Enneagram 9w1

Enneagram Type 9w1: The Negotiator

If your enneagram test shows that you’re a 9w1, it means that your dominant personality type is a 9 and you have a few traits from the one wing.

A 9 wing is first and foremost a peacemaker. They want to feel at peace mind, body, and spirit. A type nine looks to make peace with the world around them as well.

A one wing, also known as a reformer, lives with a sense of mission. They tend to feel like that have a purpose that they must fulfill.

When you combine a nine with a one wing, you’ll have someone who is kind, a hard worker, and is creative. Compared to other nines, a 9w1 is much more serious. For example, a nine with and eight wing is very charismatic and social.

What Are Enneagram Type 9w1 Personality Traits?

Basic Fear

The enneagram type nine wing one has a basic fear of losing what is important to them. A 9w1 also fears becoming separate from the world.

Basic Desire

An enneagram type 9w1 have a basic desire to be at peace. They desire peace in their mind, body, soul, and in the world around them. The one wing creates the core desire to make their envisioned perfect world a reality.

To Summarize:

  • Looks for moral actions.
  • Fear of being separated.
  • Positive and hopeful.
  • Try to maintain peace and avoid negative emotions.
  • Will numb their feelings to avoid negativity.

What Are The Strengths Of An Enneagram 9w1?

When placed in a setting of various backgrounds- whether it be a diversity of beliefs or upbringings, a personality types’ weaknesses and strengths will be intensified.

An Enneagram 9w1 Personality Type Shows The Following Strengths:

  • Is able to see different perspectives in a situation.
  • Have the desire to help others.
  • Have a good worth ethic.
  • Motivated by a purpose.
  • Open-minded.

Enneagram 9w1 Weaknesses

An Enneagram 9w1 Personality Type Shows The Following Weaknesses:

  • Tend to ignore their own needs.
  • Can be overly critical of themselves.
  • When stressed they may come off as distant, due to numbing themselves.
  • Avoid conflict and have a hard time facing it.

Work Life With An Enneagram 9w1

When Communicating With An Enneagram 9w1:

  • Offer encouragements so that they feel safe expressing themselves.

Enneagram 9w1 In Meetings:

  • Enneagram type nine wing one do best when the purpose of the meeting is clear.
  • Be attentive to anything they have to say.

Emailing An Enneagram 9w1:

  • Enneagram 9w1 like to feel a personal connection when discussing tasks or goals via email.

Sharing Feedback With An Enneagram 9w1:

  • Make sure to acknowledge their contributions.
  • Highlight any criticisms with care.

Conflict Resolution With An Enneagram 9w1:

  • Make sure both sides share their perspective clearly.

What Motivates An Enneagram 9w1

Each Enneagram will have different motivators, since they are all driven by different value systems. Enneagram 4w5 personality is driven by self discovery and knowledge.

Here Are Some Examples:

  • Routines and patterns.
  • Being able to help their community.
  • Helping to unite opposing sides.
  • Receiving support and encouragement from others.

What Are The Stressors For An Enneagram 9w1?

Every Enneagram responds to stress differently and will have different triggers.

An Enneagram 9w1 will be stressed by:

  • Disappointing someone.
  • Feeling like they were overlooked.
  • Ignoring their self care.
  • Not reaching a goal they set.

What Jobs Best Suit An Enneagram 9w1?

These enneagram types do best in work environments that allow them to use their peacekeeping traits (from the type nines) and their helping skills (from the enneagram ones).The 9w1 will select common jobs that allow them to help out and bring unity.

Here Are Some Examples:

  • Counselor/Therapist
  • Veterinarian
  • Nurse
  • HR Director
  • Religious Worker/Leader
  • Diplomat
  • Environmental Scientist
  • Museum Curator
  • Pharmacist


A nine with a one wing can be unrealistic with their perfectionist visions. They tend to have big ideas that they want to turn into a reality.

The enneagram 9w1 has a desire to help others and themselves find peace. Their greatest fear is to become separated from the safe environment they have created for themselves.

9 wing tend to be motivated by acceptance, helping others, routines, and unification. The enneagram 9w1 will be stressed by negativity and the inability to achieve their goals.

If you want to work well with a 9w1, listen to their ideas and handle any touchy subjects with care. In order to get a 9w1 to open up to you, make them feel safe with you and their environment.

Common jobs for a nine wing one will be roles like an HR Director or a Counselor. These types of roles allow them to look after and help groups of people. The nine wing one will thrive in work places that allow them to make a difference on a large scale while also using their unification skills.

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