3 Tips For Balancing Multiple Goals At Once

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We must keep two fundamental realities in mind as we consider how to optimize our progress to achieve multiple goals.

First, there is a limited supply of everything. Everything from time and patience to willpower and concentration to physical and financial resources is at our disposal. Life’s resources can shift from one season to the next, too.

For instance, the months preceding a wedding can be more time-consuming than the ones following it. In the summer, you may have more time on your hands if you are a teacher.

Second, we overestimate the burning desire of how much we can get done in a week and underestimate how much we can get done in a year. Keep in mind that you have a whole year to make improvements. You’ll be more productive and enjoy the process to manage multiple goals if you take it slow and don’t feel overwhelmed with goals for any particular day, week, or month. Adjust all the goals to be more achievable before moving forward.

Here are some helpful tips for balancing and achieving multiple goals at once:

1. Slow down

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Believe that there are times when we have a propensity to think that just because we have a wide variety of interests, we MUST engage in each of them regularly. But doing everything would be IMPOSSIBLE.

Put an end to the delusion that you can do EVERYTHING on EVERY SINGLE DAY. It’s not just dishonest but also puts you on the fast track to exhaustion.

In addition, if you’re exhausted, it’s impossible to be the amazing person you are. You (and everyone else on the globe!) deserve better.

Learn how to change the story by taking a step back and looking at your life from a more holistic point of view. You could find it more productive to plan out your week or month at a time to follow your passions rather than chasing them daily. Take a seat, list all your hobbies, and determine how much time you want to devote to each one.

By segmenting your interests, you can enjoy the advantages of rotation and, as a result, reduce the likelihood that you will quickly get disinterested. It’s a win-win for everyone involved!

2. Focus

prioritize current goals

Prioritization is a crucial idea that goes hand in hand with setting reasonable goals for yourself and sticking to them. There will be periods in which a specific interest will be more important or relevant than at other times.

Acquire the ability to be flexible and listen to your instincts.

Your struggles with pacing and prioritization are not over, but you have come to terms with the truth that you cannot do everything and that’s completely normal. This realization has helped you become more accepting of your limitations. But as long as you can incorporate at least one of your hobbies or interests into each day, count it as a success.

Keeping a planner has been one thing that has assisted me in both pacings myself and organizing my hobbies in descending order of importance. This wonderfully helpful planner makes it easier to plan for the day, the month, and even the longer future, including simultaneously planning many tasks. It is the planner for you if you are working towards some different objectives at the same time.

3. Purposeful multitasking

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In most situations, I recommend taking things more slowly and focusing on a single undertaking at a time; yet, there are circumstances in which being able to multitask can result in significant productivity gains. You might want to think about downloading some audiobooks or podcasts to listen to on your way to work in the morning or while you’re folding laundry. If you need some background noise, you should forego watching the most recent episode of Grey’s Anatomy and instead choose to watch an informative channel on YouTube.

The technique to multitask with a purpose is to go for long walks with a close buddy working on a project related to the one that is working on. While doing so, we can get some fresh air and exercise while simultaneously discussing further information on potential business strategies and coming up with new ideas. You are more likely to maintain your accountability if you are aware that somebody is waiting for you, and if you multitask, you will never feel like you are squandering your time.

Final Thought

Making a true and permanent change is rarely simple and equally important but always rewarding. Successfully juggling more than one goal depends on developing a strong emotional connection with your vision.

Start rejecting your excuses and appreciating the time you have available for you for what it’s worth. You will soon be more productive than ever imagined, and achieving your goals will be a breeze.

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