5 Stages of Spiritual Awakening: Passing The Test of Spirituality

This article focuses on the five stages of spiritual awakening. Be aware, however, that various religious traditions have varying stages of spiritual awakening. Spiritual awakening is a process rather than a one-time occurrence. It is a revolutionary and transformative process. This is why it has been named “The Hero’s Journey.” What Is A Spiritual Awakening? A Spiritual Awakening is a call to […]

Beginner’s Guide To Activating & Using Crystals

How to activate crystals

Crystals are an important instrument in spirituality, energy work, and access to higher knowledge. Find out how to pick crystals and activate them if you’re just starting out on your adventure with healing stones or want additional information below. How To Choose Your Crystals? Crystals have several uses. Some use crystals for decoration, while others […]

Everything You Need To Know About Moldavite Before Jumping In

Moldavite Crystal

Moldavite is regarded for its spiritual and metaphysical properties. Moldavite has a strong vibration as the Gemstone of Connectedness, a combination of terrestrial and otherworldly forces that may be felt quickly and powerfully in those who connect with its potency. What Is Moldavite? Moldavite is a part of the Tektite group. These are spontaneous crystal […]

What Is Palo Santo? Safe Uses And Benefits Of Using It Responsibly

Burning Palo Santo Wood

There’s no denying that all things spiritually purifying are having a modern movement right now, despite some practices being of ancient origins. Now is a great time to consider using crystals and sage, as well as palo santo, if you haven’t already. This tree, a native of South America, is known for its energy cleansing […]

How To Use Selenite To Cleanse Your Energy

Selenite crystal stone has long been fundamental to crystal lovers and alternative healers collections alike. It is a great ally in the transformation of stagnant and negative energy. If you have a feeling of weight in your present life or an undesired denseness, Selenite may be right for you. What Is Selenite? Selenite is a […]