What Are The 9 Different Enneagram Types?

An Enneagram is a tool that helps people better understand themselves and others as well. It describes nine personality types, with numbers ranging from 1 through 9. Click on any one of the types below to read detailed descriptions.

Introduction To The Nine Enneagram Types

Each type of Enneagram has its own worldview and motivation. You are most influenced by one of these types, which is your personality type.

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The numbers assigned to the nine types are not random. They believe that the three fundamental aspects of what makes us human distribute the nine types into three different groups: Body Types, Head Types, or Heart Types.

  • The heart, or feeling, centered Enneagram types: Type Two, Type Three, and Type Four
  • The head-centered Enneagram types: Type Five, Type Six, and Type Seven
  • The body, or gut, centered Enneagram types: Type Eight, Type Nine, and Type One

Each group (often called triads) is driven primarily by their center for intelligence and a core emotion. As you carry a few of each type within you, your life is shaped by them all. But the group that you belong to will play a more significant role in your daily life.

Brief Descriptions of Enneagram Types Within The “Groups” They Belong To

Heart Types

Type 1: “The Improver”

While type ones can be leaders through integrity and reason, they also have to deal with perfectionism and resentment. Learn more about Ones here.

Type 2: “The Helper”

While twos can be generous and intuitively understand people’s needs before their own needs while shining in their ability to help others, they often struggle to protect their boundaries and to please people. Learn more about Twos here.

Type 3: “The Performer”

Threes can inspire others with their excellence and authenticity. However, they may also blindly seek success and social status. Learn more about Threes here.

Type 4: “Individualist”

While fours can help people see the beauty in the world and make them feel authentic, they can also be held back and influenced by moodiness or self-absorption. Learn more about Fours here.

Head Types

Type 5: “The Investigator”

Fives can display visionary intelligence and inventiveness, or they may become more socially isolated and very secretive. Learn more about Fives here.

Type 6: “The Loyalist”

Sixes can demonstrate courage, dedication, and commitment, but they also face challenges like anxiety and rebelliousness. Learn more about Sixes here.

Type 7: “Enthusiast”

Sevens can be uplifting visionaries or agents for positive change. They usually want to have as much fun as they can. However, they may struggle with impatience and impulsiveness as well. Learn more about Sevens here.

Body Types

Type 8: “The Challenger”

Eights are influential and selfless leaders but can also intimidate and control others. Learn more about Eights here.

Type 9: “The Peacemaker”

Nines can bring people close together and resolve conflicts or be held back by stubbornness and passivity. Learn more about Nines here.

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