Focusing On Learning Something New Every Day

Learn something new in your free time

Learning and growing are fun.

But it’s also educational. Learning new things expands our horizons. It helps us stay current in a changing environment and improves water-cooler chatter.

Like with any other venture, the beginning is always the hardest part. Hence, we need to set objectives for what we want to learn to remain motivated.

The upside is that the learning process is a learnable skill!

Learn something new now! Why not learn to learn?

Is It Good To Learn Something New Everyday?

Is It Good To Learn Something New Everyday

Learning improves self-awareness and worldview.

Self-knowledge improves our communication skills, helps us create clear limits, and makes better choices for our life and profession.

We become a part of the global society when we broaden our worldview. In our personal and professional life, we develop the skills necessary to make a difference in the lives of others.

Learning a new hobby or skill may help us become more flexible, a quality highly sought after by employers. It’s critical to stay on top of industry developments, learn new skills like leadership skills, and streamline processes.

Lastly, studies suggest that life satisfaction directly results from lifelong learning. Learning how to learn also has several mental health benefits, including reduced stress, greater self-worth, building social connections, expanded expertise, improved mental well-being, etc.

There are three types of learners: visual, physical, and auditory. Listening to audiobooks, creating something with our hands, or watching a documentary might all appeal to us.

A learning pathway, which is a mind map that monitors our progress toward our objectives, is beneficial regardless of our learning style.

Where Can I Learn Something New Everyday?

The internet is brimming with an endless supply of knowledge and is constantly updated with new ones. Taking advantage of it to learn a new skill, improve our social skills, or earn money from our own home is a fairly smart move.


Skillshare teaches photography, illustration, and other creative skills. Some online courses are free, but a premium subscription costs $15/month or $99/year.


Duolingo is a popular language-learning software and website with a scary owl that pushes us into learning a foreign language. The popular software makes learning a language easy to practice daily, even with just a few minutes.


It is also a tool for learning a new language by conversing with native speakers worldwide.


It is where you can learn leadership skills to help with your career advancement.


Drawspace teaches you to draw. You can complete some free classes, but it will cost money. The monthly fee is $10.

Code Academy

Code Academy

Code Academy offers free basic coding training with a $20-per-month premium version. This site proves we can learn coding and web development without a classroom.

Justin Guitar

This is a free guitar-learning website. It starts with easy lessons and becomes harder. Justin Sandercoe, hence Justin Guitar, provides loads of online lessons for everything. His YouTube channel has a million followers, and his classes are free.


Discover fascinating articles daily on Zidbits. Their papers address questions no one asked.

Linkedin Learning

It covers business topics like leadership, career development, and marketing and gives us tools to help us become better employees or bosses.

How Do We Keep On Learning Something New Everyday?

Visit Online Learning Sites

Formal or structured learning isn’t necessary, but sometimes we need to know the basics. Online courses can bridge the gap between traditional schooling and learning on our own.

Get Physical

Physical exercise helps our mental health and learning ability. Increasing the heart rate increases the oxygen in our brain. This improves our attention and brain plasticity. This helps us learn skills.

Phone A Friend

Learning with a friend is an incredibly enjoyable journey. Having a buddy help keep us going. We can ask others to join us in learning projects to keep each other responsible.

Read a neuroscience book or take an online course to keep motivated.

Treat Mistakes As A Lesson

Treat Mistakes As A Lesson

If we solely care about results, we’ll judge our mistakes. Instead, learn from our errors. Treat finding out what went wrong as a triumph, and we’ll be more inclined to learn from it and move ahead.

Work On The Basics

If we are trying to learn something difficult or demands a high level of expertise, hold off on plunging straight in. Heed the advice of Elon Musk: Begin with the fundamentals before moving on to more complex concepts and techniques.

Having a reference point is important to keep track of the specifics.



Reflection solidifies learning and boosts confidence. Good learners evaluate their progress. Reviewing the basics helps us expand on them later. Journaling will help us monitor our progress and note fascinating new questions.

Start A New Skill Using Our Present Skills And Interests

Do you love cooking? Experiment with a dish in a different cuisine or with new kitchenware. Are you an expert mechanic? Restore or create a model of one if you can. Are you a prolific writer?

Try out a new lyrical style you’ve never tried before. Think about where you’d want to travel in the future.

Keep Our Memory Strong

Keeping our memory sharp is essential if we want to remember what we have learned. We must consume a well-balanced diet and exercise regularly to maintain our physical health. Crossword puzzles and word games may also help keep our brains sharp.

Final Thoughts

Every day is a good day to begin learning something new since we never know when it may be useful, but at least we’ll be ready to cope with various unexpected situations in our life.

Our learning journey doesn’t stop when we finish high school or college. We must encourage ourselves to continue learning throughout our everyday life until we physically and mentally can’t. Let’s be a lifelong learners!

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