Enneagram 9w8

Enneagram Type 9w8: The Advisor

If your enneagram test shows that you’re a 9w8, it means that your dominant personality is a 9 with a few personality traits from the eight wing.

A nine personality is a peacemaker. They like to help others, create unity, and are deeply rooted in the spiritual world.

An eight wing is a challenger. They are charismatic and enjoy challenging themselves and others.

When you combine the nine personality types with an eight wing, you get someone who is social and independent. The enneagram 9w8 is the most aggressive and adventurous of the 9 types.

What Are Enneagram Type 9w8 Personality Traits?

Basic Fear

The enneagram 9w8 have a basic fear of being pulled away from the world. They try to avoid this by preventing negativity, but since their 8 traits encourage aggression they can be left with internal struggles.

Basic Desire

Enneagram 9w8 has a basic desire to create internal and external peace. They have a basic desire to feel balanced.

A 9w8 will numb themselves to negativity by throwing themselves into routine and repetitive patterns. They would rather distract themselves than face their own internal struggles. This can turn into extreme dissociation.

To Summarize:

  • Fear of loss.
  • Avoid confrontation and negativity.
  • They are social.
  • Seek to be balanced and find peace.
  • Use routine to cope with negative emotions.

What Are The Strengths Of An Enneagram 9w8?

When placed in a setting of various backgrounds- whether it be a diversity of beliefs or upbringings, a personality types’ weaknesses and strengths will be intensified.

An Enneagram 9w8 Personality Type Shows The Following Strengths:

  • Giving support and encouragement to others.
  • Will stand up for themselves in professional settings.
  • Adaptable to new ideas.
  • Can see multiple perspectives.

Enneagram 9w8 Weaknesses

An Enneagram 9w8 Personality Type Shows The Following Weaknesses:

  • Have a hard time balancing passive and aggressive behaviors.
  • Avoid difficult situations.
  • Will ignore negative emotions and problems.
  • Can be seen as stubborn and too honest.

Work Life With An Enneagram 9w8

When Communicating With An Enneagram 9w8:

  • Encourage them to share their thoughts openly.
  • Listen and engage in discussion.

Enneagram 9w8 In Meetings:

  • Share your purpose and allow the 9w8 to share their thoughts.

Emailing An Enneagram 9w8:

  • Email with a clear purpose.
  • It is ok to include small talk since a 9w8 craves connections.

Sharing Feedback With An Enneagram 9w8:

  • Avoid making criticisms sound negative, instead share areas of growth as opportunities.

Conflict Resolution With An Enneagram 9w8:

  • Allow them to share their side, then share yours.
  • Offer your support and create a resolution together.

What Motivates An Enneagram 9w8

Each Enneagram will have different motivators, since they are all driven by different value systems. Enneagram 9w8 personality is motivated by peace and solving challenges.

Here Are Some Examples:

  • Routines.
  • helping others solve problems.
  • Helping others achieve success.
  • Feeling like others understand them.

What Are The Stressors For An Enneagram 9w8?

Every Enneagram responds to stress differently and will have different triggers.

An Enneagram 9w8 will be stressed by:

  • Ignoring their own interests and feelings.
  • Avoiding their problems.
  • Being controlled or held back.
  • Feeling like they were overlooked.

What Jobs Best Suit An Enneagram 9w8?

This enneagram type does best in a work environment that gives them the option to be independent or work closely along others.

A 9w8 is adaptable to new concepts or environments which means they can work in vastly different backgrounds. They’re able to understand multiple points of view.

Here Are Some Examples:

  • Counselor/Therapist
  • Social Worker
  • Diplomat
  • Editor
  • Judge
  • Publicity Writer
  • Sales Representative
  • Religious Worker
  • Veterinarian


A 9w8 is grounded in both the physical world and spiritual world. They desire peace and unity for themselves and others and fear being separated from the world.

Key motivations for a 9w8 are routines, problem solving, and helping others. If their own feelings are negative, they will tune them out to avoid the stressor. 9s have an extremely hard time dealing with negative feelings because it breaches the barrier of peace that they worked so hard to build.

Every personality archetype is different in the work place. To work best with a 9w8, you should always hear out what they have to say. They like feeling accepted and valued. Be cautious giving this enneagram type feedback. Even if the feedback is negative, try to spin it in a positive light so that they are more receptive of it.

A 9w8 is extremely adaptable and capable of working with a diverse group of peers. They’re exceptionally well at understanding multiple view points and enjoy helping their coworkers problem solve. If you want a 9w8 to excel at their job, allow them the flexibility to choose between independent work and group work.

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