You Are Never Too Old To Set Another Goal

You Are Never Too Old To Set Another Dream

We failed to achieve our ultimate goal because we failed to give it the importance it deserved.

Perhaps we were worried about trying and failing and therefore losing hope. The only thing worse than failing is never trying because we thought we were too old.

It’s not easy to get yourself back up after you fail a lot of your dreams and set new goals. Failing a lot have the potential to dampen your spirits and cause you to give up hope.

The question of whether you will survive this attempt also looms large. The bright side is new dream is a clean slate, a fresh opportunity to improve and finally achieve your new goal.

Who Said – You Are Never Too Old To Set Another Goal?

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream – is an uplifting message that the well-known fantasy writer C. S. Lewis chalked up for everyone, especially for adults.

However, it was said that the real credit of the quotation should fall to Les Brown, a motivational speaker, as there are no valid links between Lewis and the quote, unlike Les Brown with his book “Live Your Dreams.”

A writer for a newspaper in North Hills, Pennsylvania, addressed the work that Les Brown had published.

Les Brown’s passage was so thought-provoking that the columnist decided to republish it with another statement from the book. Numerous publishers write and cited Les Brown with the said quote.

The Essential C. S. Lewis website has a part where suspected quotes from Lewis are reviewed for veracity.

Author William O’Flaherty concluded that Les Brown was most likely the true originator of the concept and that Lewis had been wrongly credited with its creation.

What Is The Meaning Of Never Too Old To Set Another Goal?

The quotation is all about encouraging every adult or even elders to pursue a new dream and don’t let their age hinders how they discover a new path.

Aging makes it simpler to let life guide you rather than force you to constantly reevaluate your position in it.

It’s like your brain has switched to “automatic mode.” There’s nothing special about how we humans get out of bed and react to the world around us.

We keep doing what we’ve always done, and the present system gradually becomes our norm.

Alternately, we might make a conscious decision not to let age prevent us from pursuing new interests or aspirations as we get older.

Turn off automatic mode now! Age is just an imaginary time clock that you can’t hold and use.

The truth is that age is a reminder that you need to hurry and find the right direction for you to enjoy life.

In conclusion, the quote is a nudge prompting you that wanting a goal or to dream has no age restriction. So stand up, track the art of imagining new things, and chase new dreams!

How Can The Quote – You Are Never Too Old To Set Another Goal Or To Dream – Help You?

Being Successful To Your New Goal Is Not Based On Your Age

Think about the validity of those words for a while: it’s never too late to try again or pursue new passions.

Volunteer to the imagination, and act on the desire.

Keeping your attention on your goals and the thrill you get from doing so might give you the drive to see them through.

Remain optimistic about the years ahead and not just as things now stand.

How Can You Apply The Quote – You Are Never Too Old To Set Another Goal – In Your Life?

Ramp Up

Pick up the pace; there’s no time to waste. Mind what you put into your body and how much of it you put in there.

Maintain your fitness by taking frequent walks. Take care of your health and do everything you can to maintain it.

Keep track of your aspirations by writing them down. Putting my goals and aspirations on paper rather than on a computer screen has helped me commit to them more fully.

Spend the next year focusing on your hopes and aspirations, and don’t forget to set some long-term ones, too. Inspire them with your grand vision and your high hopes.

Try something risky. Figure out what pushes you and makes you want to go faster.

Don’t let doubts and restrictive beliefs derail your progress. Believe that you are increasing your efforts rather than decreasing them.

Find a way to contribute, take the helm, and educate others. Plan on touching many lives and blessing many individuals.


Within the next five to ten years, where do you see yourself? While maturation into old age is inevitable, self-improvement is not.

We need to take action to expand in specific areas. Always keep in mind that if you don’t make any changes, nothing will.

Never give credence to the false beliefs that “I can’t accomplish anything” or “I am beyond it.”

Examine some things you can do to actively stretch your boundaries and break out of your safety zone. The key to development is doing something about it.

Savor The Process


Let’s join the ranks of individuals whose appreciation for life grows with each passing year. Having fun isn’t something only kids can do.

Take time to appreciate and savor the events of the day and the adventure you’re on. Always remember to be grateful.

To have fun, we must first learn to let go of our attachment to outcomes over which we have no control. It’s important to put your efforts where they’ll do the most good.

Have fun with what you were made to do. Everyone else has been taken, so don’t waste your time trying to be someone else.

To put it simply, you are you. You have become a ‘guru of delight,’ as you will realize with ever-increasing accuracy and depth.

Resolve to take more pleasure in life. The people around you will look up to you as a role model.

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