how to be a better lover. So what does taking full responsibility look like?

We can start with the first thing most of us do in the morning: choosing what you wear. This might not sound like a lot, but let me explain.

We often associate how we feel based on how we look and feel at the beginning of the day.

This is a great way to see that we can reprogram our reality with everything in life. There is always an opposite and equal reaction with every action we take.

If we focus on what could go wrong, there is a higher chance that it will go wrong. Whether that is our partner’s daily habit that we can’t stand or even something we do daily that frustrates them.

Focusing on these does not motivate or help us achieve that better version of ourselves we so badly want to become.

My Final Thoughts

Becoming the best version of ourselves is a requirement for becoming a better lover. Being able to step up as an individual while working to resolve the issues causing conflict in your life and relationship.

Remember to love yourself and others around you.

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