The Fine Line Of Being Humble Without Diminishing Yourself

Stay humble

Humility is a virtue that relatively few people possess anymore. We live in a competitive world where individuality is valued, and humility is seen as a weak feeling.

Let me tell you that being humble can open new opportunities for you.

How Do You Stay Humble?

How Do You Stay Humble

Don’t Mix Up Pride With Prideful

Most people believe humility is an antonym of pride and consider pride a negative trait. Pride is not a bad thing; in fact, it is really important.

Being proud leads to pride; there is nothing wrong with being proud of yourself or your heritage.

Pride is a respect for oneself and one’s values and the certainty that one makes a meaningful contribution to the world.

When pride becomes excessive, humility is lost, and a person may display selfish or narcissistic behaviors.

When a person starts to feel that he is superior to others and only takes decisions that benefit them, he is considered self-centered and arrogant.

Obsessive pride makes it difficult to be thoughtful of others or develop true connections. 

Give Out Compliments When You Can

Acknowledging the accomplishments and achievements of others might help you shift your emphasis away from yourself. Compliment others on a job well done.

Focusing on the sentiments of others might help you get more out of yourself.

We all like to hear from others that we’re on the right track, so be the one who lets others know they’re doing OK.

Don’t Be A Pushover

Don’t mix up humility with compliance. Holding individuals in high respect and consideration does not imply letting them walk all over you.

You should always stand up for yourself and your beliefs and do your best. The purpose of humility is that you don’t have to make someone feel worthless in the process.

This does not imply being a pushover, though.

How To Be Humble?

How To Be Humble

Here are ways you can try to have more humility:

Have An Open Mind

If you want to practice the skill of being a humble person, go no further than addressing your prejudices. If you do so, you must have an open mind.

If you are uncomfortable with any other position, you should confront it as quickly as possible to realize your mistake.

Assume you work in an office and are experiencing difficulties with someone from a different culture.

It would be wrong to label everyone from other cultures as negative. You should sit down in a one-on-one environment and try to understand the problem.

Sometimes it’s just a case of misunderstanding due to two distinct cultures. If you’re seeking ways to be humble, have an open mind so you can listen, comprehend, and learn.

Spend time with him to know him better.

Embrace Your Strength And Weaknesses

Embrace Your Strength And Weaknesses

Be humble to become a better person.

It is a common misconception that being humble means being weak, spineless, and having low self-esteem or worth.

The fact is that only when you accept your strengths and shortcomings together can you become humble because you realize you are not perfect in any way.

It’s good to admit that you are not always the best, regardless of your skill, and remember that there is always a potential for improvement in a person.

You don’t need to show your value to anybody since your successes speak for themselves. You are genuine in all your efforts and do not need fake words or praise, so go about your work as normal.

Remember that individuals only brag about their activities when unsure of their power, so avoid such conversations if you want to remain humble.

Be Grateful

Many see humility as a friend because they are grateful to God and others for it. A humble person will remember the contributions of others to his accomplishment.

Yes, he is in a better position now, but he does not disregard the efforts of those who have nudged and supported him on his journey. He never forgets to express gratitude to those people.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Mistakes

Err is human, and, naturally, we will make errors along the road. The key is to understand and acknowledge it and then try not to repeat it.

One can only learn by traveling their road, rather than just listening to the knowledge of others.

Yes, experience is important, but you won’t know what’s right and wrong unless you make your errors and learn from them.

If you’re seeking ways to be humble, don’t be frightened of making errors since they’ll provide you valuable insight into the world from up close.

What Is An Example Of Being Humble?

What Is An Example Of Being Humble

Being humble means placing another person’s needs before your own and thinking about others before yourself. It also implies not attracting attention to yourself and admitting that you are not always right.

Having so much self-confidence isn’t good as it sounds. Too much is not good. In today’s world, we must accept that we are just like everyone else. We’re not better or worst than them.

Some know their self-worth and know how to live a better life.

Here are some examples of being humble:

  • A woman established a non-profit company when she was 22 and has received multiple awards for her work over the years. Even though she is in charge of a large number of people, her humility is evident in that she never draws attention to herself, is not afraid to dig in and do the hard work of serving others, and never brags about her achievements.
  • Cleaning your workplace restroom, even though you own the company, is a show of humility.
  • The basketball team’s star might score a lot of baskets in any game, but instead, he takes advantage of every opportunity to throw the ball to his teammates so they may try to score as well. This shows the athlete’s humility.
  • Despite marrying into British royalty, Kate Middleton still enjoys doing her own grocery shopping and cooking.

Does humility matter these days? Is it still important? Definitely, yes! Being humble is one of the personality traits that a person should have. 

Final Thoughts

Even if you were the greatest at something this time, remain humble because you may not be the best the next time, and that’s OK.

Sometimes you won’t be the one on stage getting the flowers. Sometimes you’ll be the one sitting down, and that’s fine; being humble might feel just as rewarding.

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