Perception Is Reality: Meaning & Why It’s Important To Know

Perception is reality

Each person has a unique perspective on reality. The implication is that reality varies from person to person because we see the world through our own eyes. Regardless of how we perceive reality, it doesn’t matter.

Perceptions are a way of viewing, understanding, or interpreting something, a mental impression. In contrast to an idealistic or notional notion of the world or its state, “the world or state of things as they exist” is the definition of reality.

perception and reality

Who Said That Perception Is Reality?

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who see the glass as half-full and others as half-empty. This phenomenon is known as perception, and this own perception significantly impacts how we experience life.

Linda Humphreys, Ph.D., a psychologist and life, relationship, and spirituality coach, says, Perception molds, shapes, and influences our experience of our reality. Perception is nothing more than a lens or mindset through which we see people, events, and things.

In other words, we believe what we perceive to be true and construct our realities based on that perception. And just because our perceptions feel doesn’t mean they’re necessarily true.

Don’t be concerned if you’re the type who sees the glass as half-empty. Although it will take effort, you can change your perception because we choose how we see things. That authority is in your hands (er, mind).

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What Does It Mean When Someone Says Perception Is Reality?

It means that you have a mental impression of something that determines how you perceive it, regardless of the truth. It reminds me of another adage: “Every story has two sides.” While this may be true, the people telling the story believe each side’s perceived reality is true.

Your perception of reality is your reality. Change your perception, and you will change your reality. Perception is your point of view based on your past experiences. According to Merriam-Webster, perception is “a result of observing,” perspective is “a mental view or prospect,” and perception is “a physical sensation interpreted in the light of experience.” Your reality comprises a series of incidents shaping how you perceive the world.

Important Things To Know

Accept Personal Accountability

According to Dr. Humphreys, changing your perceptions requires you first to accept responsibility for your previous unconscious reactions. Only then can you begin to see people, events, things, and even yourself in a more neutral or positive perception.

Be Compassionate To Yourself And Others

Changing your world perspective is difficult, so you must be patient and gentle with yourself. Have compassion for yourself as you work on taking proactive steps toward perceiving your reality in a more conscious and empowered manner, Dr. Humphreys advises.

She also mentions that the changes you make in your perception may ruffle other people’s feathers, so be compassionate toward them. Your progress may catalyze their progress as well.

Be Willing To See Things From A Different Perspective

Change of any kind, according to Dr. Humphreys, necessitates willingness. People frequently say they want to change but are unwilling to make the necessary changes. So having a desire to see things differently is essential. Dr. Gilliland adds that this readiness allows us to learn and create new perceptions.

Our Decision-Making Is Influenced By Our Body Awareness

In one experiment, researchers looked at hedge fund managers who must make quick decisions about stock trading while under duress. Their strange discovery? Managers who could count their heartbeats more accurately without touching their bodies were more successful traders.

People who were more confident in their accuracy were not more successful, and the greater the gap between their confidence and precision, the greater their anxiety. This suggests that physical awareness can be beneficial in high-stress work situations.

While it’s unclear why, people who are more aware of their heartbeats may be better able to calm themselves under stress and, as a result, make more rational decisions. Alternatively, successful people who are more in tune with their bodies may interpret their perceptions more accurately, understanding how the two interact. In any case, these findings support the cultivation of greater body awareness.

Having Other People Around Makes Things Appear Easier

The presence of other people influences our perception in difficult situations as well. Holding hands with someone during a painful event can help to alleviate the pain. Anticipating having to carry a heavy load with someone else (rather than alone) makes it appear lighter, and just thinking about a friend can make hills seem less steep.

Our social connections appear to play a role in stress reduction, which may explain why being with others changes our perception of pain or difficulty, making them both easier to bear. These and other studies highlight the importance of social relationships in fostering resilience when times are tough.

Previous Experiences

Of course, your previous experiences will influence your perception. This is true if you are dealing with unresolved issues. Regardless, you have control over how much something can affect you. Exploring unresolved issues in therapy and gaining a new perspective through the insights therapy provides is one of the most liberating things you can do. Therapy will assist you in examining your past experiences, working through them, learning from them, and so on. You can investigate past experiences to see how they influence your perception of the present.

Whether you like it or not, your past thoughts, feelings, and experiences affect how you perceive things. Psychotherapy is the most effective way to understand yourself better. This is why Royal Life Centers provides a variety of intensive therapies, including psychotherapy and behavioral therapies, to assist you in deciphering thought patterns and breaking bad habits, such as the tendency to jump to extremes.

Final Thoughts

You can change your perception to your advantage. Have a perspective that includes being grateful, looking for the silver lining, and focusing on the big picture; understanding your role in your reality is critical. If you concentrate on the positive aspects of every situation, the positive aspects will dominate your perception, making your existence more positive, enjoyable, and manageable. I believe that faith can significantly improve your perception.

Everything starts with a choice. Choose now to be in charge of how you see the world. Because if you don’t, many people have only goals in life to make you think that way. Do you believe that they will look out for you?

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