Enneagram 5w6

Enneagram 5w6

Enneagram Type 5w6: The Troubleshooter

If your enneagram test shows that you’re a 5w6, it means that your dominant personality type is a five and you have a few traits from the six wing personality types.

A 5w6 is the most cooperative out of all of the 5s, because they enjoy working together to fix difficult or complex problems.

While 5s usually prefer alone time to reflect and follow their intellectual pursuits, a 6 enjoys building relationships. A six wing is extremely loyal.

But while they do share some traits with a 6, they still prefer to limit interpersonal relationships and spend time alone like their dominant wing.

What Are Enneagram Type 5w6 Personality Traits?

Basic Fear

Enneagram 5w6 has a basic fear of feeling useless. They try to compensate for this basic fear by trying to improve the world around them. “Troubleshooting” and helping is how they make themselves feel valuable and worthy.

Basic Desire

Enneagram 5w6 has a basic desire to be seen as useful. Because of their core desire, they will pick up any skills or knowledge that they think might make them more valuable. If this enneagram personality type begins to feel stressed, they will fall on their core traits (of a 5) and withdraw into themselves. This can leave a 5w6 feeling alone.

To Summarize:

  • Problem-solvers and work hard.
  • Will pull away when stressed.
  • Enjoy having space to reflect.
  • Hate feeling like they aren’t worthy.
  • Good at making decisions.

What Are The Strengths Of An Enneagram 5w6?

When placed in a setting of various backgrounds- whether it be a diversity of beliefs or upbringings, a personality types’ weaknesses and strengths will be intensified.

An Enneagram 5w6 Personality Type Shows The Following Strengths:

  • They can develop strategies and problem solve.
  • Organized and focused.
  • Driven by accumulating knowledge.
  • Being calm under pressure.

Enneagram 5w6 Weaknesses

An Enneagram 5w6 Personality Type Shows The Following Weaknesses:

  • Difficulty relating to other people.
  • May come off as defensive and withdrawn.
  • Can appear to be impersonal to the outside world.
  • Only does things when inspired.

Work Life With An Enneagram 5w6

When Communicating With An Enneagram 5w6:

Avoid emotional conversations and keep it to business. Give a 5w6 space to process the conversation.

Enneagram 5w6 In Meetings:

Meetings should be short and to the point.

Emailing An Enneagram 5w6:

Be clear with your purpose, encourage this personality type to share their own insight.

Sharing Feedback With An Enneagram 5w6:

Be honest with your feedback and make suggestions for improvements.

Conflict Resolution With An Enneagram 5w6:

Focus on the logical aspects and not the emotional ones. These enneagram types may need time to process your perspective.

What Motivates An Enneagram 5w6

Each Enneagram will have different motivators, since they are all driven by different value systems. Enneagram 5w6 is driven by problem solving.

Here Are Some Examples:

  • Solving problems.
  • Taking time to reflect.
  • Feeling that their knowledge and insight is valuable.
  • Finding information from a particular area of interest.

What Are The Stressors For An Enneagram 5w6?

Every Enneagram responds to stress differently and will have different triggers.

An Enneagram 5w6 will be stressed by:

  • Spending too much time with others will drain their emotional fuel.
  • Emotional vulnerability.
  • Rejection from others.
  • Self doubt and self esteem issues.

What Jobs Best Suit An Enneagram 5w6?

This enneagram wing is focused, smart, and organized. Unlike their adjacent personality type, their focus isn’t on their inner world. The 5w6 has a basic desire to make a difference in their real world, and they’ll thrive in an environment that allows them to do just that.

The 5w6 will do best in a role that encourages them to pursue knowledge and self growth.

Here Are Some Examples:

  • Accountant
  • Scientist/Biologist/Physicist
  • Professor
  • Mathematician
  • Engineer
  • Technician
  • Computer Programmer


A 5w6 can be loyal to a cause like a 6 and dedicated to discovery like a 5. These two traits combined give us the Troubleshooter.

The troubleshooter desires to solve problems, as gaining knowledge and helping others is how they define their self worth. Their greatest fear is to be unworthy and unhelpful.

They are motivated by feeling that their knowledge is valuable and appreciated. A 5w6 will become overwhelmed, however, if they are in a group for too long.

A five wing six will do best in a work environment that gives them space to think as well as encouragement to solve problems and obtain knowledge. If you’re working with a 5w6, it is best to communicate with purpose. Keep discussions logical, not emotional.

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