The 7 Cardinal Rules Of Life We All Need To Be Aware Of

7 Rules Of Life

People are social creatures.

Our ability to prosper and even survive in this world greatly depends on our relationships with others.

Humans construct social standards to keep the interactions away from developing into anarchy.

Rules help us behave in a manner that is proper and acceptable toward one another. But there are times we forget to focus on ourselves.

The rules we will talk about today will help you achieve fulfillment in your effort searching for the essence of life.

Summary Of Seven Cardinal Rules Of Life

  • Make peace with your past.
  • You should not care what other people think of you.
  • Give time to heal your darkest day.
  • Time heals almost everything.
  • You are the reason for your own happiness.
  • Don’t make comparisons, as you have no clue what someone else’s path has been like.
  • Not knowing everything is okay; stop thinking beyond your reach.
  • Smile because not all the world’s problems are in the palm of your hand.

What Is The Importance Of These Seven Cardinal Rules?

Nurture Your Golden Life Curve

The cardinal rules are principles that are so essential that breaking them has grave repercussions.

In the situation of these seven rules, you can miss a potential curve that will change your whole life for the best.

What Are The 7 Cardinal Rules Of Life?

Rule 1: Make PEACE With Your Past – So It Won’t Disturb Your Present

We are not perfect, so, normally, we’ve done several mistakes in the past and even in the present.

Feeling bad about your sins signifies that you are far better than your past self, who committed those mistakes.

However, it is different when we are talking about dire sins. The guilt is unbearable, and you continuously punish yourself by reminding yourself that you can’t be forgiven.

You need to forgive yourself. Stop thinking that you can’t atone for your sins.

Ask for forgiveness and act to earn it. If you do so, both the person, you had sinned, and you will feel liberated from burdened in your hearts.

Rule 2: What Other People THINK Of You – Is None Of Your Business

Of course, we want others to see us in a new light, appreciate our efforts, and have harmonious bonds.

Sadly, expecting everyone to like you is like punching the moon. It’s impossible.

It is common to hear many comments from others, and evaluating and weighing everything around us may be good.

Just take note that you can’t have everyone’s favor. It’s like your food preference. We just like or hate something (someone) just because.

Instead of pressuring yourself to reach everyone’s standards, win over your standard.

You are accountable for what you think about yourself, like how they are responsible for their own train of thought.

Rule 3: Time HEALS Almost Everything – Give It Time

We never ran out of circumstances. It just happens at different times and situations, but it is still a problem.

When you just surpass one set of your darkest day, the wounds are still stingy and fresh.

But like a literal wound, you can rely on time. You can expect that when your wound closed you will be stronger and greater.

It’s the essence of life’s turbulence, and you are put into flames to become stronger than steel. So you can cut off bigger issues ahead.

Rule 4: No One Is In Charge Of Your Own HAPPINESS – Except Yourself

People’s level of happiness relies on how much they enjoy what they have and how much they value living a life of purpose.

You are the one to decide how much you value happiness and what exactly it is that brings immense joy.

Many people are content with tangible possessions such as money and fame.

True contentment can also be found in the things you already own.

You can obtain happiness in different ways.

But in the end, it’s up to you whether you choose to be content with your possessions or seek more.

Rule 5: Don’t COMPARE Your Life To Others – You Have No Idea What Their Journey Is All About

There’s nothing wrong with emulating what others have done to succeed in your own endeavors. Maybe that will also give your potential curve in life.

The problem arises when you embrace a series of baseless assumptions about your life and others.

Everyone lives their life uniquely, from our environment, parents, culture, nationality, and so on.

You can say that life is easier for a certain person just because you didn’t see their hardships.

Not letting yourself compare will help you celebrate others’ success, and you can focus on what you can improve without disregarding your progress.

Rule 6: Stop THINKING Too Much – It’s Alright Not To Know All The Answers

Let us admit it. All of us experienced running into loopholes of overthinking.

We tend to think of the worst-case scenario because we don’t know what will happen in the future.

But running in circles with the things that are still unknown will not help you progress.

Practice bravery not just through having an arrogant face but by facing things you want to flee.

Even human history still wonders about the mysteries of the universe, so you are not alone.

Without always concentrating on the factors you can’t change, become involved in the ones you can.

Think about missions with a cause. Doing charity work can help you realize things that aren’t obvious by merely observing.

Rule 7: SMILE – You Don’t Own All The Problems In The World


There are limitless reasons for a big smile and another million benefits from smiling.

The endorphins generated by smiling assist blood pressure and lower blood sugar, reduce stress and enhance your immune system.

On the other hand, smiles can help others at ease.

Try smiling at a barista of a new café. He can give you the best coffee.

Try smiling in a mirror. There is a high possibility that it will improve your self-esteem.

A smile is just a simple gesture, but it can wash off your worries. It can’t eradicate a conundrum but can help you endure your situation.

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