Tips To Save Time From The Most Successful People

Tips To Save Time From The Most Successful People

“The common man is not concerned about the passage of time, the man of talent is driven by it.” -Schopenhauer

We all heard of that overused expression that time is money, but for me, time is what we make of it.

Spend time being productive. You gain rewards. Spend time doing nothing; you receive nothing. It simply gives you back what you do with it.

Successful people are said to be busy people. Still, they have time to post pictures of travel, parties, and other luxurious activity and still make millions. This is because they know to divide time.

Do you think Steve Jobs or Bill Gates just spent their days hanging out with friends? No, they used their time in this world and transformed it into a self-sustaining achievement mechanism.

So, if you also want to succeed in our limited existence, you should also start learning how to use and save your valuable time.

Time Management Skills: One Of The Keys To Success

Time Management Skills

Saving time and learning how to manage it is one of the cores of achievers. Learning when to work, rest, and play, gives you an advantage over those who do things without thought.

A time saver who knows and commits to what he has to do during a certain period works efficiently and effectively, resulting in great and fast outcomes.

Meanwhile, an uncollected person will have more wasted time trying to figure out the sequence of their task.

Time = life; therefore, waste your time and waste of your life, or master your time and master your life.”- Alan Lakein

Managing the time you have may seem strict, but in the long run, it will become a useful skill and behavior. Remember that if you must work hard, you must also play and rest.

5 Reasons Why You Should Start Saving Time

  1. People who know the value of time get to plan ahead and can also plan for breaks and enjoyment.
  2. Your daily life will go smoother with routines.
  3. Cater to more opportunities.
  4. Learn ways to save time to handle time-consuming activities
  5. Become successful at a young age and reap rewards while you can enjoy them

6 Tips To Save Time From The Most Successful People

Time-saving is a concept we all know well of. But it wouldn’t hurt to continuously learn how to practice it into being one of your tools to success.


“Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning.” – Winston Churchill

A to-do list, a morning routine, and a weekly schedule are all forms of planning and are highly usable techniques to save time.

If you think of it carefully, planning your schedule lets you easily perform tasks without forgetting the others. It is also a very great way to discipline yourself.

Strictly following your daily schedule can help you learn and respect the value of your and others’ time.

Of course, planning only works if you stick with it, so even when everything seems so hectic, remember that these are the small sacrifices you make to succeed.



Sometimes doing one task at a time is recommended, but if you can do it, multitasking can both help save money and time. How do I say that?

When you are shopping for groceries and pass by the bill payment section, isn’t paying bills and shopping the best logical action you can take?

Such as, when in long phone calls, would sitting around doing nothing be unproductive? Why not add a bit of dusting or tidying up while you’re having a conversation? Especially if it isn’t urgent.

Multitasking can certainly be great practice during a reasonable time or opportunity. You just have to be good a judging the current situation.


No task can hold the same amount of significance. Decide on the easiest and put in the first things you need to do and the hardest at the bottom.

Why this order? Because easy activities can be accomplished faster and with less energy, therefore you will have more time to do more tasks.

However, if you prioritize the hardest, you can easily develop negative energy and consume more time, leading you only to finish one task.

Plan B

Having a backup action can be beneficial

Having a backup action can be beneficial and saves time because, in this case, you won’t have to think of what you should do in case of a sudden disruption or disaster.

An example of this can be when your team presents a project in class, and the laptop you currently have is slightly malfunctioning. It would be a great idea to at least save the document on a flash drive and ask members to bring an extra device.

This eliminates the possibility of failure or spending time looking for another laptop.


Knowing your limits can help you in a big way. Stuffing everything in one day can become catastrophic because as much as we want everything done as fast as possible, we are only human and also have to rest.

So learn when to stuff instead of redoing your task again. It’s also okay to do fewer things if it means you can do them with only one try.

Quality over quantity because successful people produce successful results.

Goal Timeline

Find The Big Picture

“Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four-hour days.”- Zig Ziglar

Aside from planning your day, mapping your dreams, and setting goals, you want to achieve at a certain point in your life can help you see the bigger picture.

Having goals and knowing when you want to attain them can motivate you.

The fastest way to go where you want to go is to know where you are headed.